I told Sergio he should ask Lynne to help him with his homework.


Erik is a very gentle person.

It's really hard to turn your back on your way of life.

You haven't made any mistakes.

He was put out.

Woody saw something red there.

We asked for the payment of his debt.

Stevan has gotten married.

He is not so much a politician as a novelist.

The game was called off because it suddenly started raining.

The sight is considered the most complex of the five senses.

Tad cleared out his driveway with his snow blower.

The funeral of the popular young sports star cut down in his prime was heart wrenching.

I talked to the girl you told me about.

Norma was dressed in black.

She's busy with her work.

Are you sure there isn't any easier way to do this?

We don't believe that Vijay will be able to master French.

I get depressed whenever I think about that problem.

Long story short, we failed.

His uncle will undertake the responsibility for him.

Friends are very important.

That would never happen, right?

This room is not very large.


I'm totally indifferent to it.

He is a big shot.

He works from 8 to 5.

The officers were satisfied.

Why should anyone care?

I'm having a big party tonight.

You had better get this letter registered for fear it should be lost.

We just want to do our part.

We stopped at a farmhouse overnight.


There are so many places I want to visit.


We were all on the bus together.

Nichael's paintings were so chaotic and abstract that they tended to bewilder viewers.

Who has initiated this?

The girl was always following her mother.

Are you telling me you've never been to Boston?


Suu doesn't know if he will be able to visit us next Monday.

She hardly ever works.

What does he need?

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Do you want me to decide?

Go tell Hank.

He thought it was stupid.

He pushed his hat back on his head.

Which do you suppose she chose?


Give me a call, will you?

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Kimmo said he didn't want to speak in French.

I can't understand your organization.

He's cheating on you!


I get the feeling I'm being lead round the houses.

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Even a child knows right from wrong.

I can read them all.

Mosur looks a little nervous.

I'll drink to that.

It's really happening.

I was startled beyond speech.

Spring has passed and summer starts.

What's your favorite ballet?

I like her sense of style. Her clothes and makeup always look good.

I telephoned her at once.

In clear weather one can see Mount Fuji from here.


Won't you come up and have a drink?

Masanao still hasn't called.

I've tried to talk to Lucifer.

That feels so good.

He pulled my shirt.

I'm honorable.

They needed to make a decision - an immediate decision.


He works at night.

How would the world be without women?

I gave you what you wanted.

Are they coming at six or at seven?

I feel different after I've been in Rand's house, like a portion of my mind that was previously busy finding ways for me to enjoy myself when I didn't have to be working is now fully focused on thinking about stoats all day long, and indeed I find that much more efficient, for stoats entertain me now every moment without fail.

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Today is Emily's birthday.

Maybe Bucky will help.

Murph called a taxi for me.

We won't let them in.

We will have to set out early tomorrow morning.

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John's gone to the shop.

She was miserable.

Is this your real name?

Language is the painting of our ideas.

I make a special point of avoiding that shop.

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She left.


Don't cry because it's over. Smile because it happened.


I suppose I could wait a little longer.

I'd like whiskey and water.

All hope was gone.

Jean-Pierre was brutally murdered on October 20, 2013.

While feeding only by hope, you can die of hunger

You go to school in order to study at university afterwards.

That is a strange accent.

They're lively dogs.

Don't do that ever again!

Raphael himself told me this story.

You don't have to decide right now.

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Peter the Great, Czar of Russia, used to take out people's teeth for fun.

May I see that blouse, please?

Nick crossed his fingers and hoped everything would be OK.

Debbie wanted to unpack.

Isaac thinks that the world is a dangerous place.

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She was named Kate after her mother.

Susanne can't bear to open his eyes.

It's disturbing.

You'll never get my boobs.

You need to try to understand how Charles feels.

We know it's you.

We leave tonight.

He wore a coat too large for him.

Stephen Colbert is a pretty crazy guy.

We had not been waiting long when the moon appeared.

We were two, but only had one heart.

I work only to go on vacation.

I wonder where everyone is.

I'm beginning to think you're not serious.

He risked his life for it.


We need to do something.

I saw him.

The English are a hardy people.


I've been looking for a better place to live.

Music is the mediator between the spiritual and the sensual life.

These are my grandchildren.

What's on Fox Movies?

I don't believe that ghosts exist.


"Think outside the box." "What box?"


Hienz is extroverted, isn't he?

One of the most important things you have to do right now is to carry out the plan.

I was suspended from work for a week.

Will you give me something to drink?

I dealt with it.


All you have to do is ask him to pay the debt.


At what time do you start work?

It's not that you're disturbing me, don't get it wrong.

He left his wife an enormous fortune.

I had my umbrella taken while I was shopping.

If a meteoroid falls into the Earth's atmosphere, it will begin to heat up and start to glow. This is called a meteor.

The threat increases; a defence that doesn't evolve is meaningless.

I wish he had attended the meeting.


Letting Marsh go wasn't an option.


You'll protect me, won't you?

I'm enjoying this warm weather.

Peggy and Laurie are always arguing.

If you think your team can win against our team, you've got another thing coming!

She's smoking hot.


She looked at herself in the mirror.


Slartibartfast wants to be a successful architect.

Two seats remained vacant.

She handed him the key.

I told you not to drive my car.

Starbuck can't remember his kindergarten teacher's name.

The tape recorder is a useful aid to teaching.

He shut the door angrily.

That can be done.

She speaks French, much more English.

"Where is your father?" "I don't have one."

The dog ran here and there.

We can't be certain of that.

The person standing near the gate is Tai.


Glasswork came from Persia by way of the Silk Road.


Raymond did all he could do.

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It'll be ready.

They walked.

Rogue wanted me to buy shares from his newspaper.

He looks blue as he is schooled by his mother.

We have absolutely nothing to gain.