She plays tennis after school.

My cousin's house is small.

I was fully alive to the danger.

Buying this painting was the smartest thing you've ever done.

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You have to help us.

Aren't you a banker?

She cared for my children very kindly.


Is that right?

You can't leave Boston today.

You didn't say anything.


As you contribute more sentences to the Tatoeba Corpus in your native language, the percentage of sentences in your native language with errors will likely decrease.

Buy whatever you need.

My headache has gone.

Don't lose your sense of humor.

Do you plan to spend your summer vacation with Juliane?

Val is your heir.

Perry never thought that Lynn would commit suicide.

They're concerned about her.

If I had 25% more income, I'd be more satisfied with my life.

We've only got three days left.

I know that would make me happy.


Your shoes are muddy.

This meat stays good in cold weather.

I spent all day with him.


I go out after dinner.


We'll be there in three hours.

Louie didn't want to cause us any more trouble.

The failure resulted from his idleness.

By the way, where do you live?

It's really great.

You're not taking that job in Boston, are you?

Pradeep is going to get through this.

Nobody talks about her.

I'd like to drive across the USA in a convertible car.

I'll make sure that doesn't happen again.

We can't find anything wrong with your car.


How many samples?

I'm sorry, that flight is full.

Rick, you should see this.

I sometimes wrote him a very long letter.

You can't get anything done today.

She made a new suit for him.

What the woman wants, God wants!

And as she spoke she threw off her long cloak and everyone saw it was the queen.

I've never really been anywhere.

I rest my case.

They're not going to give up on us.


Let me help you with those.


You see ghosts in the daylight.

John, you're working too hard. Sit down and take it easy for a while.

What do you want for the second course?

I don't know your limits.

They're competing against each other for the job.

Mann needs a cab.

I can't stand this cold anymore.

While this is grammatically correct, you wouldn't express it so in the real life, right?

We have to call him.


He rubs the stain with vinegar.


If we don't get something to eat soon, we'll all starve to death.

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It goes without saying that the ideology is behind the times.


Russia has two problems that are fools and driveways.

We've got to get them to help.

Marguerite shared Pradeep's pain.

His ideas are crazy.

You've dropped your pen.

I hate zealots.

He paid the money into his account.

Although we may intend to judge a person on the basis of his or her personal qualities, they are not visible at first sight.

Have you ever sharpened this knife?

We're going to have trouble here.

The game got canceled.


If I had known about it, I would have told you.


She can speak Spanish well.

Nearly everyone knows that my mother tongue is Turkish.

Can we meet somewhere?

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It's been a very worrying week for Eduardo, and she's relieved to have it behind her.

You should have nothing to do with him.

The kids are all excited.

He condemned those who opposed his policies.

Should I tell him?

Do you have something for me to do?

While listening to the soothing music coming from the street I am drifting off to sleep in my comfy bed.

I really hope that I can speak authentic Chinese.

I'm taking Jay home.

I can get you in.

This dress is cheap.


It occurred to me spontaneously.

Come on Tuesday, if it's possible.

The girl who I thought was a singer proved to be a different person.

He stole my money from the safe.

Lui didn't begin to play the guitar until he was thirty.

He chivalrously carries our bags.

He gives me chills.

My daughter prefers science to languages or art.

That's a risk you just have to take.


Brandi is being sarcastic.

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This lake abounds in various kinds of fish.

I've already decided.

What are you two fighting about?

Have you ever seen a purple butterfly?

How often do you feel this pain or complaint each day?

Under these conditions we can not work together.

Let us discuss.


"Andrew, where's the map? Have you got it?" "I don't think so."


Andrea called Kieran to tell her that he might need her help later in the afternoon.


We have other things that have to be done.

You have to see them.

Mom, do you still remember how to do it?


It was just what Tor wanted.

Do you believe in guiding stars?

This pen has run dry.

We were underdressed and out of our league.

I need a ball point pen.

I have a bad feeling about this.

I like to spend my holidays in Germany.


I watched the game from beginning to end.


This game is fun.

Wes will be at the party tonight.

Ning can do anything he wants.

We may not get there in one year or even in one term.

I'm surprised at you.

Don't let him take the car.

Markku never imagined that he would marry Liisa for convenience and stay married.


What's wrong with it?

In your opinion, what does good nutrition look like?

I told Malaclypse to label all the boxes.

I'll explain the reason in the fifth chapter of this book.

Especially in northern China, wrapping and eating dumplings has become an important activity for happily spending New Year's Eve in many households.

The practice still prevails locally in parts of Japan.

Turn up the TV.

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I don't know about you, but I'd like a drink.

You screwed with his head.

I understand you were Erick's best friend.

Hang on a minute. I'll call Jimmy.

Air is lighter than water.

I knew we couldn't trust Erik.

Francis's shot missed the target by two feet.

We used to be friends with Nils.

Even a black hen lays white eggs.


Please wrap it like a Christmas present.


Can you rub my back?

You'll never find them.

There appears to be a party in that house.

Kikki thought about it a moment.

Ask Ramon how he got here.

I think this is beside the point, right now.

What do you think Ram keeps in there?


There are three cases where people are not able to do English questions; the first is not being able to read fast.

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Let's hope to arrive on time.


Apparently the most used ATM in the Netherlands is in this town.

I don't ever plan to retire.

Play outside instead of watching TV.

Stacey certainly is friendly.

Lila looks like a million bucks.

Your child tore my book to shreds.

All the passengers aboard were killed in the crash.

Good afternoon!

I'm sure you can handle it.

Sundar put his hand on Jagath's forehead to see if she had a fever.

How many copies of magazines are being printed in Japan across all Japanese magazines?

Good medicine is bitter to the mouth.

He hypothesizes that there might be a ninth planet in the Solar System.

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I gave it my all.

Their names have already been signed.

Are we doing the right thing?

You can't make something from nothing.

Tell me how you really feel.