Welcome to The Garden Gallery.  This garden art collection of hand crafted bronze statuary, fountains, and home decor pieces is the outcome of our quest for distinctive, yet affordable, landscape and garden accents.

The pieces in The Garden Gallery are made using the centuries old "lost wax" method of bronze casting - still utilized today because of it's ability to transfer exceptional detail.  It is a multi-step, labor intensive method which requires every piece to be hand detailed and finished.    















At the Garden Gallery, we pride ourselves on the quality and diversity of our collection - from traditional European-styled classics to realistic animal and wildlife sculptures to whimsical children pieces.  Whatever your preference, the beauty and timeless elegance of our bronze collection is sure to enhance any home or garden setting, and give you (and your heirs) years of enjoyment.  Click on our (808) 455-6364 for a directory of each collection or on the pages below to view pictures.

   For catalog pages click on:   Children Collection      Sea Animal Fountains            Large Animal Statuary          Birds - Statuary & Fountains             Herons & Cranes         541-240-8146        Classical Collection      (201) 982-1950         Tabletop & Sm. Animal Statuary         

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