Patch Notes #33 - 09/05/2018
Greetings Warscapians!

Welcome to patch notes number 33!

This update includes some quality of life changes along with some new content for the game.
This patch has been a combined effort from me, Fate and Dr Cortexe.

- Fixed an issue where killing hobgoblins would teleport you to the Balance War minigame.

- Fixed an issue where the Nomad quest would not finish upon slaying the Nomad.

- Fixed an issue where Dragon arrows with poison effects up to p++ could not be fired from bows.

- Web Cloaks are now untradeable

- The Ancient Jungle now requires a total level of 2000 to enter. This is just the beginning of the jungle changes we have planned.

- The ::arrow command for Sagittarian users has been expanded. Players may now use ::arrow to open up the same old dialogue, but may also use ::arrow1 ::arrow2 up to ::arrow6 to toggle between the arrow effects.

- Resource bags from the skill point shop have had their rewards improved, they will now have bigger yields. Rune bags have had their loot table reworked. Gem bags from the vote books are now functional.

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