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Your credit report affects many parts of your life. Banks check your credit report before approving you for credit cards and loans. Some employers check credit report as part of the application process. Find out what’s in your CTOS credit report.

MyCTOS Score Report contains your full credit history, payment behaviour, your CTOS Score, directorship and business interest, litigation and bankruptcy record (if any) and more…

know your ctos score

Credit health and score at a glance

All your credit information in one convenient report – know where you stand, credit-wise.

Get full CCRIS details and summary

Number of credit applications and amounts applied, loan information, CCRIS derivatives and more.

Learn how to improve your credit health

Easily identify areas to work on, so you know where to start and what to fix.
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  • New credit application alerts
  • Missed payments alerts
  • Change in credit limit alerts
  • Alerts on closure for any of your credit facilities
  • Alerts for change of address
  • Up to date scam alerts and prevention tips
  • Support for issues related to identity theft
  • 4 MyCTOS Score Reports per year

MyCTOS Score Report

RM25.00* /report

Full credit report with current CTOS Score and CCRIS details.

*exclusive of Service Tax

  • Everything in MyCTOS Basic Report
  • CTOS Score
  • CCRIS Records (BNM)
  • Dishonoured Cheque (BNM)
  • Access to Rewards

MyCTOS Basic Report


An overview of your credit health with basic credit information.

  • Personal Information (NRD)
  • Directorship & Business Interest (SSM)
  • Litigation & Bankruptcy
  • Trade Referee Listings (eTR)
  • 2 Free MyCTOS Basic Reports a year

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Take your CTOS Score with you wherever you are before making big financial decisions. Knowledge Creates Confidence.

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Get the free CTOS app

Take your CTOS Score with you wherever you are before making big financial decisions. Knowledge Creates Confidence.

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Get the free CTOS App

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Due to deployment activities of ISS Phase 3 CCRIS Enhancement, we are unable to produce any MyCTOS Score Report from 18:00 Tuesday, 26 February 2019 to 22:00 Tuesday, 26 February 2019. You will be able to purchase your MyCTOS Score Report before and after this maintenance period has ended. You may experience issues with subscribing to CTOS SecureID during the downtime.

You will still be able to sign up and receive your free MyCTOS Basic Report or log in to your CTOS ID account during this time. We apologize for any inconvenience caused and thank you for your understanding.