Is Christmas approaching or are you just a lover of novelties and innovations that have the task of beautifying your home? You are in the right place . If you love shells a lot and want to do something DIY to embellish your home or even the table you can create candles with just the shells attached above. The shells will give that summer touch to the house as well as the creative one and above all the smell of the sea and the beach . In short, in short, the smell of the beach and the summer. In this guide we will explain how to create candles with shells in a short time and above all with little material. To create the shells you need the material even if it is in common use except the shells that must be taken at sea or even bought in shops for home decor. In fact, the material is the shells of different sizes to give a greater effect to the human eye, the candles also of different sizes to be more creative, a pot, pliers and sheets of newspaper. Obviously the shells must be clean and must have a regular shape because being irregular they will encounter difficulties during the hanging.

To clean the shells it is very important to do it carefully to eliminate that stink of salt water and above all that smell of the sea that can be annoying if it is to be extended in the air of the house. In fact, a very useful method for washing the shells is that of bicarbonate. In fact, just brush the shell with bicarbonate for a correct cleaning. The hanging of the shells is very simple but at the same time it can be very dangerous and complicated. In fact, we always recommend taking precautions to avoid burns with rubber work gloves. For hanging just start with the melting of candle waxes. Let’s prick the candles on which we want to apply the shells and put them in a bain-marie pot. We wait for the water to become a bit hot and the wax will start to melt. Once you do this you have to turn off the fire and very carefully and with a lot of patience and above all with the help of a tweezers just take the shell you want to apply and just apply it on the candle..

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If you are a DIY lover I suggest you read this tutorial, because I will show you how to decorate the shells with painting, to turn them into beautiful decorative accessories for the home or use them to give life to old and worn objects and accessories ( these small apparently banal objects can in fact be transformed into accessories suitable for decorating artistic and craft items). Let’s see how to paint the shells with a few simple steps.

What do you need?

The shells represent a very common element in the sea areas. You can choose to make favors with those that derive directly from the beaches. In alternative, you can proceed with the purchase of shells to use to create elegant wedding favors, going to a common haberdashery or a DIY store. Once all the necessary material has been found, we will proceed with packaging. It is essential to have some handkerchiefs of tulle or satin, and a bottle of white pearly varnish. The fabric of the package can also be chosen from a synthetic material, in order to save money, obtaining an aesthetically pleasing result. You can also use pearls, fabric flowers or ribbons to embellish everything. First of all, it is necessary to puncture each single shell, using a drill equipped with a fine 2 mm tip. This kind of operation must be carried out with extreme delicacy, so as not to break the shell. You can use a piece of clay, of the pongo or of the plasticine, with the purpose of strengthening the inside of each shell before piercing it. Without doubt, this procedure will be of great help in not ruining or breaking the shell itself. The hole should be first on one side and then on the other, in order to smooth the hole well. Subsequently, the product used to reinforce its surface can be eliminated. After removing any residue, you can put the shell on a sheet, then spray a little ‘color, If you choose pearly, obviously you will have a very elegant and delicate effect. First you have to work on one side, and only once this is completely dry, you can proceed with the other.

Take a small white card and carefully fold it in half. Now get yourself a shell and apply a layer of liquid glue on its edge. Proceed by gluing it to the end of the cardboard, where you have just made the fold. You can attach only one shell or more than one, either centrally or at the corners of the sheet. Choose the arrangement you like best according to your tastes. Avoid only placing it in the middle of the card because the internal space will serve to write the name of the guest. After this operation, let it dry for about ten minutes and your place card will be ready.