The door was closed.

If Lena had only sung in German, she would have won.

Mats was wearing an orange prison jumpsuit.

Free speech is still dangerous in some countries.

He gave extravagant tips.

I'm sorry to differ with you.

I held fast to his hand.

Won't you come in and have a cup of tea?


Giving up drinking for a year is healthy.

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Would you come our house?

It's been centuries since money lost its paper and coin incarnations. They're just digits in the computer now.

You can let go now.

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To whom do we owe the discovery of penicillin?

I don't know who invented the dictionary. Was it a Sumerian? Was it a Chinese? I know one thing though, the dictionary is a wonderful invention.

We need to do this.

They blocked her.

The teacher gave us a copy of the syllabus in the first class.

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After much consideration, we accepted his offer.

Hazel won't talk about it.

On the face of it, nothing could be more reasonable.

You're confusing me with Jarvis.

The frost killed all the flowers.


Vickie inherited a considerable amount of money.

A favor costs nothing.

Fuck this shit.

What exactly was your relationship with Sergeant?

Just keep to yourself.

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This is a hectoliter of wine.

He was that angry.

It's healthy to be mad.

Greedy cats are out for a fast buck.

He is far above me in skiing.

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It is common for students to skip breakfast before going to school.

This is a fork.

Horst quietly listened.

This ticket lets two people in.

What do your words add up to?

Ken bought a camera that was over-priced.

"Did you kiss her?" "Yes, I kissed her."

Let's try and get in.

I love broccoli.

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How important?

Marco didn't get in the car.

Anybody have a match?

You've got to stop them.

She got permission to use the car.

The manager implied that a modest man was suitable for the position.

Is tomorrow's breakfast bread or a proper one with rice?

You should have told me.

This is the last time I'm going to remind you.


Dan carefully lifted the badly decayed body of the cat.

I don't believe in God.

Nikolai depends too much on Toby.

He confused us.

I don't have time to answer any questions.

I put quantity after quality.

Today is my best friend's birthday.

He and I can not speak Spanish.

The house is on the most level part of the ground.


Put some coal in the oven, so that the milk will start boiling.

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I am interested in music.

Hey, let's eat some ice cream afterwards.

Come take a look.

Why is he touring again?

I don't have time to do everything that needs to be done.

Please remember what he said.

Do you know any French?

Now move on.

It is the one you used to hear when you were a little child.

Suzanne forgot to write to Daniel.

It's not weird.

Your dreams will come true.

Perhaps I should bake a cake today.

Professor Sprout acclimated the plant to a new environment.

The Chicago Cubs are a professional baseball team based in Chicago, Illinois.

What do suggest instead?

They chatted a little bit more and then said goodbye.

Shall we stop soon?

Cory is a cardiologist.

Huashi is doing very well today.

I spoke to Floria about that just the other day.

We had no problems at all.

That's my favorite language.

I'd been on my own all week and was starving for conversation.



You've got to be joking!

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I'm sorry, I don't understand what you're saying.

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Let me pay for it.

Graham and Malaclypse got back together after a trial separation.

Now, why do you have to do that?

I've known him for years.

Although he had many toys, his greed made him want more.

They're the ugliest shoes I've ever seen.

A policeman should be strong and quick in action.

I hope you two will be as happy as Catherine and me.

He plays bagpipes and wears a kilt.

We still have quite a bit to do.

He broke the record.


I remained undaunted as soon as I heard the news.


The roaring lion terrified the boy.

Our department has about one hundred postgraduate students, but entry is highly selective.

Think got sunburned.

Would you like to have another cup of tea?

Life is full of adventure.

Edmond didn't anticipate that that would happen.

Jesus took notes during class.

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I have had just about all I can take of myself.

I was hoping you'd come back.

We are subscribed to the Asahi paper.

Jin strode into the office.

He went to Africa to see wild animals.


He said he would have come.


Read books that are worthwhile.

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You don't know me.


The typhoon caused great damage to the crops.


I am married to a Polish woman.


He is still not back from the mountains.


Steen sketched a picture of an elephant for Srinivasan.

Drink it down.

Germany is called "Deutschland" in German.

You never really talked about Adlai very much.

She was talking as she walked.

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Vickie slept on the top bunk.

Soldiers shared their food with the Indians.

Go and help Jesper.

Alcohol has done great mischief to his body.

The rock feels wet.

Jelske ate half the cake by himself.

What kind of crapola is this?


I want to plant a vegetable garden.

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I'm Edwin's father.


She hates him.


A stranger spoke to me on the bus.


I love Monday!

If you won't tell them, I will.

Tharen can advise you.

Give me a drink.

Why wouldn't I tell the truth?


I can't believe Malcolm is really planning on doing this.


Phiroze spends most of his time at home.


How long have you two known each other?

Perry seems like a reliable person.

Tovah says he needs help.


Call an ambulance!

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Every effort he makes falls short in the eyes of his father.

We got a little bit of rain overnight.

I tried to dissuade my daughter-in-law, but she didn't listen to me.


After Syun passed away, Juan went back to her parents' home.

Embezzle money? I wouldn't put it past her.

Blaine seemed to expect nothing.


I don't think it looks bad. It's just not my style.

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Looks aren't everything.

Why are you a cop, Ninja?

We've had four retirements this year.

Tourists from all over the world come here.

I'm sorry, I don't mean to pry.


Apart from on rainy days, I always ride my bike to work.

I feel that something is wrong.

Nothing could hinder Kate from using all her energy to polish her performances.


Do you speak Swahili?