Hi there

I Am Grayson a Software Engineer a Web Developer a Data Geek a Business Enthusiast

About Me

Hi, my name is Grayson, I'm an Software Engineer based on Jakarta, Indonesia. I recently work as Web Developer at Ismaya Group, handling internal web based business support application which one part of ERP business solution.

I love technology and business stuff, I truly believe that technology should be used to help businesses drive towards goals. I develop web application to simplify business process and gather data to provide business analytics. My work approach is based on both persepective from Engineer and Business people. I can relate the application development based on business requirement.

Beside all above, I also interested in photography and videography. I'm not good to describe myself, so let's get in touch to know me well! Do contact me from social media or my email below. :)

647-769-9756 727-787-1925

  • Binus Business School, Jakarta

    Master of Management

    Business Management


  • Binus University, Jakarta

    Bachelor of Science (Computer)

    Information Systems


Work Experience
  • Full Stack Web Developer

    ISMAYA Group


  • Web Developer

    Consulant Company


Base Knowledge
Web Development82%
Data Analytics70%
Business Management & Operations70%
IT Architecture & Support 85%

My Skills

Web Development

As a Full Stack Engineer, I experienced on handling all work from back-end to front-end. Familiar with widely used library/framework, call it React.js, Laravel, node.js, etc. I have wide experience on using different library and capable of to learn and adapt in new environtment.

Web Design

Designing a best UI/UX experience for user is one of my top priority. I do really care how a product needs to be well presented. By establish a user-focused design and product design consistency could enable efficient workflow of user. Simple look yet working flawlessly.

Data Analyst

Data is one thing I love. I'm fluent on SQL and have base knowledge in R/Python. I enjoy exploring with a lot of data by extracting data and do analysis and make visualization to retrieve valuable insight which could be used as data driven decision making.

Business Analyst

I am capable to evaluating business processes, analyze problems, developing and implementing solutions using varieties set of techniques. Analytical skills is one I'm excel at, by utilize information available and see the problem from different point of view.

Business Management & Operation

I have base foundation knowledge related to business management, whether its financial, marketing, project managing, or operational. I'm believe all business unit is important to be look at to achieve organizational goal.

IT Infrastructure

I got covered many basic knowledge related to IT field. I'm good operating in *nix environtment, troubleshooting problem, and manage networking. Software or hardware, I got it covered.

My Portfolio

All Analytics Business UI/UX


Get In Touch


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Jakarta, Indonesia