About Us

We are united voluntarily to meet the economic, social and cultural needs of our members. We are involved in different tested and trusted business ventures for our members’ mutual benefit. Our underlying philosophy for our members are poverty eradication to the barest possible minimum, improvement in standard of living, economic development, diversification and human capacity development.

Our Motto

together we
can do more

Our Mission

To continually increase and improve investment and business opportunities for our members to enable them live better lives and fulfill their financial needs and desires.

Our Vision

To achieve a thriving and vibrant economy driven by financially free members.

Aims & Objectives:

To build a financial network that would enhance and strengthen her members’ wealth/.

To create the largest savings and investment platform in Africa and beyond/.

To engage in legal economic activities that is capable of improving members economic wellbeing and that of the society at large.

To encourage thrift, mutual and self-help among members and provide means whereby savings may be made without members directly or indirectly losing control of same.

To grant personal and business loans at the lowest possible rate to members for productive purpose(s).

To undertake other businesses that will cater for the primary needs of members and other patrons. This may include but not limited to Oil and Gas Services, Ware-Housing, Farming, Agricultural activities managed in the overall interest of members and the Society.

Our Core Values:

Financial Freedom and independence

Voluntary and open membership

Democratic member control

Economic participation by members

Education training and information

Cooperation amongst cooperatives

Concern for community

Our Services

  • We are involved in savings, thrift collection and credit.
  • Our cooperative is business based so we welcome viable business ideas and proposals.
  • We administer personal (pay day loan or salary advance) and business loans.
  • We render financial advisory services.
  • We offer investment opportunities and packages.
  • We give small business and startup funds empowerment (grants).
  • We offer education, training and development services.

Sources of Income

  • Registration fees
  • Members’ savings (thrift)
  • Investments and deposits from members and non members.
  • Grants and donations from patrons, corporate bodies and international organizations
  • Other legitimate businesses that the cooperative deals with includes but not limited to trading cryptocurrency, precious stones and multilevel marketing.
Join Us


Join our team of happy cooperative members, together we can do more.

  • Membership is open to individuals who are or over the age of Eighteen (18) years.
  • No Person can claim admission as a matter of Right.
  • Members shall be admitted after the approval of application submitted to the committee and payment of a non-refundable fee of 10,000 naira.
  • Membership is open to people with no criminal record.
  • Membership is open to people with good societal repute and good social conduct.
  • Every member on admission shall have his or her name in the membership Register.

Benefits of Membership
  • Members can take advantage of cooperative investment schemes and business ventures to earn great Return on Investment (ROI).
  • Members can leverage on our vast network for business networking and contacts
  • Members can gain from cooperative business intervention programs
  • Entitlement to loans and savings

Make Money via Referral

Get 5% Instant Referral Bonus

You get 5% referral bonus of the first investment of any member that joins with your referral link and 2% cumulative referral bonus when you register 6 new sign ons within 21 days. Referral Bonuses are paid out on the next working day after investment confirmation.

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#38 Inyang by Afokang Street,
Cross River State

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