Simplify the fencing tournament experience in 2 easy steps. 1) Download MyFencer App and 2) Register Fencer. Then receive push notifications for fencers during tournaments.

Push Notifications

Receive push notifications during tournaments for registration, strip assignments, final outcome, and more.

Coming Soon - Results

View past results against fencing opponents.

Coming Soon - Notes

Create, View, and Share notes of fencing opponents.

Upcoming Tournaments

View upcoming tournaments and events.

Coming Soon - Videos

Create, view, and share videos of fencing opponents.

Future Enhancements

Many features to come. Please follow us and submit ideas for future release enhancements.

Screen Images

Fencing Tournaments have never been easier to manage. Receive push notifications for registration, strip assignments and final results.

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to common questions. Follow us and send a request if you have any further questions.

What is MyFencer?

An intuitive app that helps to manage fencing tournaments.

I have a technical problem, who do I email?

you can email support@myfencer.com or follow us and send a request.

What devices do you support?

Currently, we support IOS devices (iPhone and iPad). Follow us and send a request if you would like to request support on different devices.

Is MyFencer available outside the US?

Currently, MyFencer is only available for tournaments within the US.

Why am I unable to register a fencer on MyFencer?

A fencer must be registered for a tournament on AskFred.net in order to appear in the app. It might take 24-48 hours for names to appear in App after registering on AskFred.net. Check the spelling of the name on AskFred.net if you are still having problems.

Is MyFencer free?

MyFencer is free for an introductory period.


Be the first to know about the new features.

If you have inquiries please email us at support@myfencer.com