Jurassic Coast Ride

It was a great ride along the shore from Christchurch station to the Old Harry Rocks cliffs.  The journey started with a dude named Moses stealing my bike from the Christchurch train station(!). You can’t make it up. He grabbed my bike from the train bike rack and walked out of the train. I’ve chased the guy and eventually handed him over to police. This is the second time my bike is stolen in less than 4 weeks. Jurassic Coast is one of the nicest places in England: great sandy beaches, blue skies, and long, hiding on the horizon shoreline. Reminded me of the place where I grew up.

“Someone on the Internet is wrong” moment

Just read again you-get-what-you-pay-for argument about the Open Source Software. Author of the post simply didn’t know that 95+ % computers and devices running Open Source software today, in one form or another. It’s probably the highest impact trend since the Internet and Mobile Computing. The Internet server, the mobile phone, super-computers, watches, IoT devices -all most likely running the Open Source software. There are a few companies who were trying to compete with open source on similar offerings, they are all dead or dying. Google and Amazon’s successes were partly due to the Open Source Software. Failing to understand what Open Source means to the industry had left great big successful companies to fight for survival: Nokia, RIM etc.

If you want to future proof your carrier and business – learn how to use and apply source software: Linux, Java, JavaScript, Python, Ruby, bash, ssh, Tomcat, PHP, Wordpress, …

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