They can come.

The research cast new light on the issue.

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John had been lazy before he met you.

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Billie is a fervent churchgoer.

Is that healthy?

Klaus has finally gone.

Everyone knew that.

Today it's the world day against homophobia.

Jacob doesn't want to live in fear.

You can't exist without water.

He won't come to class tomorrow.

We've now been together for nearly three years.

Why do they do it?

The street is full of activity.

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I felt the house shake.


Should I tell Hein to ask Steve to do that?

She will call you soon.

That's where I can't agree with you.

She is proficient in French.

He kissed every pretty girl at the party.

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Robin lives with his aunt.

She's always looking at herself in the mirror - What vanity.

The holidays always end all too soon.

She appears to have a headache.

She is famed as a soprano.


I'm not really sure just what to do.


There's no doubt about it.

The wine was red.

Give me four white plates.

Are you saying that's true?

You should know by now that I can't speak French very well.


I think Miki will probably remember you.


When did you last see them?

Nigel hates your guts.

Is what Sumitro said true?


I can't believe that she is older than my mother.


You need to be there.

Why didn't Marsha tell Russ?

Perhaps we are all chess pieces for a Greater Power who is trying to checkmate evil.

How much do you leave for a tip in Spain?

So what? It doesn't matter to me.

You don't know what he told me.

Take a short walk every day.

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All the positions are full.

I'd like a word with Nathaniel concerning Bart.

You will obey us.


Would you make room for me?

In what kind of situations would you use that sentence?

Waiter, give us separate checks please.

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What's your favorite song to workout to?

I'm willing to pay you a lot of money to do that.

This man has been blind for five years at least.

I didn't think it was real.

I feel so much better.

I'm not from this world.

Murray wanted to talk with Claude.

Go ahead! Don't be shy!

I can't do as he told me to.

Price increases explain the difference between the real and nominal growth rates.

Sridharan doesn't think that's a good idea.

Mick asked everyone to take off their shoes.

I eat sushi every chance I get.

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We have a tea break at five o'clock.

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For years the picture passed as a genuine Rembrandt.

Thad and Archie are doing a pretty good job of that all by themselves.

Why did you tell them first?

He could hardly comprehend what she was implying.

How do we get them out of jail?

I'll stay here and help her.

Are these soldiers or monsters?

The jury has reached a verdict.

Is that likely?

Takeuchi showed me the poems that he'd written when he was a teenager.

It must've slipped my mind.

A piano is expensive, but a car is even more expensive.

Dan was apparently murdered in his bed.

The governor decided to provide assistance for the victims.

Since my school is large, I have to run to get from one classroom to another in a 5-minute break.


We can have a drink before we go to the restaurant.

Judy's last name is hard to pronounce.

I have to pay a little more attention.


That's how I feel.

I work every day except Sunday.

Sweden is the largest country in Scandinavia.

Perry learned French in school.

You said Lindsey would let me win.


Am I catching you at a bad time?

Even your silence can be a part of prayer.

It doesn't matter how much it costs.

They laid the carpet on the floor.

That Marionette is a disobedient son who is breaking his father's heart!

I used to volunteer at the food pantry around the corner.

Only Naim can answer that.

Marci is obviously in pain.

"Looking to buy an L-shaped couch. Message me if you're interested in selling one." "I have one. Here's a picture." "Unfortunately, that is not shaped like an L." "It's a lower-case L."

Elias is a dummy.

That's a great story.

They used this table.

A fault common to scientists is mistakenly believing that every problem has a technical solution.

This is really strange.

Why now?


Srivatsan has told us so much about you.


He used to smoke, but now he doesn't.

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It's right there on your desk.


This tea is really sweet.

The picture on the wall is the one that Jim painted last summer.

Liberland is a micronation.

Bryce dried his hands with a small towel.

I think it's time for me to give up on this relationship.

Show me some respect.

He's moonlighting as a stripper.

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That's all the thanks I need.

This was a long letter.

How long is the Golden Gate Bridge?

Tell Earnie we want to talk with him.

My father has decided to quit smoking.

Theo always misunderstands me.

Unfortunately, I'm not much of an dancer.

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Would you mind answering a few questions?

It is easy to slip and fall during icy winters.

Elaine asked Doug whether she knew what she was supposed to do.

He taught me how to write a poem.

We've got to stop meeting like this.

Guido had nothing more to add.

She resented his remarks about her poor driving.


There is a little wine left in the bottom of the glass.

I wonder why Wilmer did it.

You obviously want to buy that dress.

You will have dinner, won't you?

I made Val a promise.

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Nils isn't unhappy.


You look happy, so bright and early.

I spoke with Niall.

I'm not quite sure who we should hire.


This is entirely your fault.

I was joking.

Harrison's health grew worse.

I understand what you say, but I have trouble internalizing the message.

It's starting to grow on us.

Linda can dance as well as Meg.

She's waiting for a knight on a white horse to take her away.

He used to read at night.

With this vote, we righted a wrong.


Sheila's credit's good.

There's lots to do: there are cinemas and lots of shops in the town centre.

Elliot is the only one here that can speak French.

Her condition turned for the worse yesterday.

He leaped over the shallow ditch.

It is a nice initiative.

I'm glad you're not in my circle of friends.


They bribed the witness into silence.

Did you think I was Canadian?

"Literally" can literally mean "metaphorically". "Literal" meaning "metaphorical" is also a literal irony.

Siping may be waiting for us now.

He gives the dog some meat.


I'd like to apologise on behalf of my son.

He met his friend while bathing in the sea.

What the teacher said encouraged Trent to study harder.

Terrence didn't do anything illegal.

I hope that I can carry out my plan.

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Toerless is the one who always causes problems.

My train leaves at six o'clock and arrives there at ten o'clock.

Why don't you trust them?

He has a son whose name is John.

We see ourselves with a different eye from the one through which we see our fellows.

Polish specialists work in Africa.

My grandfather sometimes talks to himself when he is alone.