Self Introduction

Something about myself

Hi! My name is Eddie Cruz and I am currently trying to aquire my

associates degree in computer science which is my major, but I am also taking a CDL truck

driving course in Applied Technologies, so that I can get a job driving trucks during the

day and go to school at night. Truck driving pays well and it would help me pay for school

,so that I don't have to rely on student loans. I don't want to end up owing tons of money

for loans before I start my career in web development, that is basically my goal.

I have taken classes on Intro to Linux, Business, C++, and java. I have done some html in the

past, but I can always be learning more to master it. I haven't done much CSS and java script,

,so I am hoping that by the time I am done with this class that I will have a better understanding

of these languages and methods in order to be better at developing websites.

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My lovely wife Michelle

Michelle and I first met online back in 2006 and we have been

with each other ever since. We had our differences and still do

but the longer that we are with each other the less meaning those

differences have on our relationship. We were married in 2009 by

Michelle's mother Sharon, which is now my "MOM" that's what I call her, she is the best

mother-in-law that I have had the pleasure in knowing. Michelle and I don't have any children

together, but she does have a son "Danny" from a previous marriage, he and I have a great

relationship. I have three son's from a previous marriage, they are all grown and live out-of-state.

Places I have visited and lived

I was actually born and raised in New York City until I was the age of 25.

In my youth I always had a sense of adventure, the urge to visit different

states and countries. I first visited Canada with my child hood friends' family

when I was a teenager, that is the first time I actually seen one of the most

wonderful creations on this planet "Niagara Falls", it was amazing. Then I took a trip on my own at the age of 21 to the Dominican

Republic. I grew up in the big city and had a variety of friends of different nationalities, so I wanted to know where they came from

and what there heritage and traditions were, so I would pack a bag and just go.

while attending high school I always kept a full time job, so that i can buy the things

that I needed and wanted. I was a pretty self sufficient individual at an early age,

just my nature. I have worked in gourmet deli's as a teen and young man, and have met

quite a few famous actor's in person, such as, Kevin Bacon, Richard Gere, Liza Minnelli,

and Tom Cruise. I have been to Greece for my honeymoon to my first wife, now ex-wife, she was of greek decent. Then I went Hawaii for my

honeymoon when Michelle and I were married. I continue to plan on visiting as many places as possible until my last days on this earth.

My hobbies

My favorite things to do is playing the drums and drawing. I simply enjoy creating

something from things conceived in my mind. I enjoy music immensely, it is a driving force in my creativity.

as a child I grew up dancing, well into my teen years and adult hood. I was in a break dancing group that was

well known in the 80's back in New York. I would hit the night clubs every chance I got just to be able to dance.

I play my drums as often as I possibly can because it relaxes me, it is very therapeutic. I don't get to draw as

much as I would like to due to my busy schedule, eventually, I plan on doing some canvas paintings just to have

personal art hanging in my home and office. I would like to start a band some day, I honestly would like to just have a

group of friends that are able to play our favorite music and socialize for recreational fun. I used to enjoy playing sports

when I was younger, but after being seriously injured playing football I sort of lost the taste for sports. Golf is more my pace now.

My List Of Favorite Movies, Music and Video Games:

My Favorite Movie Genre:
  1. Action
    • 1-1. The Bourne Identity (entire series)
        The Bourne Supremecy
        The Bourne Ultimatum
        The Bourne Legacy
    • 1-2. James Bond
        Casino Royale
        Quantum of Solace
    • 1-3. Missing Impossible
        Mission Impossible II
        Mission Impossible III
        Mission Impossible- Ghost Protocol
        Mission Impossible- Rogue Nation
  2. Horror
    • 2-1. Crimson Peak
    • 2-2. Insidious
        Chapters 1-2-3
    • 3-3. Poltergeist
        Poltergeist II: The Other Side
        Poltergeist III
  3. Science Fiction
    • 3-1. The Martian
    • 3-2. Star Wars (entire series)
    • 3-3. Interstellar
  4. Drama
    • 4-1. The Revenant
    • 4-2. Sicario
    • 4-3. Everest
  5. Crime & Gangster
    • 5-1. The Equalizer
    • 5-2. The Shooter
    • 5-3. American Gangster
  6. Comedy
    • 6-1. Bad Words
    • 6-2. What Happens In Vegas
    • 6-3. Meet The Parents
        Meet The Fockers
        Little Fockers
  7. Adventeure
    • 7-1. Jurassic Park
        The Lost World
        Jurassic Park III
        Jurassic World
    • 7-2. Tomorrow Land
    • 7-3. Divergent
  8. Western
    • 8-1. The H8ght Full Eight
    • 8-2. Ehcoes of War
    • 8-3. 3:10 to Uma
My Favorite Music Genre:
  1. Alternative
    • 1-1. Red Hot Chili Peppers
        By The Way 2002
        Stadium Arcadium 2006
        I'm With You 2001
    • 1-2. Peal Jam
        Backspacer 2009
        Vitalogy 1994
        Lightning Bolt 2013
    • 1-3. Green Day
        Insomniac 1995
        American Idiot 2004
        Nimrod 1997
  2. Hip-Hop
    • 1-1. Cypress Hill
        Balck Sunday 1993
        Rise Up 2010
        Skull & Bones 2000
    • 1-2. Beastie Boys
        Licensed to Ill 1986
        Check Your Head 1992
        The Mix-Up 2007
    • 1-3. OutKast
        Idlewild 2006
        Stankonia 2000
        ATLiens 1996
  3. Country
    • 1-1. Rascal Flatts
        Still Feels Good 2007
        Rewind 2014
        Changed 2012
    • 1-2. Florida Georgia Line
        Anuthing Goes 2014
        Here's to The Good Times 2012
        Anything Like Me 2010
    • 1-3. Sugarland
        Gold And Green 2009
        Enjoy the Ride 2006
        Love on The Inside 2008
  4. R&B/Soul
    • 1-1. Dru Hill
        Dru World Order 2002
        Enter The Dru 1998
        Hits 2005
    • 1-2. Jodeci
        Diary Of A Mad Band 1993
        Playlist your Way 2008
        Forever My Lady 1991
    • 1-3. TLC
        FanMail 1999
        Crazy Sexy Cool 1994
        Now & Forever The Hits 2003
  5. POP
    • 1-1. One Republic
        Native 2013
        Waking Up 2009
        Dreaming Out Loud 2007
    • 1-2. Fall Out Boy
        Save Rock and Roll 2013
        Infinity on High 2007
        Live In Phoenix 2008
    • 1-3. Maroon 5
        V 2014
        Live From SoHo 2008
        Overexposed 2012
  6. New Age-Alternative
    • 1-1. Linkin Park
        Hybrid Theory 2000
        Meteora 2003
        The Hunting Party 2014
    • 1-2. Cold War Kids
        Hold My Home 2014
        Robbers And Cowards 2006
        Mine Is Yours 2011
    • 1-3. The Script
        No Sound With Out Silence 2014
        Science & Faith 2010
        #3 Deluxe Version 2012
  7. Rock
    • 1-1. The Rolling Stones
        Aftermath 1966
        Undrecover 1983
        Flashpoint 1991
    • 1-2. Metallica
        Ride The Lightning 1984
        Kill'Em All 1983
        Lulu 2011
    • 1-3. Black Sabith
        Paranoid 1970
        Never Say Die 1978
        Master Of Reality 1971
My Favorite Video Games:
  1. Action
    • 1-1. Platform Games:
        Super Mario Bros.
        Sonic The Hedge Hog
    • 1-2. Shooter Games:
        Battle Field
        Call of Duty
        Kill Zone 3
    • 1-3. Fighting Games:
        Street Fighter II
        Marvel vs.Capcom
        Mortal Combat
  2. Action-Adventure
    • 2-1. Stealth Games:
        Hit Man
        Metal Gear Solid
    • 2-2. Survival horror:
        The Evil WIthin
        Dead Space
    • 3-3. Metroidvania:
        Axiom Verge
  3. Adventure
    • 3-1. Test Adventures:
        A Mind Forever Voyaging
        Colossal Cave Adventure
    • 3-2. Graphic Adventures:
        Maniac Mansion
        The Secret of Monkey Island
    • 3-3. Real-Time 3D Adventures:
        Blade Runner
        Indiana Jones
        Broken Sword II
  4. Simulations
    • 4-1. Construction and Management Simulation:
        Theme Park
        Sim City
    • 4-2. Life Simulation:
        Animal Crossing New Leaf
    • 4-3. Vehicle Simulation:
        Grand Prix Legends
  5. Sports
    • 5-1. Racing:
        Real Racing 3
        Shift 2
        Need For Speed Hot Pursuit
    • 5-2. Sports Games:
        Strike Zone
        Football Heads
        Office Mini Golf
    • 5-3. Competitive:
        World Of Tanks
        Madden NFL 2005
  6. Role-Playing
    • 6-1. Action RPGs:
        Grim Dawn
        Dark Souls
    • 6-2. Tactical RPGs:
        The Banner Saga
        Valkyria Chronicles
        Final Fantasy
    • 6-3. Fantasy:
        Planescape: Torment
        Pillars Of Eternity
        Jade Empire
  7. Strategy
    • 7-1. Artilary Game:
        Command & Control
        Crush Thine Enemies
    • 7-2. Real-Time Strategy:
        Age Of Empires
        Company Of Heros
    • 7-3. Wargame:
        Star Wars: Battle Front
        Assasin's Creed

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