Hatem & Mashaal Hatem & Mashaal Hatem & Mashaal Hatem & Mashaal Hatem & Mashaal

Hatem & Mashaal

have been married since

January 3rd, 2015

Groom & Bride

Hatem Dagha


Hatem Dagha
Mashaal Loya


Mashaal Loya

Our Love Story

How we met
How we met

It was a chilly night on Westheimer Rd. in Highland Village, when Mashaal was nervously waiting around the table at PF. Changs, anxious to meet the man of her dreams for the very fist time.

As usual, Hatem arrived fashionably late, catching Mashaal by surprise. When their appetite for a fresh interaction was fulfilled; the parents’ wishful eyes were on H&M for their first walk down the streets of Highland Village.

As they made their walk, Mashaal limped with her broken heels trying to make a good first impression, and Hatem began wooing her, with his charming stories. This five-minute walk was the beginning of their lives together…

First Date
First Date

Hatem thought it would be a great idea to test his new fiancée’s cooking skills and asked their server to bring out their best self cooking meats. Mashaal, expecting a romantic gourmet dinner was flabbergasted when the server brought out pre-seasoned, raw meat with a self-cooking pan.

It was after this date that Mashaal realized, she needed some brushing up on her cooking skills. Although, their first date was not the cliché fancy dinner, it was definitely their most memorable night together.

That night ended with Hatem’s numb mouth, Mashaal’s nervousness and the main course for the night; Hatem’s proposal of marriage to Mashaal.


One of the most joyous occasions, the engagement was a very detailed and thought out event by Hatem and his family. It was an event intended to be full of surprises for Mashaal and her family.

From Hatem making his grand entrance on a horse, proposing to Mashaal in front of the entire crowd, to dancing performances by Hassan & Harris; the engagement was a spectacular night to remember for all of the groom and bride’s guests.

Event Info

Wedding Reception
Wedding Reception
January 3rd, 2015

Hilton Americas
1600 Lamar St
Houston, TX 77010

Hatem and Mashaal feel incredibly blessed to share with you, one of the most joyous occasions of their lives, as they embark on a journey together in the presence of their closest friends and family, in the beautiful city of Houston, Texas. The Wedding Reception will take place at the Hilton Americas.


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