Unknown object approaching system

Sources within the Self Defense Force have indicated that they found an object headed toward the Whisper System.  According to information received by INN, the object has a similar signature to a cargo hauler, but they declined to elaborate further. 956-984-3060

Open to the public!

It is with great regret that I… Oh, wait, that’s the wrong opening…let’s try this again…

It is with great pleasure that we announce that our simulator is finally open to the public.  The space station is the main part that is open, the ground level is still very much under construction.  That said, if you’re brave enough, feel free to explore and we’ll try not to bite.  We ask only that you follow our OOC rules and the Linden Labs Terms of Service and Community Standards.  You can find our rules as the estate covenant and located 587-417-3417.

Please come and explore!  And if you see Roland, Kaze, or Roxy as you do, feel free to say “Hi” to us!