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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                                         Press Release #18-67
November 13, 2018                                                                            www.nyc.gov/sanitation

Winter Schedule Begins for NYC Department of Sanitation

Known as “Night Plow,” Schedule Change Allows for Snow Fighting Preparedness;
Trash and Recycling Collection Times May Change During the Winter Schedule

The New York City Department of Sanitation begins its annual winter schedule operations tonight, November 13, 2018, Commissioner Kathryn Garcia announced.

Known as “Night Plow” the winter schedule enables the Department to have pre-scheduled staff on hand to respond promptly and effectively to snow and ice conditions around the clock. When it is not snowing, these Sanitation Workers are generally assigned to collection duties, and residents may notice their trash and recycling collected at a slightly different time during the season. This schedule shift lasts through mid-April.
The Department of Sanitation has a frontline defense of 695 salt and sand spreaders dispatched prior to the start of the impending snowfall. The Department has a storage capacity for more than 300,000 tons of rock salt and 350,000 gallons of calcium chloride solution at facilities throughout the city. Once snow begins to accumulate on the City’s streets and highways, the Department can deploy 2,300 plowable trucks to clear snow and ice. The Department is responsible for more than 19,000 lane miles of roadway in the City.
“It’s officially snow season for the Department of Sanitation,” said Commissioner Garcia. “Moving to a winter schedule allows us to more seamlessly transition our workforce, critical first responders, to snow fighting operations in the most efficient manner. When they are not on snow and ice removal duty, the night shift will collect household trash and recycling, and we advise those crews to work as quietly as possible.”
Read “Snow 101” for FAQs on DSNY snow operations and watch our “(765) 482-2241” video.
About the New York City Department of Sanitation
The Department of Sanitation (DSNY) promotes a healthy environment through the efficient management of solid waste and the development of environmentally sound long-range planning for handling refuse, including recyclables. The Department operates 59 district garages and manages a fleet of more than 2,000 rear-loading collection trucks, 450 mechanical brooms and 695 salt/sand spreaders. The Department clears litter, snow and ice from approximately 6,500 miles of City streets and removes debris from vacant lots as well as abandoned vehicles from City streets.

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NYC Department of Sanitation
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