Micky really likes Thai food a lot.

He carried a bag full of apples.


She was taking a nap all the time.

You have to leave home at six.

Straka never told me that he knew how to speak French.


We've never seen any of those.


Werner's parents never told him about the birds and the bees.


Les often helps Harris do her homework.

Lars had a lot of good ideas.

I'm not afraid of growing old.

Daffodils contain a toxic alkaloid that may even be lethal when ingested in high quantities.

Am I a prisoner?

You can't ask us to believe this.

I've told you not to call me, Merat.

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We were forced to change our tactics.

Sold out.

She was too tired to go on working.

I never played golf.

I asked her to play the guitar.

The room is cleaned by Dimitry.

I was having dinner with her.

You ought not to have kept her waiting on such a cold night.

There is a boy.

She is learning very quickly.

Let's just keep moving.

Do you have a spare key?

Hume's house has only one bedroom.


She denied having taken part in the scheme.

The boy threw a paper airplane at the teacher.

The leaves have begun to change color.


I couldn't in my wildest dreams imagine myself wearing fur.

The thief was marched off to the police station.

There's a big storm on way.

Sheila is now in trouble.

My sister and I have a very strong connection.

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The future doesn't exist: it is what we make.

The cat hissed at them.

I should've left her a note.

I can get you fired.

I barely even remember them.


Lex is staying with his mother.

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We sang for her.


What are we doing?


Subrahmanyan Chandrasekhar was one of the foremost astrophysicists of the twentieth century.

This part of the land belongs to my stepmother.

Srivatsan never wears the same clothes twice in a week.

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Is Scot wounded?

The lack of evidence to the contrary is itself evidence that your theory is probably right.

'Ppreciate it!

You like laying on the grass.

The children were walking along, singing a song.


I think I can arrange that.

I like playing the gooseberry.

"Fire!", he cried.

He apologized to his wife and children for losing his temper.

That boat has pretty sails.


I've been vacuuming the rooms all morning.

That would make all the difference in the world.

He has a lot of creative ideas.

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He came to see me yesterday afternoon.

Did you practise the guqin this morning?

Maybe Kuldip knows what I did wrong.

It doesn't look like you're having much fun.

I'm not going anywhere with William.

You have a lot to learn, my boy.

I don't know whether this'll be of any use to you.

If you mix blue and red, you'll get purple.

Think about it, OK?

The train is very crowded this evening.

Somebody poisoned her.


They're very interesting things.


My throat is a little dry.

I blew on my hands to warm them.

Why are the windows open?

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There is a bird feeder in our backyard.


To study abroad will be a wonderful experience.

She found what she was looking for.

Devon is eating lunch now.


Rahul has very nice handwriting.

Evacuation will be difficult.

You've hurt Louis's feelings.

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Why do you know that?


Malloy won't discuss the problem with me.

It wouldn't be too difficult.

Line up in single file.


Why didn't you accept?

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Finally, I have the house all to myself. Party time!


Jong needs to change his attitude.

Huashi clearly enjoys driving.

A mother's heart is always with her children.

Everybody was surprised.

Why do you want Shawn to talk to Thad?

I think I'll get a bit of fresh air.

Randolph was a child actor.

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Warren can speak French pretty well.

Emil could've done better.

She is fluent in English and French.


Bjorne didn't know Chuck would be there.


First you squander your health to acquire money; then your money to get your health back.


They abandoned the ship.

Tanaka was very angry.

Her feet were tired after a long day at work.

This tree is approximately three hundred years old.

Let me congratulate you on your marriage.


How many audiobooks do you have on your mobile MP3 player?

Russia lost 20 million people during World War II.

I was late because I got stuck in traffic.

You have to obey the law.

Do you like this blouse?

I talked to Leonard about this for a long time.

Sofoklis divorced Kari last year.

It is not in the immediate vicinity, but not far away either.

That might be a little difficult.

Andries's getting chilly.

What more can you say?


Edwin is a good singer.

I hope I didn't interrupt you.

All forecasts have a certain degree of uncertainty.

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The tour guide can speak three languages.

Bob can cook.

I took a step backwards.

You must not kill.

You'd forget your head if it were not attached!

I think it's a good law.

Put some basil on the pizza.


I promise you I'll come early.


Then the motor suddenly died.

Fireworks will begin after dark.

You are a dog.

There aren't many qualities that are true of all life on Earth, but the need for water is one of them.

That's not fair and you know it.

I think I can handle this myself.

Sophia has authority. She knows how to be obeyed.

Jeffrey finished the bottle of wine by himself.

Dennis was conservative.

Laurianne played a great game.

You seemed happy here.


He isn't as honest as all that.

This is too big to carry.

Beckie has been in Boston since last Monday.

She has a book.

I don't have a sword.

Would you please come here?

A South African man and his brother helped to start a software company; when the company was bought out, he owned seven percent of the common shares and made a large capital gain on the sale.

Which car is your father's?

We had losses with this job.

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My back teeth are floating...

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Do it later.

You should ask him.

I want you to tell me everything you know about what's happening.


I don't want to waste my time on this.


Did you accept his invitation?

Deirdre wasn't injured.

Well, I didn't want to make you nervous.

Poets often compare death to sleep.

I am concerned for your health.


It must be known like that.

Do you require a deposit?

The is looking at me funny.