14Sep 2018


September 14, 2018 Company news

Like MIG welding, flux-cored wire requires three main components: arc, filler metal and a protective gas. Just like MIG welding, core welding works by feeding the electrodes continuously into the joint. First, the welder squeezes the trigger, and then the wire feeder begins to feed the electrodes into the joint while the electrodes are charged. […]

12Sep 2018

Instructions Make sure the consumbale has adapted the environment tempreture before unpacking the package. Remove dirts such as oil and dust from the groove before welding. The quality of the weld joint will be better if the humidity of the welding room is contrled. you’d better take the quantity everyday required before entering the construction […]

Top Seven Reasons to Choose Focus Weld®

We adhere to the principle of " striving for excellence, and never let the compromise of QUALITY for QUANTITY." In all of our years of business we've been true to that principle and it's reflected in the loyalty of our customers, and the welding wires that they've used for years.

  1. State-of-the-Art Aluminum Processing Line

    As an gray-hair Aluminum Welding Wire Manufacturer, We adopt the most advanced machines and the best quality raw materials, as well as excellent technical workers.

  2. Strict Quality Control Right from the Start

    Our Aluminum Welding Wire manufacturing processing is operating according to ISO 9001 quality system and our product has passed the verification of SGS.

  3. Complete Traceability of Our Products

    We are the Aluminum Welding Wire Supplier in China, Each link of the production process has a precise record and strict quality control, in addition, it can also be queried to production records from the batch number in product packaging .

  4. Flexibility in Production Arrangement

    On the basis of perfect production management system, we accept any quantity of orders, whether large or small. In addition, the factory can produce custom-made products.

  5. Value Contract and Credit

    To guarantee the rights and interests of both parties, we provide formal contract protection.

  6. On-Time Delivery

    For whatever reason, you can rest assured that we will deliver the products on time according to the contract.