Take command of t1d.

You know what you need,
we just help you find it.

It's not just numbers.

Taking command of type 1 diabetes is about so much more than just numbers and figures. It’s about managing your supplies, being aware of the tools available to you, and being a part of the community of like minded individuals.

Living with or caring for someone with t1d is hard. You shouldn’t have to keep track of your supplies and scripts, get overwhelmed by tools on Google, and wasting time using resources that just aren’t right for you.

The Stitch Hub solution.

Stitch Hub is a one stop shop of everything you need to take command of t1d. Our features are designed to help those living with t1d, carers and clinicians, to promote effective medical, financial, emotional and social management.

The platform hosts a range of tools, including books, support groups, clinical trials, insurance discounts, start ups and events reviewed by users and providers. It also helps your peace of mind with a supply and appointment tracker.

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The Stitch Hub Platform


A one stop shop to
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Supply, device warranty,
and appointment tracking

Patient Centric

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