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By New York Times bestselling authors Rebecca Moesta and Kevin J. Anderson, and June Scobee Rodgers, founder of the Challenger Centers!  Three action-packed science fiction adventures featuring a group of young people using a Challenger Learning Center as a springboard for actual journeys into the future to a moonbase, a space station, and an asteroid mission. Real science is woven throughout the action so readers will learn basics of space science even as they are caught up in the action.

“It’s the next best thing to being there.”—Neil Armstrong.

Star Challengers: Moonbase Crisis

Star Challengers: Moonbase Crisis

After an exhilarating space simulation field trip at the local Challenger Center, four talented students are hand picked by the mysterious Commander Zota for a special adventure—to travel to the future and a real moonbase in trouble, where these new “Star Challengers” will learn skills to save the human race!

Star Challengers: Space Station Crisis

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The Star Challengers, a group of talented young people bound together by a common interest in the space program, return to the Challenger Center for their next mission. Mysterious Commander Zota once again sends them into the future, and this time they will work aboard the International Space Station Complex. They will live without gravity, orbiting high above the Earth—and defend humanity against a ruthless alien invasion!

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Star Challengers: Asteroid Crisis

It’s just supposed to be an educational field trip to the Challenger Learning Center, but JJ Wren and her friends find themselves transported into the future, to a time when the human race is besieged by deadly alien invaders. The evil Kylarn have shifted the orbits of three asteroids, sending them on a collision course with Earth!

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Star Challengers: Trilogy Omnibus

Trilogy Omnibus: All three books in one volume. After a field trip at the local Challenger Center, JJ Wren and her friends are hand picked by the mysterious Commander Zota to become Star Challengers—sent into the future on special adventures to a moonbase, a space station, and the asteroids. Their mission is to learn high-tech skills . . . and save the human race from an imminent alien invasion!

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