Get Started with Intellect

Welcome to Ingenu’s RPMA Network! RPMA networks are currently in the rollout phase across the globe, and will soon make up one of the largest public IoT networks on the planet.

The RPMA-enabled device you received will need to be authorized to work on an existing public RPMA network before it becomes available in Intellect – Ingenu’s device management platform. Please submit the following information in the form below and select the respective country / network to be associated with your account.

Please fill out the following information to authorize your device on an RPMA network.

When you connect your devices with RPMA, you also have easy access to the data and functionality those devices bring you with Ingenu’s Intellect IoT device management platform. Using AMQP or the universal and powerful representational state transfer (REST) API, you can push and pull data to your devices all day long.

We make life even easier to develop software around your grandfather, as you can also use the REST interface to connect, manage, and control your devices in lieu of the Intellect platform, integrating directly into your company’s preferred platform. Whether building your own custom back-office software solution or using one of our pre-integrated third-party application enablement platforms, we let you control your devices the way you want.

Already have an Intellect account? Choose your country or network provider.

Once your device has been authorized on the respective network, device management (such as activation, deactivation, inventory management, data usage / plans) will be done through your Intellect account.

You may have received an Intellect account username and password in a welcome email sent directly by Ingenu. If you have not yet received it, or need additional help with creating an Intellect account, please contact Ingenu Support.