I guess that works.

What is this object used for?

Saudi Arabia does not issue tourist visas.

Holly is unapproachable.

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I'm looking for books on Roman history.


Someone gave Leonard a car.

Harmon thought that Briggs was hiding something from him.

I just stubbed my toe.


If you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his head. If talk to him in his language, that goes to his heart.


What the fuck is it with you?

She answered easily.

Could that change?

They were found dead.

Are you talking about this?

I'm willing to take that risk.

But (I suspect) that is not difficult.


For example, they are not happy to help clients in the store.


There are many scenic places in Xinjiang.

Rodent is outgoing.

We've done no wrong.


What is the right thing?

Taking everything into consideration, he can't be the criminal.

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday are the seven days of the week.


She speaks English as if she were a native speaker.


What's the best local beer that you recommend?

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I'd like you to go and bring back a piece of cake over there for me.

Ken offered Blair a gift.

As a child, Philip dreamt of becoming a world famous author.

Ti made me weep.

Say please.

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I will get comments.


Are you interested in anyone in your class?

It's prohibited in most countries.

Congratulations on your victory.

He was wearing a gold necklace and a coat made of bird feathers.

Kusum just came to see me.

The tip of the knife blade is sharp.

Kanthan followed Piet's lead.


Graham wasn't allowed to see it.


Many people in Fiji don't have access to clean drinking water.

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They aimed their guns at her.

Don't despise a man because he is poorly dressed.

The coworker claimed he had missed the bus.


Meg has a lovely face.

There's a big sign.

If you look deep enough you will see music; the heart of nature being everywhere music.


Supper is a simple meal.

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Did Juliet ask you to do something?

Is there somebody you want to talk to?

Where have you been for the past three months?

She is quite pretty, but looks unhealthy.

Kumi did not make boxes.

I told the cops the same thing.

The English used in the composition is too good. She can't have written it herself.


The door opened suddenly.


The strange feeling came back.

We threw the ball in turn so that everyone could have a try.

There remain approximately 900 art sketches by Leonardo da Vinci.


Do you think that we'll find her house?


This is a good opportunity.

You should rest after exercise.

Paula's plan worked perfectly.

Ilya is a good songwriter.

Nobody else bothered us.

What evidence do you have?

He licked his lips.

May I borrow it?

Are you currently taking any kind of medication?

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Kusum wasn't working for us at that time.

Gigi was warned not to bully Sri again.

He can no more swim than a hammer can.


Jayesh will trust you.

We better go.

My neighbor is having some work done on his roof starting tomorrow, so he came to let me know about it. "There might be a lot of dust, so I apologize beforehand. Thank you in advance."


And don't deny yourself anything.


Any chance you know where I put my keys?

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We can't be happy together.

It looks like it's going to rain. Remove the clothes from the line.

Why won't you make it?

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Even after being approved, difficulties might arise in the actual construction of the line.

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Get out of the shower!


Christopher had to listen to the whole story all over again.

We can prepare to offer you a special discount of 5% for the STL#3456, on condition that you place an order for more than 15 at one time.

Interoperability means compatibility with other systems.


How do you put up with him?

That's the reason she doesn't want to be with him anymore.

You are cautioned that any changes or modifications not expressly approved in this manual could void your authority to operate this equipment.

Your ideas are rather old-fashioned.

How many hours do people work in Germany per week?

You should consult a doctor at once, George.

Tobias gets drunk almost every day.

You might want to go with me.

If I had bought the painting then, I would be rich now.


Hienz studies all the time.


I'm a little skeptical.

He laughed.

I just got promoted.

There's no way I can handle this by myself.

We are working in the interest of peace.

The medium allowed the spirit to take control of her body.

He is a medical student.

I have a bench in my garden; I like to sit outside and enjoy the afternoon sun.

I regret what happened here yesterday as much as you do.


It was a learning experience.

I am eating pasta.

The meaning of a word is determined by the context where it is used.

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I cannot confirm this.

Make sure Hillel stays in bed.

Dan began costly cancer therapy.

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The boy thrust the coin into his pocket.

You must prepare for the worst.

Regular attendance is required in that class.

It's a pleasure to meet you, ma'am.

Apes are intelligent.

What's it you expect me to say?

Sorry to have kept you waiting.

This is one of the best restaurants in town.

I'm glad you invited me.


I got arrested.

I won't go back.

All of us talk in English.

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You loved Boston, didn't you?


I was really concerned.

When poverty comes in at the door, love flies out the window.

How much money do you owe us?

I'd better go find her.

However, that didn't happen.

I need more than your loyalty.

He has not realized his mistakes yet.

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China is larger than Japan.

Don't tell them you're lost.

I've attained a native speaker's fluency in English but girls don't put out for me anyway.

Enjoy the little things, for one day you may look back and realize they were the big things.

We're in a recession.

Are you willing to give it a try?

I wanted to start a company, but I never got started.


I told him what I know.


Why did you let her go?

No matter who says so, it's not true.

He leaned towards me.

Tammy has a decision to make.

Dennis is only a couple of years older than Vassos.

This is the place where your mother and I had our first date.

Spass is unsettled.


Singapore is a city-state.

I don't care what anyone says.

I like dogs best of all animals.

Magnus doesn't have a full-time job.

Does your dog bark at them?

The park is sunny.

You can succeed in your life.


Kyu did an extraordinary job.


Rodger has a room at the hotel near the river.

I have already read today's paper.

Don't forget to write to me.