Hello, Welcome to my portfolio

I’m a game developer and full time student from Cardiff, Wales studying Bsc. (Hons) Computer Game Development at the University of South Wales.

Currently I’m contracted by the NHS Wales to develop an educational mobile game targeted at children with haemophilia titled Haemic’s Challenge It’s designed to teach them about their condition while remaining engaging and fun throughout.

I’ve also created multiple small personal projects in the past such as Explosive Profit, a JavaScript & HTML5 game created using the Phaser IO framework.

Another project I developed was a website titled Polytypic Arts. I created both the front and back end, making use of JavaScript, PHP and SQL to achieve the desired functionality of the website.

Listed on my portfolio are the other projects I’ve developed. My primary skills are in the areas of Game Programming, web and mobile game development as well as the creation of 2D art assets.

Feel free to explore my portfolio and contact me at w.akins111@gmail.com. If using LinkedIn visit my account with the button at the top of the page if you’re interested in working with me.

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