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To submit your website here, email links@8bit-micro.com.  Include a brief description, URL, and contact information

in your email.  Please report any broken links to broken@8bit-micro.com.



The Unofficial website for Toshiba (Vintage) laptop support.  History, Setups, Specifications of the best business laptops ever produced.

> Cathode Ray Television - Broadband TV Channel 

A member of the TVU Broadband Network.  Broadcast class TV, movies, cartoons and original programming. 


Excellent resource on personal computers history, computer specifics forums and online store.

> CLUB 100.ORG

Simply the best online resource for the TRS-80 Models 100, 102, 200 and WP2.  Online sales and downloads.


Extensive resource of information on MS-DOS, PC-DOS, GUI Software and History.  Includes download section and other goodies.

>The Semi-Virtual Disk (SVD) Home

This is the home of the SVD, a brilliant piece of hardware that interfaces your Windows or Linux PC to a TRS-80, CoCo, Heathkit to name a few.

> David Keil's TRS-80 Model 1/III/4/4P Emulator Page 

A TRS-80 Model I/III/4 emulator site featuring DOS based, Windows 95/98 compatible TRS-80 emulators. The site also features On-line documentation for the emulators, TRS-80 software pages and TRS-80 documentation Pages.

> TRS-80 Webring Homepage

The official TRS080 World Wide Webring.  Connects you to all things Z80, members provide online articles, downloads, emulators, museums and much more!

> Ira Goldklang's TRS-80 Revived Site

Having the bragging rights as being the larged deposit if TRS-80 software and online literature, Ira has preserved the TRS-80 as no other.  This is a site worth supporting and visiting often.

> Alberta Scooter Club Official Website

Home of the Alberta Scooter Club, Summer Events, Safety Course and a Download Library.

> FOR SALE - 1958 F350 Collector's Truck

This is yours truly, tearful for sale page for my fully restored, original one of 7000, 1958

FORD F350 Trucks, complete with hoist.  This a beauty!  Please visit this site.  Thank

You.  Brian K. Hahn

> Michael Veseth's Official Website

Michael Veseth Professor of International Political Economy University of Puget Sound is

the author of several books, including "Globaloney"  Mike Veseth's research on the

globalization of the world economy was featured in the December 16, 2002 issue of

Newsweek Magazine

> Evangelical Sisterhood of Mary - Canada

The official website for the Canadian Branch of the Evangelical Sisterhood of Mary.

Founded in Germany just after WWII, this website is Christian based and shows features

the Ministry of the Sisterhood.

> H57 Farms Official Website

Welcome to our website, and thank you for taking the time to look at our Miniature Horses.

H57 FARMS is located 35 minutes south of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. We are dedicated,

and privileged to be raising potential show quality prospects, and driving candidates. We

raise, and show both AMHA, and AMHR registered miniature horses.

> Wildlife Watercolor's by L. Warkentin

Professional Artist and Christian Pastor Larry Warkentin has his Watercolor Gallery online,

and shows his works including issued prints.  This is a website that provides the visitor with

the ability to order these beautiful works of art online.

> Canadian-a, Wooden Axle Line Railway

Wooden toys made with love from Canadian Spruce Trees harvested from the foothills of

the Canadian Rocky Mountains. Each toy is individually hand made in my basement

shop. The body of these toys are accented with a darker wood which can be Mahogany or

California Red Wood, whichever is available at the time the toy is made for you.  This is

the official website of James  A. Gardiner.


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