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The theory is based on thorough research.

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See what I did!


You should not trifle with his feelings.

I'll discuss it with my wife.

The meeting went on in this manner.


She was on the point of leaving.


Please show me this book.


I'm going out for a walk because the weather today is marvelous.

Noam can't be in the car more than ten minutes or he gets sick.

Rolf stood up and walked out of the room.

Tuna doesn't spend much time in Boston.

You saw something, didn't you?

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Nobody likes attention whores.

The team won the championship for five years running.

I wrote down her phone number.


He cannot afford to buy a car.

Father's bankruptcy was a blot on the family's reputation.

Roger smiled at me and we began to talk.


This novel is his greatest opus, in my opinion.

I need to cancel my subscription.

The children broke the ancient urn.

I need Elsa alive.

We don't want any excuses.

It is not so difficult as you think.

What was Olof looking for out there in the backyard?

I'm considering it seriously.

You did really well.

I understand Leith's point.

She has done her homework.


Didn't Clara tell you I was in town?

This place is so depressing.

Alexander was crazy, you know.

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You shouldn't have done that.

Trey took off for home.

I'm probably going to be hungry soon.

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I might be able to help you tomorrow.


I have to talk to Mick about what happened.

There's very little we can do now.

I was in the shower when the phone rang.

I can do it too!

Vidhyanath asked for a higher salary.

Will you drive me to the hospital?

Niall was killed by a stray bullet.

We just missed them.

The islanders are asking us for help.

I just sat there.

Daniel, give Emet and the others my regards.

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Did you buy anything for him?

Clay didn't tell anyone else who he was.

They've stopped firing.

Let me have a look at it.

She has too much chat about her.

Celia is from Boston.

Let's get married.


I worry that, because the Japanese lines in this site are written with furigana, they take up a lot of space, and the people who don't even care about them in the first place might find them annoying.

You said you didn't want to go.

They love chili.


She treated each of us to an ice cream.

Jesus knew Maria didn't love him.

I'm fine. And how are you doing?


Do I get paid for doing this?


Keep the paper.

He's a big boy.

It was terrifying.

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What should we call this hybrid?

Your answer is anything but perfect.

I wonder if he can lend me his guitar during the vacation.

We were upset.

If you flatter him, he'll do anything.

Did anyone care?

He convinced me that it was not his fault.


It'll take about an hour.

Sofia opened the drawer to get a calculator.

It's way too cold to swim.


I'm sure Jun wouldn't mind it if you used his umbrella.

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In the speech, he referred to the strength of the company.


If, on the other hand, children are left alone a great deal with nothing to do, they are likely to become dull and unintelligent.

That's open to debate.

It was not until Chikako left me that I realized how much I loved her.

Oh, onion bagels.

I hope you have insurance.


You'll become a teacher.

I'm a student.

The noise lessened gradually.

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I've always told the truth.

Do you even know how to smell the flowers?

You should be glad you didn't go with us last night. We didn't have much fun.

We were talking.

The only reason for the existence of a novel is that it does attempt to represent life.

She's going back to America.

I always get home by six o'clock.

They went to Sao Paulo.

This is the first time I've caught such a big fish!

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Ken has been looking for you.

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My birthday is one month from today.

She started crying and I started crying too.

Have you been to the Australian embassy website?

Look at this grand view of the ocean.

Thank you for all the gifts.


He was lame after the fall.


Scott isn't as bad as Anton thinks he is.


I hope Kirsten is right.

The dentist pulled out my decayed tooth by force.

Gladiators fought to the death inside the Coliseum.

When was the last time you swept the yard?

I'm going with him.


I'm a novice at programming, but I learn quickly.

I erased my name off the list.

I'd like to change some money.

You don't kick a man when he's down.

I went fishing last Monday.

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Let her do that.

When I was a child, I played with Play-Doh.

Where exactly did you come from?


I don't care for beer.

This is very bad.

You must think I'm stupid.


Far from being but the object of their ambiguous relation, Sandy was the subject of all Stevan's attention.


The game ended in a victory for B school, which was quite contrary to predictions.

How soon can you have the report finished?

There was no need to talk.

I must stay where I am.

Can you show me the way to the aquarium?

Something wasn't right.

We all make mistakes, don't we?

I'm sorry to have kept you waiting.

Has he proposed some new solution?

I remember this music.

He is likely to win the championship.

Everyone feels pessimistic.

Myron isn't capable of doing it.


This corn hurts a lot.


I have a bad headache today.


I don't want to see her anymore.

There are many more people than I expected.

Be careful not to say anything stupid.

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Let's find out who he is.

Could you translate this sentence?

I'm happy, too.

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Guillermo sent text messages to Michael several times a day.

I'd say that's worth a try.

Your older brother is really angry.

Once again, someone is wrong on the internet!

"Would you like to buy a suit?" the shopkeeper asked Dima, who brought the smells of the previous night with him as he walked through the door.

I felt a little dizzy.

I do not believe that you can speak Hebrew.

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Guido seems to have a new girlfriend.

Didn't you have the flu last week?

There's a stack of comic books on Sarah's desk.


He who sheds his debts becomes wealthier.

I saw Rich a short time ago.

He is a British teacher who teaches us English.

The equator divides the globe into two hemispheres.

This artist has a very distinctive style

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When is it convenient for you?


Why is it such a big secret?