I want to meet her.

I'm not forgetting about you.

You're not finished.

Shuvra is a little unusual in that he doesn't drink tea, coffee or beer.

Everybody knows I hate them.

Two minutes for roughing.


The newspaper always keeps us informed of the events taking place in the world.

Tareq and Petr stopped and picked up a hitchhiker.

Come sit down.


I am hoping to get two copies of this book.

I have a meeting with them.

My dream is to study abroad.

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Non-members pay 50 dollars more.

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I'm charging this amount to your bill.

I never realized how stressful this job would be.

Are these the only ones you have?

They are good people.

Malcolm has a steady girlfriend.


He gives us a lot of trouble, but I like him all the same.

Soldiers shared their food with the Indians.

The princess was eaten by the shark.

You yourself belong to this group of people that you're talking about - the one that doesn't speak standard Mandarin well.

The boy grew taller and taller, till at last he exceeded his father in height.

It's fine day and I feel like going fishing.

What does Caleb think?

She is in an awful mood.

Ski jumping is a sport in which skiers go down a ramp, jump and try to land as far as possible.

He shot me down with a glare.

Beloved, unexpected, and undefeated, his voice sounded like a toad that had swallowed a tractor.

You have nothing on your wall.

Suyog has more than enough room for us.

They probably found out about what happened.

Maybe we can buy her a new one.

Can you tell me who's coming tonight?

Why didn't you make them stop?


Do not live above your income.

I was asked to do this.

You should always try to eat healthy food.

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You always said you wanted to become a teacher.

They were all agog for the news.

She fell down senseless on the floor.

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People say something is cold even if it is at a relatively low temperature, especially compared to body temperature.

The joke is on us.

Saad is very angry with Bob.


I don't feel guilty about that.

Dimetry never told me that.

No damage was reported.

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Jones had no place to go.

I should've gone after her.

She is always complaining of her husband's small salary.

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I know you still blame Kayvan for Mike's death.

Mistakes like these, you make them often.

It must be there.

Trade friction might arise between the nations at any moment.

They'll do what I tell them to do.

Does anyone have a banjo to make me try?

We can't just leave Lenny here alone.

Takeuchi's boss appreciates his work, but he doesn't want to give him a pay raise.

The brave captain saved his ship.

How close are you to him?

It's pretty stiff.

I am wasting my time.

I assume you don't want this.

The soldier acted bravely.

He knew Uyghur before he came to Kashgar.

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That has nothing to do with the question.


She speaks not only English but also French.

Lana's dying for that apple.

She made a point of my attending the party.

Translate and shut up!

Most writers are sensitive to criticism.

I'm wet.

I thought you'd already taken care of that.

We've prepared well.

I'm not a little surprised that the policeman was arrested.

Could you give this to us?

She arrived from Japan at the age of 10.

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You revealed your feelings.

Where on earth is Ken?

Take us downtown.

It's been two years since I saw him last.

Somebody's watching you.


Every house had a garden.

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Are you in a lot of pain?

The waiter went to get another glass.

He assimilated what he was taught.

Poor girl! she cried, what can I do for you?

I'm on the honor roll.

Adrian departed, leaving Dana and John alone.

You made me cry.


Why do I have to help them?

The shock deprived her of speech.

I see a big smile on your face. You must be happy.

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Can you read this kanji?

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Don't let him watch this film.


I walked past the construction site on my way here.


He watched the boys swimming.

Sports make us healthy in mind as well as in body.

Val should have invited Boyd, but he didn't.


Detective Dan Anderson picked up another trail.

I need it as quickly as possible.

Shall I go together with you?

Jagath got beaten up.

He'll never beat me in a battle of pure strength.

If you want a golden rule that will fit everybody, this is it: Have nothing in your houses that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.

What you did took guts.

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He was cautious about overeating.

You won't tell them, will you?

She translated that word for word.

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Can't you give me a little more?

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I want to be happy, too.


I'm feeling embarrassed right now.

I have a nephew. He's a bartender.

Doctor Mortimer pulled it out of his breast-pocket.

Use your key.

Len'll need to improve his mapreading skills if he wants to compete in the upcoming orienteering competition.

That's really bad.

It's just a cover.

It doesn't mean what you think it means.

Two dogs guard the entrance.


You're responsible for books you take out of the library.

I wish I had a reason not to go.

Knut has been in Boston for the last three weeks.

Do you want my job?

For me, alcohol is the worst enemy of women and children.

I haven't actually been to Boston yet.

He tries to keep up with his classmates.

Why would Spy quit?

Get it, and put it on the fire.


Compared to you, I'm just a beginner at this game.

Does she have an opinion about this?

I discovered the truth.

Christie doesn't have any bad habits.

We cannot have our own way in everything.

I kissed him.

They live in Helsinki, Finland.

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We must seek after the true, the good and the beautiful.

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Life's meaning has always eluded me and I guess it always will. But I love it just the same.

Do I have to fix up to go to their house?

My jacket is made differently from yours.


Griff allowed Knapper to go home early.


Milner sat on his bed crying.

I went to Osaka station.

Let's try write a song together.


I'm not like Kristi.


I can't even see the other ship in this fog.

Your parents used to really love us.

Machinery dispenses with much labor.

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Ricardo doesn't need to know where I'm going.

I really loved them.

I'm angry at you.

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Nice suit.

Bill has not less than six dollars.

May I take your order?


Samuel doesn't usually drive to work.


Francisco can't keep his mouth shut.


Be listen for a while, you've just dinned your revelations into my ears!


It is possible for him to swim across the river.

I need more.

The point is whether she will read my letter or not.