Wouldn’t you like to know whether the person you are about to have sex with has tested positive for a sexually transmitted infection (STI)

Wouldn’t you like to get this information from an objective, verified source, rather than relying on what your prospective partner tells you? And wouldn’t you want to make sure that the lab test results you see truly belong to the person who presents them to you? With VerifSafe you can.

You are about to have sex with someone new. 1 in 3 people has an STI. Knowing if your new partner has an STI could save you from infection. It could save your life. But getting this information is difficult.

Many people are not honest about their sexual health with new partners. Some do not even know that they carry an STI – especially if they have no visible symptoms. Other people rely on self-testing – which is not always accurate. And some people just lie.

VerifSafe is an app that allows prospective sexual partners to share their current STI test results with one another before engaging in sex. By becoming a member of VerifSafe you can let prospective sexual partners see your STI test results through the app, and vice versa

You can do this privately – making this information available only to potential sexual partners that you have selected - and you can see the STI test results of potential sexual partners – other VerifSafe members - so long as they choose to share their information with you. All of this occurs within the safe online environment.

Verifsafe Stories

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Jessica’s story

Jessica and Phillip are meeting up on the weekend for their second date. There is chemistry between then, and the question is: when will they take things further? Things are looking good, but he doesn’t want to kill the atmosphere by speaking to Jessica about his sexual health or asking her about hers.

Paul’s story

Paul is a young bisexual guy. He parties a lot, and enjoys sexual relationships with a number of partners of both sexes. Unfortunately, Paul has picked up an infection in the past - the herpes simplex virus-. Although he doesn’t see this as too serious, he certainly does not want to contract any other STIs.

Jeremy’s story

Jeremy is planning a big weekend. He is meeting a group of friends at his favorite club. There is a possibility that he and Lexi might go home together – he certainly hopes so. He checks to see if she has a profile on Verifsafe. He is in luck – she does, and her status has recently been updated.

Miguel’s story

Miguel and Jared have been friendly for a while, and after a few drinks, it becomes apparent that their relationship is more than platonic. They have been talking and dancing together, becoming increasingly intimate. Miguel goes to the bathroom, and sends Jeremy a link to his Verifsafe profile.

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