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Uinta Designs is about getting outdoors and the gear that makes it even better to be outside.


I have lived in Utah most of my life. I love to be in the mountains and outdoors generally. When I travel my sight seeing usually consists of running and hiking. If I can find a trail I am a happy guy.

I have worked in and around sporting goods most of my life. My day job has been in Software Development for many years. I am a Product Manager and view my job as understanding what the user wants to accomplish. I create product that meets what the user is hiring it to do. I apply that to everything I buy and with that I hope to help you understand what each piece of gear can help you to accomplish.


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It’s time to get Outside. Here in Utah it is a beautiful sunny day. The temperatures in the valleys gets down into the 20’s at night and raises to about 40 during the day. The only thing that would make this better is more Snow. Today is a great day for a Trail Run and …


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