We went without him, as he wasn't ready.

This is a stop watch made in Japan.

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There's an idiot where I work and it gets on my nerves.

She teaches English.

What do you want to have for lunch?

He's a famous physicist not only in Japan, but throughout the world.

I would like to have some pancakes now.


He met with an accident and broke some bones.


How dare you say such things about me?

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Jinny and Carlo bought an Oriental rug.


A clean river flows through our town, and we can see many carp swimming in it.


I spent three days in the hospital.


You are interested in computers.


Does this make you uncomfortable?

Take a seat, please.

He's handsome and charming.

Just hold still.

That's my beer.


The problem is one of determining the dominant factors in this phenomenon.

It's the latest model to come out.

Sam thought that Sehyo was probably over thirty.

Excuse me, is this seat still free?

I've lost or broken all my necklaces.


Her dream is to become a nurse.

Richard has always wanted to be a nurse.

A big animal broke out of the zoo.

Melanie reached the next level on the game.

You've already eaten the cake?

This is classified.

Ethan doesn't have enough experience.

I really can't deal with that right now.

Children are sometimes wild.

She will clean my room.

He wants to run for President.

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Where did the other girls go?


Fight with all your might.

I wish I could talk to them.

You are kidding me.

Bret didn't want to stand in line.

They didn't leave me anything to translate.

She lay in his arms all night.

It's too early.

Fuck. I'm about to come already.

Jane is loved by Peter.


I'll clean that up.

This isn't your assigned seat, is it, Susan?

That is my favorite song!

The mother laid her baby on the bed softly.

The result is all that matters.


Hopefully he'll wait for me.

He is a clerk at the Bank of Washington.

If they admit me to the university, I think I will major in economics.

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I'm going back to school.

It's very strange.

Can you take over driving for a while?

We must remove our shoes before entering the house.

I won't let anything bad happen.


Courtney snuck into Sjouke's house.

Philosophy is actually homesickness: the drive to be at home everywhere.

He won't listen to a word I say.


I didn't know you had a brother.

He crossed the river.

It makes me wonder.

He wants to know how he can lose weight.

That documentary about the environmental crisis was a real eye-opener.

The couple was quarrelling and Chris knocked Beth down.

A messenger follows a stone.

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I want to know what I need to do.

We have her!

He makes a face.

Dori unfolded the blanket and wrapped it around himself.

The service was very bad.

Uri leaned her head on his shoulder.

Do you want kids?

I'll be here in my office if anyone needs me.

A number of students said they would be happy to take part in the contest.

It's strange that our friends are not here.

Excuse me, but I believe you're mistaken.

Many obstacles were put in Nici's way.

This sidewalk is a lot narrower than the one across the road.

This has all been a misunderstanding.

You kind of look like her.


I know it from him.

Had I done my best, I might have succeeded.

It won't last more than three minutes.

It's already much too late.

I'm offering you a deal.


Would that be wise?

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I just want her to get well.

Please refrain from smoking until the sign is turned off.

I cannot disturb the doctor at this time.

I'd like to say goodbye.

This is something completely different.


Please leave the room.


I would like to excuse myself from receiving the Akutagawa Prize.

I wonder what Kit will think.

Let's try and get in.


Perry doesn't like discussing his work with Sriram.

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Get married close to home and go far away to steal.


Ted likes playing the trumpet.

Could you excuse us?

Have you ever found yourself without a job?

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We need to do something about this.

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How did you sleep, dear?

They wanted an economy car.

I think you've been working too hard.

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Because of the advice that you gave me, I succeeded.

Saumya could tell Michael was serious.

I'm dealing with the problem now.

Keep in touch.

This machine is superior in quality to that one.


The bells are ringing.


The trip will take some five hours.

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Gil could be here for a while.

Shutoku and Matthew often tell each other jokes.

I'm not going to marry Marsh.


Ram was arrested earlier this year.

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Spudboy cut the apple in half with his knife.

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What can we possibly give him?

I'm not a big TV watcher.

You're hurting us.

I allowed a margin of ten minutes.

There are a lot of weirdos at the gym at 4 in the morning. And proudly, I'm one of them.

Peter's very tall. He takes after his father.

Will you have paid your house off by the time you're fifty?

How could I know?

He said he would win and he did, too.

Jeremy is always preoccupied.

She was in the United States last month.


This bread smells really good.

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Per is a Canadian who lives in Australia.

Presumably, Damon watered the flowers while we were away.

Space wants to speak.


I knew this was too good to be true.

Rafik isn't very efficient.

Ross Perot received about eight million votes.

We had a stopover in Chicago.

I dried my face.

He got an anonymous tip.

Just keep going.

I ordered the dog to sit.

Are you broad-minded?

Don't do anything.

She gazed at me for a long time.

I'm feeling ill, but I intend to go out anyhow.

"Why are you duct-taping that cheeseburger to the wall?" "It's a form of art."


Who else can answer my question?


I want to pretend it never happened.

Constellations can be a useful way to help identify positions of stars in the sky.

He's prideful and arrogant.


Where is the five-legged lizard going?

Cut Harris a break.

We've got a lot of catching up to do.

This sounds fishy.

The bus burst into flames.

This is an acceptable gift to everyone.

He works under me.


I don't like her so much.