Promise you won't get mad.

Add seasoning, seasoned oil, and chili, to the boiling water.

She is in the kitchen right now.

Seenu went back outside.

I've always wanted to learn how to play the mandolin.

I wonder if Gerald regrets what he did.

He died in the bed.

He provides for his family.

I'll wash the dishes once again.

To live without air is impossible.

It is a worthy ambition to do well whatever one does.

I thought I told you about that yesterday.

Go away!

I got back from Scotland last night.

His story will be more and more interesting.

He made desperate efforts to reach the shore.

Can you die from fear?

We can only afford to buy a small car at the moment.

Don't tell her where you live.

Kate glanced at Chris and then ignored him, making him feel miserable.

Nobody wants to praise my country.

On Sundays I relax.

You said you were happy.

His only son succeeded to all his wealth.

We have five English lessons a week.

My mother always wears a kimono at home.

I can't wait to hear your voice, Mayo.

I want Tahsin to win the election.

We have to find out what it is.

Ugliness has one advantage over beauty: it lasts.

Go forward, then turn right, go through the traffic light, and you're there.

I don't know what you're so worried about.

The nurse soothed the crying child.

I'm not a little girl anymore.

Rathnakumar explained the problem to me.

We've got one rule around here.

They can add something if they wish.

I really wish you hadn't seen that.

Olson took a look around the room.

Wilmer is very funny, isn't he?

I don't need any, thanks.

Those aren't my rules. They're Ramneek's.

I am trying to memorise the names of constellations.

Boyce was definitely puzzled by this.

This is the world's most costly earthquake.

The color goes against her taste.

Who's singing with him now?

Who tried to kill Phillip?

The drift of the current is to the south.

He was going to school.

How do you put up with Jeffrey?

A lot of people in our neighborhood own guns.

This is the first time I've ever closed my store at four.

I cannot bask in the sun. It's too hot now.

The neighbours see that the mailbox hasn't been emptied.

Adlai is a cave diver.

I have a grenade.

Lynne isn't back from Australia yet.

You forgot our wedding anniversary.

Plot is important!

Which number should I call in an accident?

Suddenly I heard a loud clap of thunder.

Everything looked beautiful, in the freshness of early spring.

The wise learn a lot from their enemies.

I had no problem with that.

Jacob left the building at about 6 p.m.

They got into difficulties.

Patterns of freeze-up and breakup influence the distribution and number of seals, the polar bear's main prey.

There was nobody.

Why don't you all do something?

People depend on me.

This chair needs a few more touches of paint.

Don't tease him.

Where you live?

He could not resist the temptation.

I hope to be a journalist.

Carl made me promise not to tell.

Do you think you can fix it?

What kind of reading is important in your life today?

It's 8 P.M.

What do you want right now?

I thought about how much had happened in the last two hours.

I can't translate this contract. It's in Italian.

Memories of the good old days came flooding back one after another.

Give him a minute.

I think it sounds good.

Was it cold last night?

I understood her feelings and thoughts even without words.

Which way did he go?

I gave her a lift to town.

Union members will vote today on whether to take industrial action.

My yogurt expires in 2014!

Please help me cut up vegetables for the salad.

Put the book back in place.

Since Polly arrived at Guantanamo Bay he has been exposed to different forms of torture: sleep deprivation, sensory deprivation, extreme temperatures, prolonged isolation, lack of sunlight and limited health care.

You have to change the lock on the door.

You do not have to bring your lunch.

Stu is probably still asleep.

The apples are delicious.

"Are you angry at me?" "You bet I am!"

The hostages are facing death.

I saw them crying.

As soon as Jim got home, he crawled into bed.

Stop teasing me.

If you consider his age, then you can't blame him for his actions.

Why is Rodent so busy?

They were skiing.

I hope I don't die today.

I don't know what you're doing now.

London is on the Thames.

Sumitro speaks strangely.

Yes, but she left just now.

Not everybody is poor.

I am old.

I know when something's bothering you.

I'd like to start with a song that I wrote.

What's the plan now?

Cynthia and Linley agreed to keep in touch.

To learn to write, there is nothing better than a professor who doesn't know how to read.

Old says he needs a minute of your time.

How could I hate them?

The employees demurred at working overtime.

I erased my hard disk by accident.

As a matter of fact, I haven't eaten anything since this morning.

We'll work on that first.

He and I are brothers.

Stanley's story didn't check out.

It wasn't safe anywhere.

You won a free car, didn't you?

Donnie bought Cary a copy of "How to Win Friends and Influence People", by Dale Carnegie.

Can't you find it?

He's a total genius!

Tatoeba is currently unavailable. We are sorry for the inconvenience. You can check our blog or Twitter for more information.

He isn't answering his phone.

That train is going to Niigata.

O, how much more does beauty beauteous seem, by that sweet ornament which truth does give! The rose looks fair, but fairer we it deem for that sweet odor which does in it live.

Jamie spoke in a low voice.

It's so different now.

I wish I hadn't hit you.

How long did the Maya culture flourish?

I'm highly motivated.

Please bear in mind what I said.

Which is the most powerful sentence in the world?

Jwahar will pull through.

I saw Christine here yesterday.

What's your favorite European city?

I'm starting to feel better already.

Vikings 1 and 2 became the first space probes to successfully land on the surface of Mars.

"What kind of pet is always found on the floor?" "A carpet."

She has already gone to school.

Trust is earned.

Have you been crying all night? Your eyes are all puffy.

When can I see them again?

You can't let it get to you.

Every man takes the limits of his own field of vision for the limits of the world.

The toy is made of wood.

Who is younger, him or me?

Ramsey asked Knut to leave the door shut.

Twenty-five years after Chernobyl, milk, mushrooms and berries are still contaminated in some parts of Ukraine.

Thanks for your answer.

Jeffrey usually stays up late at night.

Some of the drivers were laughing and yelling.

It's so sad.

Teriann should've stayed at home.

I'd really like more time to research this.

Aren't you ashamed of being such a goody-goody, and of studying so hard? You never have a bit of enjoyment.

This new medicine may save lives.

I asked everyone what that was.

Can't you bring down the price a bit?

Jack can't afford a new bicycle.

Children should be allowed to be children.

Metin usually keeps appointments.

Many persons were attending the conference.

I live in a small village fifty kilometers from the Polish capital.

Mr. Green is a history teacher.

I wish I knew how to swim.

We had to leave for the United States on short notice.

Jay and Mongo made amends with each other.

I think about this all the time.

Taurus still hasn't tied the knot.

Autumnal Equinox Day falls on Friday this year.

As her car hit the lamp post, Miriam broke both legs, and her head and arms were badly cut up as her body went partway through the windshield.

How did you get down here?

I heard what happened.

Oh, there is a sun shower.

I speak many languages.

Is that your wife?

When it's dark you can use a flashlight to see.

When you see each other you and Trey, you're like magnets.

I don't deserve to be so happy.

I'll be there in a while.

Kimberly is the world's leading expert on stoats, who is credited with having written the most comprehensive encyclopedia to date about them.

Izchak is sure that he'll pass the next exam.

I'm sorry, but I have to go to the gym.

I'd like some input.

This time he has succeeded.

The credit is all his.

I am very much pleased with my new maid.

I have complete faith in them.

In high altitudes, people find it hard to breathe.