You Do The Living, We Do The Laundry

Laundry Pick Up and Delivery Services

About Us

Based in Klang Valley, Laundry Bike is the solution to city dwellers laundry woes by providing premium and speedy pickup and delivery service. Equipped with over 100 state-of-the-art large capacity washer and dryer, we pick up dirty laundry from your doorstep and deliver the clean clothes with the perfect crease back to you within 48 hours.Need to get your laundry done but prefer more flexibility?

Laundry Bike is just a call or text away to save you hours of hassle! With Laundry Bike, doing laundry no longer drudgery but happy errand in your life!

Founded in year 2017 by three young entrepreneurs, Laundry Bike is an affiliate of Kongsi Kotak Sdn Bhd that integrated laundry delivery service and laundry locker service to bring hassle-free laundry experience to hectic city dwellers.

Why Laundry Bike ?

Free Pickup & Deliver

Collection and delivery are free. You only pay for the laundry.

Professional Laundry Service

Only one call / SMS / WhatsApp away for booking. We will pick up your clothes at your desired location.

Speedy Service

We guarantee to deliver your laundry back to you within 48 hours fresh and clean.


Using best-class equipment and chemicals, we pride ourselves on the quality of laundry delivery we provide.

How To Order?

Step 1

Make your booking in less that 60 seconds through SMS / Call / Whatsapp

Step 2

Leave a note with your name and contact in your laundry bag

Step 3

Wait for our delivery man to pick up the laundry at the designated location

Step 4

Make payment by cash or credit. You will get your pristine garment back in 48 hours

Laundry Service

Wash & Fold

Machine washing is suitable for laundries like t-shirts, trousers and bed sheet. Our laundry specialist will dry and fold your items as if they were their own. Organic laundry detergents will be used upon your request.


Dry Cleaning

Suitable for suits, sweaters, winter coats and items that need to be washed with extra care. Dry Cleaning is the best way to extend the life span of your clothes.

steamer contract

Hand Wash

From washing, wringing, folding to ironing, we’ve got you all covered. Leave your laundry to us and we guarantee that your clothes will be smelling fresh as a daisy upon collection.

(303) 866-3939


Besides dry ironing, we do provide steam ironing service that makes your clothes stay wrinkle-free.

Household Solutions

Curtain Cleaning

Curtains are often the most challenging item to clean in our home, the significant amount of dirt, dust mites and allergens trapped not only difficult to remove but also damaging the fabric. Worry not! We provide you the best curtain cleaning method effiently remove stains, allergens and dust. Most importantly, we offer a complete curtain cleaning service from free pick up to delivery which dismantling and installation.


Carpet Cleaning

Carpets and rugs always accumulated with stains, dust, bacteria and dust mites. The unhygienic living environment might cause severe allergies and side effects to an individuals. Make sure they continue looking and feeling great with regular and through cleaning from our expert. Using the best technique and products, we ensure your carpets and rugs maintained in top conditions, helping you create a pleasant and hygienic home to live in!

(757) 922-1793

Sofa Cushion Cleaning

If you have kids, pets or family simply are at home a lot, and your upholstered furniture can't avaoid with dust, stains, bacteria and food crumbs. But you don't have to succumb to the fact that your couch and cushions are going to be dirty. Our upholstery cleaning team are always at your service, to refresh and clean your furniture, bringing new life to your living space.

(347) 781-1988

Locker Solution

Sharing laundry locker, has come into being in response to solve the problem of limited parking slots, missed pickup and deliveries time and problems that have long plagued city dwellers when comes to laundry. Harnessing the technology of IOT, Kongsibox is a laundry service locker that added convenience and flexibility to your daily chore! Available in condos, office building and other locations across Klang Valley,you may drop and collect your dry clean or laundry at one of our laundry lockers at your own leisure.

Why KongsiBox ?

1. Convenient

KongsiBox operates on a 24/7 basis, allow dropping off and picking up anytime.

2. Speedy

The cleanest and whilest laundry will be sent back to you within 48 hours.

3. Quality Assurance

With cutting-edge wash technologies with realiable delivery service, we ensure you sport a smile upon receiving them.

4. Technology

Redefining your laundry experience. Scan QR code to unlock, save you the hassle of the traditional locker with password and barcode.

5. Customer Service

Our highly trained customer support angels are 24 hours standby should any technical problems arises.

No. 8, Lorong Teknologi A, Taman Sains Selangor 1, Kota Damansara, 47810, Selangor D.E. Malaysia.

+1 555 123456