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So how is Trolley Web different from other web designers?

- Our websites are extremely affordable, they start at just $795.
- Hosting, keeping your website updated, and building onto is a snap.
- We can build your website and get it running in just a few days.
- They are brilliant, effective, and unique. Don't believe me, see for yourself:

Your website could look like these:

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  • "My website is so outdated. It looks like something out of Richard Simmons’ bachelor pad."

  • "I’m tired of my nephew doing my web updates. Even though I feel obligated to use him, he doesn’t know his arse from his elbow. I want a professional."

  • "I don’t have a website and I don’t know the first thing about them. I’m so far behind the times. Even Spartacus has one, and he’s 1,000 years old."

  • "I have no idea how I got here. I was clicking on cat videos a minute ago and now I’m here."



  1. Trolley Web Is Different

    Trolley Web is different from your typical web design.
    Here's why:

    Trolley Web is...


    Home of the 1 page website

    Easy on your wallet

    Simple to get one

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  2. Yeah, but what's it cost?

    Choose A Plan That Works Best For You

    Your website starts here. Click on a plan that works best for you. Hover over any items for more details.

  3. Freebies

    Here's how it works

    Click through the next pages and check the features you want on your website. At the end, you'll send in a request for your website to be built. Then we'll call you and talk about specifics.

    Pick from the list of free features below. Hint: You probably want them all. Hover over any items for more details.


  4. Choose Features

    Pick a photo slider style:

    Every website comes with a photo gallery at the top. This is a great way to grab the attention of your visitors and showcase your products or services. Which style works best for you?

    Pick an expandable content style:

    Every website also comes with expandable content. It comes in two styles, accordion and dropdown. Which style works best for you?

    1. About Me

      Hi, my name is Jason

    2. Phone Number

      Trolley Web
      (302) 468-7247

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  5. Soup it Up With Addons

    Additional Features - $25 each, one time charge

    Additional Features - $50 each, one time charge

  6. About You

    Tell Us About Yourself


    Briefly tell us about your business/group


    We can't get started on your website until you've submitted a deposit. The deposit amount is $499. Place your deposit here: (must enable pop-ups in your browser)

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Details    (click items to open)

    • Website Build: $600 or $799
      Quick Content Discount: $100 OFF the website build when all the content is received within 10 days after starting, balance is paid, and permission is given to launch.
      Addons: Priced accordingly
      Hosting: First 3 months free. After the first 3 months hosting is $20/month.
      Includes 15 minutes of changes/month (details in Terms of Service below)
      Custom work: $60/hr

      Terms of Service

      • Q: How long will it take for Trolley Web to get my website up and running
      • A: Once all the proper information is provided, your website will be up in 1 or 2 business-days.

      • Q: I don't know anything about website maintenance. How can I update my webpage?
      • A: This is what makes Trolley Web so convenient. We are your webmaster. Any changes you need to make can be done through us. Just call or email and the changes will be made immediately.

      • Q: How do I make changes to my website?
      • A: Call or email Trolley Web and we will make the changes for you at my hourly rate. If the changes are requested within the first 2 weeks of the creation of the website, these changes will be free.

      • Q: What is your hourly rate?
      • A: My hourly rate is $60/hr.

      • Q: May I make my own changes to my website?
      • A: You may not make changes unless you specifically request to host your own website. This can be done for a fee.

      • Q: What does a yearly hosting fee mean? How much is it?
      • A: The yearly hosting fee pays for your website to be hosted. This means that it is stored in a place that can be accessed by the world. Your hosting fee covers this expense, which is typical market rate. It is $20/month.

      • Q: What if I already have a domain name?
      • A: A new domain name is included in your yearly hosting fee. However, if you previously own a domain name that you would like to use for your new website, it cannot be transferred over to be hosted by Trolley Web. Instead, you will be responsible for paying the annual domain-name hosting fee through the company that currently hosts it (this is usually around $13/year). We can set up the domain name to point to your new website, but you'll be responsible for making payments directly to your domain company.
      Photo Touchups
    • I can touch up any images you'd like to add to your webpage. I do this at my hourly rate. Below are some examples of photos I've taken and touched up. Click the pictures below to zoom.

      Before After

      Before After

      581-453-6102 250-357-9386
      About Me
    • Hi, I'm Jason, the designer and programmer of Trolley Web. I graduated from design school at Northwestern University and now I'm back in Delaware living in Trolley Square. I'm both an engineer and an entrepreneur. I have an eye for design and a mind for business. I saw the incredible need for affordable websites by small businesses, so I started Trolley Web to fullfill this need.

    • Jason Hoover

      (302) 468-7247

      Wilmington, Delaware 19806

Ask me about business cards and other promotional materials for your business

Terms of Service

Trolley Web Terms of Service

Hosting Charge

The hosting charge is $20/month after the first 3 months. For the first 3 months of hosting are free. 15 minutes of changes are included with the hosting each month, and do not accumulate from month to month. Any minutes unused at the end of the monthÓ³ time are lost. The minutes will rollover at midnight of the specified day, determined by the launch date of the website.

Hosting can be billed either monthly, quarterly, or yearly. If paid quarterly, a 5% discount will be applied, and if paid yearly, a 10% discount will be applied.

Domain Charge

There are two options for domain hosting:

1) To use an existing domain name owned by the client, or 2) create an entirely new domain name.

If we use an existing domain name, we cannot transfer ownership to it - the client continues to own the domain name and pay the yearly hosting fee to the third party (i.e. to goDaddy, or wherever the domain is hosted). If you choose to create a new domain name for your website then Trolley Web will pay for the hosting. This is included in the price of your website. Trolley Web then owns the domain name. If the client chooses to own the domain name, then he or she is responsible for paying the domain hosting fee. It is the responsibility of the client to specify how they would like their domain to be hosted.

Who Owns the Rights to the Website

The client will own the rights to the website that they have purchased from Trolley Web. If the client chooses to have their website hosted by another company, we will transfer it to the hosting company of their choice for an hourly fee. They do not, however, have the right to access their websiteÓ³ files in our secure server. They may request their files at any time (at an hourly charge), but they will have to be accessed by Trolley Web, not by the client.

Maintenance and Additions

Trolley Web does all of the maintenance and additions to their websites. We do not give access to our server for security reasons. Changes to the website will be billed hourly. Add-ons are priced according to menu on our website, trolleyweb.com, and can be integrated at any time. Just about any additions or changes to your website can be made, and is considered custom work if itÓ³ not listed in the add-on section of our website. Custom work will be billed hourly. 15 minutes of free content maintenance or custom work are included each month with the hosting charge. These minutes cannot be used towards add-ons.

No Contract

At Trolley Web we do not require you to sign a contract with us. You can leave at any time. We can transfer your website to the hosting company of your choice for an hourly fee.

Late Payments

Hosting payments are expected to be received by the due date. If payments are 5 days late, a warning notice will be sent out by email. If the payment is 10 days late, and arrangements have not yet been made, Trolley Web reserves the right to put your website on hold. Once the overdue payments have been made, the website will go live again.
This policy holds true for all payments, whether they are for hosting, maintenance, changes, or additions.

Sending Payments

Recurring payments can be set up to be billed to your credit card through paypal (you do not need a paypal account for this), or received in the mail by check. If you choose to send payments through the mail, it is your responsibility to send them early enough so that they are received by the due date. Cash is not accepted for recurring payments.
One-time payments can be made through paypal or through the mail by check. Cash is not accepted through the mail.

Launch Process

Getting your website built and launched will stick to the following process:
1. Gather specifications - decide on template, layout, website package, and add-ons, as well as initial colors, photos, and content.
2. Make deposit to initiate website build. The website will be built on a test site which will not have a domain name associated with it.
3. Refine and revise until the desired outcome is achieved.
4. Apply discounts, offers, and rewards.
5. Pay remaining balance.
6. Launch website - attach domain name to the test site.
7. Changes and additions may be made to content, photos, and colors for an additional 2 weeks, free of charge.