I can't get along with him.

Meg's hair curls naturally.

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Jared became angry when Tanaka mentioned her weight.

Where's my bike?

The colors of the American flag are red, white and blue.


Flour is the main ingredient in cakes.

This book is well written.

Don't kill off bystanders!

A fox isn't caught twice in the same snare.

This is his car, I think.


You should throw this away.

It's nice to meet you too.

How does Sharon make a living?

Why exactly would you want to do that?

Claudio told me it wouldn't be a problem.

Do you like surfing?

We cannot follow your plan any longer.

Let's get together later this evening.

Would you like to try it?

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It took a little prodding, but he agreed to do it.


He advised me not to believe what she says.

He will never fail to carry out the project.

Let's talk about what needs to be done.


She got married without her parents knowing it.

It went really well.

The bus broke down at one end of the bridge.


After it rains the air is fresh.


I should have listened to you. I'm sorry.

"Come and tell me who you are," said she, "and how came you here."

The children are all fired up.

He is studying hard so that he may become a lawyer.

Jeannie rolled his ankle on some uneven ground.

He always makes cynical remarks to me.

Can't you just fix it?

Srinivasan did a wonderful job, that's at least my opinion.

Let's sit somewhere else.


I was afraid I'd fall asleep at the wheel.

I wish you a good journey.

We are waiting for Charlene.


I've never tried this dish before.

How many do you have in stock?

For some reason I don't like Gabriel.

What time does your watch say it is now?

Give me a little ice cream.

It was the best play that I had ever seen.

Kirk wanted to move to Boston.


He had fun with it.

Life is merely a hospital where patients are possessed with the desire to change beds.

As strange as it may be, he met with somebody who is said to be dead.


What with fatigue and lack of sleep, he has fallen ill at last.

Joseph has to do a lot of things before noon.

They both chuckled.

The detective took down his testimony on the spot.

After a long search, we found a satisfactory room.


I don't see why I have to go to your house at midnight.

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I sat between Vicky and John.

Sedovic is taller than any of the other kids in his class.

Let's sit around the stove and have a chat.

Look at the picture.

Don't get too used to it.

Skiing is fun.

A fine dress helps to impress, intelligence makes steady friends.

Hold him for me.

Was the FBI involved?

Ray isn't actually a student anymore.

Marion has gone off to explore the mountain.

This place still looks the same as it did a long time ago.

The most merciful thing in the world, I think, is the inability of the human mind to correlate all its contents. We live on a placid island of ignorance in the midst of black seas of infinity, and it was not meant that we should voyage far. The sciences, each straining in its own direction, have hitherto harmed us little; but some day the piecing together of dissociated knowledge will open up such terrifying vistas of reality, and of our frightful position therein, that we shall either go mad from the revelation or flee from the deadly light into the peace and safety of a new dark age.

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I'm not ordering sandwiches for them.


I know what has happened.


Some things are personal.

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I'll sell the jewelry to customers.

This is no laughing matter.

It's worth the wait.


Him, honest? What a joke!

I think Petr worries too much.

That remains a major problem.

Let's take each day as it comes.

The furrier gets the skins of more foxes than asses.


You're wrong.

I think it necessary that you should do your duty.

We'll make a list.

Leads showed no emotion.

What did James end up doing?

The event has been postponed until further notice.

The ink stain will not wash out.


Stop jumping on the bed!


Come on, I didn't mean to hurt you.


On no account must you go out today.

It must've slipped my mind.

Don't you want to know why Svante was here?

How much do you want?

You need a bath, don't you?

Miss Kanda is a good swimmer.

Please wait in the waiting room until the inspection results are ready.


Her kimono and obi combination is smart, isn't it?

It's a serious matter.

Come quickly!

I don't think I should borrow more money.

He plays the piano better than me.


The rice is coming well this year.

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My cousin is a little older than I am.

It's not like we have anything else to do.

How many people live in Antarctica?

I can't remember where Rand was born.

That doesn't happen around here.

In the absence of her mother, she looks after her sister.

"Love your neighbour as yourself" is a quotation from the Bible.

Are they collaborators?

I must point out that we need to clarify the meaning of this over-used concept.

My mother is to meet with my homeroom teacher tomorrow.

I can empathize with that.

The fact is that I can't swim.

I can't put up with this noise.

Amigo does not need a walking stick when she is at home.

Don't expect charity from them.

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Are the children asleep?

No one expected her to win.

I'm dying for frozen yogurt.

Those textiles are of the same quality.

Could you keep an eye on him?

Ginny will be done soon.

You're always busy.

Shari seems incompetent.

I only wish I could help all of you.

Peter fell in love with the girl.

That's torn it!

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It's a confidential matter.

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I'll obey.

Are you looking for a job?

Don't bring too much clothing when you travel.


You're the one I've been dreaming of.

That's what makes it so difficult.

I don't really know either.

I'm happy enough.

I made a doll for Rudolph.

I just graduated from high school.

Thank you for telling me the truth.


He seemed to understand foreign policy.

Donal ran her perfectly manicured nails through her hair.

You're fascinating.

The tongue has no bones but is strong enough to break hearts.

Even though it's a bit cold, let's go swimming.

This is just the type of car I want.

What are some good sources of protein?

You can change that if you want.

Thanks for being my friend.


The car veered from its course.


I've been down that road before.


You will speak when spoken to.


That's why I'm telling you not to go alone.

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He's my father.


The pioneers met with many dangers.

The champion's experience submitted to the young opponent's power.

Aside from the tourist spots, it's not very prosperous, I think.


The road was crowded with various vehicles.


I saw you driving your new car.

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She is interested in jazz.

The sun sank below the horizon before I knew it.

Jack may have taken my umbrella by mistake.