Herman just started a folk dancing class.

We think that Gideon is an honest person.

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However, in China, they don't use a word for "human rights," but instead express it as "fundamental rights".

We're sunk.

He meddled where he wasn't wanted and it backfired on him.

Janet was pretty shaken up.

There's nothing that you can do about it.

Watch your mouth or you'll get it.

Ronni was careless.

I liked all of that.

I'm getting a bad feeling here.

We've had a lot of fun together.

English is not an easy language.

We must learn a lot about foreign countries.

Roads emerge because we walk them.

Why not live it up?

Despite his errors everyone respected him.

Amy dropped by for a visit.

I invited my friend to dinner.

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He lives according to the law of the Lord.

Jeffery certainly manages to make everybody thinks he's happy.

Most men here wear ties every day.


Where's your mother?


Those seemed surprised by the question.


The parents will be invited to the school celebration.

He has two pencils; one is long and the other short.

He changed his attitude suddenly.

I thought that you were planning on going to Boston.

I'm three years older than you are.


I took it for granted that you were on our side.

I'm sorry to contradict you.

Redistribution of wealth is a controversial subject.

All Urs wanted was for Susan to play a couple of tunes on her ukulele.

My address is Puistokatu.

I'm very fashion-conscious.

Cyrus has been a little depressed recently.


My father is a businessman.

From the look of the sky, it may rain in the afternoon.

His mouth went dry.

They came presently to our rescue.

My idea is that we should talk to Mr Brown.

It fits perfectly.

Do you have some time?

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She's Ricardo's older sister.


I don't feel like exercising.

I'd like to eat something else.

I had nothing to say to Moses.


Philippe is pissed.

Who told you to sit here?

He often eats breakfast there.

Syd grew his sideburns back.

Elliott told Albert to try to keep calm.

I can still remember the time when we went on a picnic together.

Dwayne is in a fairly bad mood right now.

He's used to speaking in public.

Words fly away, the written remains.

Service industries include communication, transportation, distribution, finance and a host of other areas which do not involve production of goods.

Nanda Jackson lost the election.

Her child behaves well.

Lewis bet me thirty dollars that I couldn't do it.

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Parents often make sacrifices to give a good education to their children.


The house was in good order when we left.

That's exactly what they want us to do.

Where's Vincent?

He doesn't think so.

The Japan Sea separates Japan from the Asian Continent.


We foresaw the war.

Jews are a people chosen by God.

Cristopher won't understand.


He has traveled around the world in eighty days by himself.


Susanne insulted Granville and her husband.


Service economy is a useful labor that does not produce a tangible commodity.

There were Jews in Arab countries before the partition of Palestine.

The same is true of the nation.

Why don't you go to Sanand's house?

Something like that wouldn't happen in Australia.

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I want to know how much it's going to cost me to go to Boston with you.

I'll never deceive you.

Well, it has been such a privilege to meet you, Rusty.

I'll finish it in one hour.

Did you sleep a lot last night?


Wild weather is forecast for our region today.


You have only to close your eyes.

The doctor said he wants you to rest.

Emily is unfit for the job.

I can't find the page I was looking for.

Thank you for the Christmas gift.

But I don't think Dad would like me to.

I could go with Jack.


I broke my right leg.

Don't ever leave me alone with Fletcher.

It was frightening.

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The experiment was successful.

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At last! Adobe dumps this shit of Flash for mobiles.

Stewart is the underdog.

I hope Malus's recovery goes well.


We have fixed some paint chips from rocks on your car.

Guys are supposed to respect girls.

I haven't got any reply so far.

Jayesh is a fast walker.

What do we do after this?

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Ken will be at home until noon.

Finding Andreas isn't going to be easy.

I'm Donal Hunter.

I was afraid you were going to say that.

We are hungry.

What do you think of his new novel?

Speaking foreign languages is not easy.


That white parasol is hers.

Jun uses that word a lot.

They're teachers.

Can you show me where the bathroom is?

It's about time you got married.

I had trouble making up my mind.

Duty calls.


My friend has a large family.

Can I reserve a flight to Chicago?

Jisheng looks like he's about to faint.

I hurried to the station so as to be in time for the first train.

I was out of the room.

You really have a talent for translation.

The moon is in the heavens.


I want you to find out what time the meeting is going to start.

I've met the perfect woman.

He asked her seven times to marry him.

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She pressed the child to her breast.

"How do you feel?" he asked.

Claudio is hanging up the laundry.


Pinocchio, you wicked boy!


She fell in love with her teacher.

I stepped in the sludge.

Klaus heard it.

He drove carelessly and had an accident.

The story revolves around a love triangle.


Let's have the one who loses at rock-paper-scissors do the dishwashing today!

They have elected a new government.

My camera can shoot high-definition video.

Your work comes short of the expected standard.

We can help her.

He used to read at night.

He said that he had Eskimo ancestry.

He's the only man who could live with her for so long.

The dog was sniffing a stick.


I wonder what the next question will be.

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The future of our company is at stake. We have been heavily in the red for the last couple of years.

Nothing happened here.

He isn't smart enough to add up numbers in his head.

Have you finished packing your bags for your trip to China?

I've done a little hunting.

There are my sister's magazines.

He thought me very tired.

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His cooking is the best.

This antique clock is worth one thousand dollars.

Stephe thought that Danielle wouldn't like Malaysian food.

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Lindsay looked at it closely.

We like people who bravely tell us what they think, as long as they think the same what we think.

What do you think happened to your suitcase?

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The girl screamed with fear, which we all shared.

What about dessert?

I didn't even know that you didn't like Piotr.


Once upon a time, in a place far away, lived an old man and an old lady.

Hein is a video game developer.

New buildings are being built here, there and everywhere.