Who's joking?

You have what they want.

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It's almost time for planting and there's a lot left to be done.

Amanda doesn't want to see Adrian now.

Experience means nothing because you could do your thing badly for 35 years.

I've been trying to tell you what needs to be done, but you keep interrupting.

I think you're a liar.

What are you getting so upset about?

The Russians didn't walk on the moon in 1969.


I'm sure you'll be a valuable asset to our company.

She asked us to leave her alone.

I need a ball point pen.

Come fishing with me.

We don't know him.

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Just don't get in the way.

I guess they really weren't all that hungry.

Darrell will forgive you eventually.


Almost all workers refused to work during the night.

A whistle is blown at the start of a game.

My fingertips are frozen.


I've got some donuts.

She is just such a teacher as we all admire.

He understood what his words meant straight away.

Among so many actions committed by dictators, we can mention that: they suspend political activity, they suspend the rights of workers, they forbid strikes, they destroy the Supreme Court of Justice, they shutdown nighttime places of business, they censure the mass media, they burn thousands of books and magazines considered dangerous.

Let's make this short.

He was having such a good time.

Can I offer you guys a ride?

Hume is a talented singer.

Carbon dioxide is a gas that is produced every time a fuel such as coal, oil, or natural gas is burned.

Masanao has a way with words.

I think you should do this on your own.

It has developed into a very large city.

Tor was supposed to be here.

Honesty seems to be rather at a discount today.

She's my sister.


This wine is red.

Alvin took a swig of rum.

Weather permitting, let's go on a picnic.

People greatly differ in their views of life.

You know quite a lot about Sumo.

Great speed is a feature of the Concorde.

Please keep quiet.

There were many children in the room.

Her reply is always as I expect.

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Prices were artificially jacked up.


Maurice hid in our basement for three days.

What have you guys been up too?

You're a good student.

Ah, this is easy.

I told Isidore to wear a tie.


Please tell them what they need to do.

I don't know her name, but I do know her by sight.

It was fun to celebrate together.


Could you show me the campus?

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I misread.

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We're worried about them.

This is more than exceptional.

Who was sent to save the princess?

Can you give us any advice?

Ragnar can't speak French.

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Why is that significant?

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The Spanish voice-over was complete shit.


Dean wants to make a deal.


How could you not tell me about that?

Didn't you find a piece of white soap on my table?

What did you think when you actually met me for the first time?

I heard you lost your job.

They booted him out of school for not studying.


How do you expect me to do this by myself?


I'm having a rough day.

She sets your world alight.

Jim drove too fast, which was reckless.


Solve this problem on your own.

Being left alone, he sank into meditation.

You're helpful.


Ken has already left for work.

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That was the reason.

We want to be on the first bus tomorrow morning.

His job has brought him in contact with some foreigners.

I really want to be a good friend, but it is hard.

I never had to worry about Olaf.

Why do not we go home?

Where did you splash them?

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Taro, could you help me?

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His humor is very dry.

The airliner slammed into the ground.

They stop doing their homework.

I saw a man get hit by a car.

This is a great invention in a way.


Today I'm on strike against the strike.

Maybe we should keep looking.

I wish I knew how to play the trombone.


I want Edmond on my team.

Knute chuckled aloud.

I'm not going to tell you anything.

Shankar and Sergeant have their ups and downs in their relationship.

I totally agree with that.

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I didn't arrive in Harbin until very late, and the queue for taxis was already extremely long.

Ritchey filled out the job application form.

I'm so bored.

The last train has already gone.

She has a bit of a bad temper.

I acknowledge your kindness.

You don't have any money.

I need you to help me move this bookcase.

Why are you wearing a sweater?


Mitchell went to an all-boys boarding school.

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I had scarcely opened the cage when the canary flew out.

Don't tell him that I'm here.

Anthony was right about one thing.

It goes without saying that our plans depend on the weather.

The news is good today.

Srinivas won't be able to say no.

That's incredible.

How did you get tickets for the concert?

We could wait.

That car is a real beauty.

I have the information you requested.


Haven't you ever had a personal relationship turn sour?

Will you please come with me?

You need to talk to us.

Pravin has been missing for months.

Has anyone found them yet?

How would you know an American from an Englishman?

You're probably upset with me.

On the days he doesn't take a nap, he's bad tempered.

They met in Algeria and they met again in France.

I am honored to be awarded this prize.

You must not misbehave so.

Maarten wants to quit.

Could you please pull the weeds and water the flowers?


He planned the project along with his colleagues.

You've bought more stamps than needed.

What killed them?

Last year, I spent so much time by myself that I almost forgot how to communicate effectively with others.

She didn't factor the high cost of repairs into the budget.

When does your passport need to be renewed?

I don't want to be your friend.

I don't see her doing that.

Jean-Christophe unlocked his suitcase.

The red house is the one that Jack built.

Francois knew that what he was doing was wrong.


They sell us freshly caught fish in the early morning market.


You have to sit down.

This is my favorite spot.

Paola is swimming in the neighbor's pool.

This lake abounds in trout.

I went out with my friend.

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The event starts at midnight.

I pulled out my knitting needles.

Do you have any idea where I've been?

Why are you so interested in who Eugene went with?

The magnetite is attracted to the earth's magnetic field.


Valeria is a person who would never break a promise.

Alf and Alice always wear similar clothes.

I'm not satisfied either.

He couldn't take it any longer.

Ask Ramiro for advice.


I want to go to Japan someday.


The car will fit into the parking place.

I will not live in Sanda next year.

You must put these mistakes right.

I'd like to meet Donn, too.

How old were your kids when you moved to Boston?