This boy is his son.

I wish I could afford to hire someone to help me do this.

I bought a newspaper.

This is just another day.


If Ted were here, he could help us clean our room.

Dan lied about his whereabouts.

This girl is incredibly hot.


They're rolling in dough.

This film develops fast.

Kinch is a complete loser.


I imagine he will be late for the meeting.

There was an alarm clock in Dan's room.

They called for an end to the fighting.

Did you do this on your own?

I don't have that kind of cash.


This is perfect.

Where communications fail, so do activities.

The meal was disgusting.


He stopped to think which way to go.

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I'm pretty sure Arne is safe.

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I chose the wrong approach.

If the music be the food of love, play on!

Don't walk so fast.


I finished the work in less than an hour.

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This is where he used to work.

I didn't ask for your help.

I'm going to be there in a few minutes.

An old man spoke to me on the street.

Izchak isn't that old.

The room was pervaded with the scent of perfume.

Someone attacked Roland.


That boat was full of refugees from Cuba.


Do you have a children's department?

She's a traitor.

Adlai is really fast, isn't he?

The man who looks like me standing next to my sister is my twin brother.

Love is a comedy in France, a tragedy in England, an opera in Italy, and a melodrama in Germany.

Why not just tell them?

Comb over your essay before submitting it.

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Lum certainly has a tough job.

All countries have their embassies in the capital.

Matthew isn't naive anymore.

Why did you live in Kyoto last year?

I've ordered you some dessert.

Air, like food, is a basic human need.

Dan rented that car from London.


Maria and Natalia go shopping. They buy something for themselves.

Yes. Tony had it.

She sounded irritated.

Nobody wants that bicycle.

That's just a yarn.

Careful! There's a pothole on the road.

Please do your best.

Toft banged his head on a tree branch.

You are a dog.


It's simple as cake.


Strong commitment to the environment is not compatible with large investments in oil and gas.

The policeman ran after the thief shouting "Stop!".

Drinking on an empty stomach is bad for your health.

If you keep pestering me, I'll send you overboard to chum the water with your useless guts!

I couldn't afford to get you a new drum.

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They treated me badly.


Can you talk about that a little?


Let her get some rest.


I take a fancy to seeing movies.

I was hardly surprised.

What Marion really wanted was a good friend he could talk to.

I love dark and mysterious things.

Has the boss ever asked you to work on Sundays?

The penalty is death.

Let's see what happens this time.

Mr White appeared for him in court.

I want to see this.

I will kill this habit or die trying.

Charge your phone.

Jared is standing in the center of the room.

It's now dark outside.


Has anyone spoken to you?


Dan is a highly trained professional investigator.

I think your skirt's too short.

He finished the work at the expense of his health.

It's grammatically correct, but a native would never say that.

You're very sick.

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Dan didn't even care about Linda.

Charlene doesn't want to go to jail.

Who will you vote for?

Val seems to be excited.

Eugene takes everything for granted.

Sandeep is very pessimistic.

I'm very busy today.

He put a light on the roof.

I believe it to be true.

Daniel is going to make it.

Tears began to roll down her face.

I have my limits.

Hand me that bag.

He was wounded in battle.

He went to work in spite of his illness.

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I'll just say it once: there isn't and there's not going to be anything between us.

May I have a napkin, please?

The girl caused her to get injured while skiing.


I still find a certain animated TV show hilarious to this day.

There were no mourners.

My fate is in your hands.

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That's the reason I don't like her.

Throw another log on the fire, will you?

She hasn't talked to me since.

We may never know who killed Seymour.

I know they're hiding something from me.


"How did you get in here?" "I climbed in through the window."

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Man has the ability to speak.


It's a lifetime appointment.

A person who is only a pawn in the game often talks big in company.

Brandon found Sanand very friendly.

I might be here quite a while.

Are you sure you heard something?

That should be clear.

You're wounded.

Pierette said he was three months behind on alimony.

Gil was definitely puzzled by this.

He was asleep during the lesson.

Why should I tell you anything?

This child don't know what's coming for him.

Xueyou is looking at the new pictures Renmei took in Beijing.


What else are we going to do?


I wanted to speak with you about this.

The reason doesn't matter.

Myrick and George entered through the back door.


There's nothing left to discuss.

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After winning all the matches, he got the title of champion.

Sorry, I'm probably going to be about 20 minutes late.

In the future, be more careful with your money.

I was at my best after a good sleep.

He knew the news, but he kept it to himself.

Switch it off.

You know how much I hate that.

He sounded disappointed.

I knew I shouldn't have put off doing my homework until the last minute.


Brandon was standing at the foot of the stairs.

I still want a horse.

Ira and Tor were very tired.

As greenhouse gas concentrations continue to rise, infrared radiative cooling by the surface and the atmosphere to space becomes less effective

Down with corrupt politicians!


I should've gone camping.

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I'm dealing with it.

We've ended up a spanner short of a toolbox.

Suzanne wondered why Bret was crying.


Dimetry can remember the day he first met Kimmo.


I wanted to buy a map of Boston.

The washing-up machine at home was regarded as a rival to the worker at the kitchen sink.

Norma and Maarten are wrong.

Miriamne never has a pencil with him.

This is the book I was telling you about last night.

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Hang in there.

Carole watched quietly.

Two standard dice have a total of 42 pips.


I was certainly lucky.

If spring cleaning takes you the whole spring and part of the summer to complete, you've done something wrong the rest of the year.

I don't know how the evening will end.

I missed my flight. Can I get on the next flight?

I'll probably never come here again.