She wondered where she had lost her purse.

Do you think she still keeps my letters?

Does she work in the kitchen?

Did you see the accident with your own eyes?

I'll page Delbert.

"Why weren't you at the meeting?" "Something came up."


May I see your driver's license?

This diagram will illustrate what I mean.

I'm a realistic person.

I hear the hubbub of the children in the background.

Who is ultimately responsible for this?


Mick was a really nice guy.


Wendy put his hand out to stop Glen.

I want you to tell them I didn't do what you said I did.

That distinction was well-deserved.


They both agreed.

Merton crawled out of bed.

The people have spoken.

They believe you.

We have exams right after summer vacation.

Personally, I think it would be a mistake to hire Farouk.

World population has rapidly increased.

I dashed off the report.

Ro is the chief compliance officer.

They are nowhere in sight.

I was in a car accident.

Fortunately, there is an elevator in our hotel.

Humans aren't meant to be alone.

Sekkura is our married woman who visits us every Eid.

Kit is with his parents.

I don't need a rope to do this job.

I think I've forgotten my wallet.


Warren forgot the safe's combination.

I cannot sign a contract without reading it.

Dan is a manicurist.

Against the dark background of the atomic bomb, the United States does not wish merely to present strength, but also the desire and the hope for peace.

Tobias told me you hit him.


These aren't words.


All men are equal.

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You're responsible.


No, thank you. I'm just looking.


Dan was a very caring father.


A drop of sweat ran down his cheek.

Lord was late getting home yesterday.

I don't want to wait any longer than necessary.

She knew it was a tough situation.

I'm trying my best to provide for you and your sister.


John, the tallest boy in our class, is nicknamed "Mr High".

He could always tell which direction the wind was blowing.

I'll give you what you want.

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I thought she was your date.

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Lyndon has no insurance.


This book isn't as heavy as that book.

Even though I was tired, I went to the party.

I just moved in yesterday.

He scolded her.

In early times all books were copied by hand.

These aren't real.

I have what I need.

If you need help, feel free to call me.

You should have visited Kyoto.

We must repair the damage.

I ran for a mile.

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That's completely out of the question.

Steam trains were replaced by electric trains.

We are clearing our backyard.

Can the baby walk?

Last night there was a fire in the neighborhood.

Thousands of people died in Japan.

Companions with the same aim, to carve out their own future, cooperate with each other.

Jeanette danced with me.

I shouldn't have told you about that.


My knowledge of French doesn't amount to much.


I'm not convinced Carol is telling the truth.

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"What did you say?" "Nothing. I was just talking to myself."


He crossed over to England.


Why does the moon shine at night?

She is already beginning to read and write.

He fell captive to her charms.

Someone's knocking on the door.

Just a minute, please.

I'll be there Monday.

I did it just yesterday.


I don't think it's true.

Why didn't you just tell them?

Doctors recommend three meals a day.

Why are you asking me about this?

I heard that footprints of an abominable snowman have been discovered in the Himalayas.

Astronauts use tethers to keep tools from floating away. They tether their tools to their spacesuits.

They're pretty much alone.

Chechens have inclinations towards independence.

Niels has a big closet in his room.

I'll get one for you right away.

I've been really fortunate.

What does he intend to do?

Janet didn't even seem to notice Elliot.

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She wants to be popular at school.

That was stupid.

Today we're going to focus on the question of homeless people.

I'm a lot younger than Laurianne.

Prices are high these days.

You can't be too careful these days.

It was a warm summer night.

I'd listen to Theodore if I were you.

I have a feeling something very special is going to happen.

You can't replace Kristi.

Ofer is the one who has to make that decision.

This volcano has been inactive for hundreds of years.

No one can know.

I heard you were getting married.

Why haven't you told her?

I wish Jamie would stop smoking.

Thanks very much for waiting.

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Moe hasn't returned any of my calls.


He cut some branches off the oak tree.

The firm publishes educational books.

Marla and Nathan survived.


I will be traveling round Europe next week.


Just buy him some candy.

Kit usually comes on time.

He said that he didn't know.

I prefer black.

I'm not brave.

I've got something.

Everett was holding a pen in his right hand.

Tap water is sometimes cleaner than bottled water.

The girl went to school in spite of her illness.


Everybody's in bed.

My house lays at a convenient place - near the train station.

I think you'll really enjoy reading this book.

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Japan is an island country surrounded by the sea on all sides.

Why did you come to see me today?

Have you seen him this morning?

What is it you wanted to tell me?

The business is in the red.

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There was some trouble the day he moved in.


She dared to ask for the results of the exams.

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Everybody turned to look at Marie.


They captured him.


Your feet are swollen because your shoes are too small.

I wish I had brought a map.

I know nothing to the contrary.

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Terri checked out.

Only a few people listened to him.

It has been the scheme of the Christian church, and of all the other invented systems of religion, to hold man in ignorance of the Creator, as it is of government to hold him in ignorance of his rights.


She's perfect at everything.


Karen makes his own decisions.


The library has many books.

Can't we tell Loyd?

Nikolai anticipated that.

Stanly won't live long.

The building collapsed in the earthquake.

I think Nikolai is obedient.

We haven't talked in years.

You lied to the FBI.

He will not stay for more than four days.

Would you like a mint?

Are you a priest?

It's our car.

All this happens within miliseconds.

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Ranjit told me all about that.