Stop acting the child.

Jess lived in a small apartment by himself.

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This is a really nice place.

It's supper time.

This essay is much too long. You have to condense it by getting rid of all the fluff.

Well, it doesn't look so difficult to me.

Why do you think Jesse wasn't able to pass his driving test?

Robin is allergic to bees, hornets and wasps.

Let's try and swim against the current.

When you're successful, everyone wants to know you. When you fail, you're on your own.

I'm always in harmony with myself.

I usually pay my bills on time.

I'm sure Brian wouldn't double-cross me.

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I slept all day yesterday, because it was Sunday.

What's the minimum salary in Pakistan?

The only pear left on the tree is rotten.

I'm having trouble believing it.

Micah shook the bottle as directed on the label, but unfortunately didn't fasten the cap first.


Here are the favorites on the pitch.


Brent quickly went up the stairs.

You need to pay closer attention.

That was naive of me.

I don't talk to him anymore.

Please write this down.

We had to write off the debt.

You have to buy something.

He loves dogs above all.

Maybe I'll buy a bike.

I'm fine and I'm not sick.

It's hard to say no to you.

You still don't have enough experience.

Kimberly must be helped.

Your car exceeded the speed limit.

Please telephone me before you come.

These shoes will not stand too much wear.

I assume you know what to do.


I never knew Claire.

It was difficult for us to decide which one to buy.

I'm so tired that I can barely move.

Samuel baked a cake for Stephan.

This book belongs to them. It's theirs.

Would you like some more wine?

You can stay here till the snow stops.

The child sat on his mother's lap and listened to the story.

I've tried it.


I'd like him to rest.

Light the candle.

Ravi filled out the form.


I've never met someone that I love as much as I love you.

I have been studying English for three years.

He is far from suitable for that job.

Who could not love you?

He has an aptitude for painting.


Dieter lost 30 kilograms.

He isn't really sad; he's only acting.

I'm kind of sick today.


You said you made a list.


Who's Lar talking about?

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Elsa started the fire.

Go with your friends.

You will find them, won't you?

Vickie never talks about his childhood.

He writes in his diary every day.

I can't understand why Elaine would want to do that.

Kyu didn't think that anyone would recognize him.

Spike is related to me.

I can't see the movie.

People who are not in a hurry stand on the right side of the escalator.

People tend to like me.

Srikanth and Chuck were always fighting when they were younger.

I sent Ken home to Boston.


If you want a ticket, please raise your hand.


The CEO got paid in stock options.

I'll wait up.

Christophe says it was all your idea.

Ned and Jurevis have different philosophies of life.

Warren isn't coming till tomorrow.

Don't eat too much and disrupt the stomach's normal digestion process.

I didn't know who they were.

We met today.

I need to find a job.

You're going to fall and sprain your ankle wearing sandals with such huge platforms.

She stole my things.


I don't like them one bit.

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He has a store on the main road.

Imagination is a very potent tool.

I was getting close to the summit, but there was a boulder in my way, and I was almost done in trying to get over it. Sometimes there were loose rocks all over the place, too.

I can't stand that silly woman.

What curses are the most common in Holland?


Have you given up smoking for good and all?


Stagger wrote his name on the blackboard.

Are you getting nervous?

How did you get so good at backgammon?

That's dead normal.

Ecstasy is a stimulant type of drug.

Don't put that there. Somebody might trip over it.

I have an allergy to peanuts.


Let's list all the reasons we should do that.

That's very touching.

Do your job.

Would you like some more salt on your popcorn?

We need to eat something.

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I want you to come with us tonight.

I believe you, but unfortunately Lukas doesn't.

The Tomei Expressway connects Tokyo with Nagoya.


Only one little boy survived the traffic accident.

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He knows how to make his wife happy.

I never thought Ramiro would follow me here.

Either John or I am to blame.

I saw the stars; they captivate the eye, and their beauty is beyond comparison.

Throw a tear-gas bomb at him.


He regretted having been lazy.

"Why are you wet?" "I fell in the water."

What are xenoglossia and glossolalia?


I don't have time to talk to you now.

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You are not shorter than I.

Let me run you a bath, Manolis.

He is ashamed of having been idle in his youth.


I shudder at the thought of what might happen.

The stars are shining.

She bought some meat and eggs so that she might make omelets.

I don't know when he'll come next time.

If there is no objection, we will close the meeting now.

I wasn't surprised or disappointed.

So I thought my date, er rather, offline-meeting was going to be just me and her but things aren't that easy.


If it rains tomorrow, I'll stay home.

She has lost faith in the doctor.

Write down your name with a pencil, please.

I know why you're leaving.

No one could solve the puzzle.

In the city.

The Swedish "sj" sound can be pronounced several different ways.

Introduce me to your future wife.

I did everything Manny told me to do.

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I didn't see the light change.

His selfish attitude put my back up.

Maybe we should go back to Boston.

Let's discuss what happened last night.

Amos is closed-minded.


God save the Queen!

The can will do for an ashtray.

Don't let Vishal get away.

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Derek was present at the meeting.

How much of this does Kitty know?

Wait in the lobby.

She volunteered to do the job.

The students went all over the classroom looking for their friends and buddies, unfortunately to the point at which Junior couldn't find anyone!


Can you change a five-dollar bill?

I suggest we get started.

I object to being called a monkey.

I've never seen Jerome in a bathing suit.

Don't eat without me.


Marvin and Velma were unable to attend the wedding.

What kind of mileage do you get on this thing?

I completely agree with you, my dear colleague.

Unfortunately, I can't accept your invitation.

I want to say I'm sorry.

What time is your plane?

I saw many patients at the hospital, some of whom were badly injured.

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Is there some ketchup?

Shouldn't we offer to help?

It didn't happen exactly like that.

He is lacking in experience.

Son hasn't been able to get a hold of Sylvan yet.


Why did you tell Barney that you'd help if you weren't really going to?


I have never tried to translate a book.