You shouldn't spend the whole day in front of the box!

You asked me to help.


He wrote a letter dealing with the matter in all seriousness.

I'll be in the bar drinking beer.

What really happened to them?

I tried to be calm, but finally I lost my temper.

I'm going to France to study painting.


I bought a new shaver.


Israel can't seem to understand what you're saying.

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I really like this singer.

"Past tense" is used in connection with actions in the past.

We'll just have to wait until something happens.

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It is a mystery why he quit his job.

He knows quite well what it is like to be poor.

I saw the house.

He slept until ten o'clock.

Can you deliver it?


You prefer coffee.


Just have Darci call me, OK?


He would like to take part in the contest.


There were no eyewitnesses.

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After dinner, they enjoyed playing cards.

If it's that hot, how about you take off all your clothes?

Juliet's a party animal.

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Mara is quite competitive.

She squinted.

I've been looking forward to that.

I don't know where your house is.

Is the carpet blue or green?

It was raining heavily when I got up this morning.

Which way is Central Park?

The king abdicated for health issues.

"He's single." "Who's single?"


Milner put up a fight.

Tell them to leave.

He is kind of person no one would turn to for help.

I'm not your toy.

John had been lazy before he met you.

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The automobile has changed our life.


Do you know what my mother used to say?

I'm old enough to be your grandfather.

I folded my shirts and put them in my suitcase.

If you're going to apologise, sooner is better.

Starbuck is Turkeer's wife.

The child started to run; perhaps he wanted to show off.

All the other issues are subordinate to this one.


We won't forget.

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If you are going to have a party, please count me in.


I'm not ready to fight.

The first item on Darrell's list of things to take with him on his trip is his mobile phone recharger.

Do you accept credit cards?

Something must be wrong with the machinery.

That's one problem I might be able to help you solve.


Vicki wondered how it would feel to be old.


Scot is asking for the impossible.


I'm going to see him today.

Gabriel thinks he's invincible.

I work hard in the garden.

I was welcomed.

I'm horrible with animals.

But why would I help you?

Robin Hood lay hidden in Sherwood Forest for one year, and in that time there gathered around him many others like himself, cast out from other folk for this cause and for that.

I doubt that you are as busy as you say you are.

Can you tell me more about your family?


He knows how to assert himself.

Rainer tried to keep up with Lucifer.

Sorry, I'm bad at explaining.

The boat hugged the shore.

Naomi hopes you're happy.


Why did you choose such a subject?

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You may have been right about that.


Mike has his own life to live.


Is Leonard coming with us?


With all that noise, I couldn't sleep last night.

Dan was attacked by a wolf.

The pay is based on sales.

I have to leave school.

How's your wife doing?

We found the boy fast asleep.

We have to move very carefully.

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Tammy's arrived.

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I've got my dog in the car.

We have to buy the tickets right now.

Hello, may I ask who's speaking? You don't know who this is? It's me, Aldo.

This does happen quite often.

The plane was due to arrive at 2:48 p.m. but hasn't landed yet.


The gray sweater I like more than the purple.

He dressed up and went to the kitchen.

I'm going to die.

Father showed him into the study.

I tried to warn you.

You don't really believe that nonsense, do you?

Do you think I'm happy?

Duane is respected by everyone.

Have you figured it out?

Evelyn is one of our hardest workers.

My father won't allow that.

It's probably not a good idea to do that now.

I must cut down expenses.


Great was her surprise when she knew the fact.

Do you still think I'm crazy?

They often clashed over their political beliefs.

Thanks for explaining that.

I was born in Israel in the year 2002.


The flipped open his cell phone and made a call.


He made a fortune in oil.

He is inclined to argue at great length.

This is a magic wand.

The White House worries that the crisis could escalate.

How beautiful the world is!

Save for a rainy day.

He had bruises all over after the fight.


Skillful management made a success of the business.

I shouldn't have let them go.

There is a garden in front of the house.

We're looking for the truth.

Do you think they will give me the job?

I like strawberries very much.

You're all happy.

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I get the feeling you don't really want me to go.

I was really proud of that.

Don't you want to move on?

Auto mechanics finish up the workday with grime all over their hands.

Give Luc some privacy.

On June 11, 1948, a V-2 Blossom launched into space from White Sands, New Mexico carrying Albert I, a rhesus monkey.

My mother made me study for three hours last night.

Lucifera Vampirella is cute.

I like the blue one. How much does it cost?

The story, all names, characters, and incidents portrayed in this production are fictitious. No identification with actual persons, places, buildings, and products is intended or should be inferred.

The question is what do we do now.

He is Portuguese.

A sigh fell from her lips.

Norbert has already decided where to go.

Dress warmly, the night air is very cold.

You helped Joyce, didn't you?

That was a lie, wasn't it?


We're so happy to see you again.

My son does not like fried egg.

She is a clear-headed.

I've had my eye on you for a while.

Let's think positive.


Detective Columbo is always in a frayed raincoat.


Karl already thanked me.

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I want to know where you found that.

I'm working right now.

I'm going to go and see a film. Do you want to come?

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How long can we keep this frozen food?


Masanobu handed Pat a notebook.

Jeany has written a couple of books.

Petr's skill at climbing the corporate ladder is shown not only by his interoffice political maneuvering, but by the way he lays out his course of action with tactical precision.

Before relating the rest of the scene, it might not be useless to describe the place where it occurred.

Owlets are cute.

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It could be just right for a warm up.


Aristotle, who lived from 384 to 322 BC, believed the Earth was round. He thought Earth was the center of the universe and that the Sun, Moon, planets, and all the fixed stars revolved around it.

Do you think I should buy one of these?

Emma shook hands with Merril.

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Allan didn't know all the facts.