I told Panzer it was time to quit.

You say that it is your custom to burn widows. Very well. We also have a custom: when men burn a woman alive, we tie a rope around their necks and we hang them. Build your funeral pyre; beside it, my carpenters will build a gallows. You may follow your custom. And then we will follow ours.

Are you for or against abortion?

Doctors thought he had a cold.

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I asked you to stay out of my office.

Please help yourself to some more cake.

I was scared to be alone in the dark.

He's eating.

The convention voted.


I carried on my work.

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I've done half the work, and now I can take a break.

Nothing should prevent divorce.

We took it for granted that he would join us.


Maria can't believe what he's just seen.

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Angela Merkel is in favor of austerity.

A cry arose from the crowd.

They're tough kids.

Norma doesn't want to see anything today.

Lum is getting pretty good at playing the guitar.

Why would somebody hit Tony?

It has always been a dream to fly a car.

These kinds of things take time.

Miles didn't get up before six.


The bus was empty except for one elderly woman.

Alejandro is here with me today.

I consulted him.

Ravindranath can't retire.

It would be madness to climb that mountain in winter.

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The economy is deeply connected to politics.

You're the one who brought me here.

Nothing really matters.

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Sherri didn't go straight in.


We've all said nice things about Amir.

I want to see that movie again.

I hope we can avoid doing that.

It was very cold, so they stayed at home.

A biochemist gathers mutants for everything as if they were ingredients for a recipe.

Siegurd works hard.

Could an almighty god create a stone that he would not be able to subsequently lift?

This car handles curves well.

It's been quite a week.

I've been thinking about leaving.

Elijah is smarter than that.

Why wasn't Tim there?

How I'd like to be with you!


I saw a funny clown with a big red nose.

I think Trevor is ambitious.

Denis has a distorted self image and doesn't believe that she's beautiful.

I haven't seen her recently.

It is said that Karl has a cold.

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I bet this will work.


It's time for something to eat.

Have you met the new court jester?

Did Harold ever ask you out?

We still don't have enough time.

Both of you be quiet.

Man can live without friends.

I have to watch a documentary.

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The hurricane is dangerously approaching.


Our company decided on flat rate pricing.


She's Alain's wife.

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They are ignorant of the rules.

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What is worrying you, Rajendra?


Just give me what you owe me and I'll leave.


Did Donnie take anything?

You need an entry ticket.

Harris is back again.


I would enjoy that.

Love is like the measles; we all have to go through it.

Athlete's foot is my brother's problem.

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The weather vane points north.

Can we do it before Monday?

Saad told some dirty jokes.

His room is always tidy.

The train approached the town.


His coworker pulled the rug out from under him.

My brother has no occupation now.

Sundaresan didn't buy that for a second.

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You have a good lawyer.

Francois just sat there and stared at the mess on his desk.

Have you told Kazuhiro why he shouldn't be doing it that way?

What do you need four cars for?

The customer wanted her fish cooked without any salt.

The box fell apart due to the weight of the load.

I don't have anywhere to sleep tonight.


I swam in the sea.

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If these drugs are stopped abruptly, then some withdrawal symptoms may occur.

What happens if I say no?

We're all aware of it now.

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Please push this button at once in case of emergency.

I feared they might injure themselves.

I'd like to remind you that you're under oath.

The moon is not always the same distance away from Earth.

Have you ever seen a baby pigeon?

I am used to going to bed very late.

Miriam wanted to marry Thomas.

Pedro might not want us to help him.

That is most agreeable to the taste.


Did you find your purse?


Be careful. That hurts!

That scares me.

I just want to sleep for a few hours.

Dimitry is getting under my skin.

It is difficult to decide where to go.

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You're making me nervous.

We should give them some space.

Excuse me. Is the supermarket open?

Akira can play tennis well.

Have you ever known me to be mistaken?


This letter says he is going to marry Grace next month.

Nora has been accused of cheating.

He worked for the council.

I wish everybody liked me.

She didn't write me back.

Go get some towels.

Fred took a liking to Jane and started dating her.


Let's cross that bridge when we get there.


We could leave our suitcases here.

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We trust them.


He has a soaring ambition.

This department store is closed today.

Rusty is not a very good liar.


The team played so poorly that their fans booed them after the game.

You're making me nervous.

Can I give you a bit of advice?


Waxing is one method of hair removal.

She won a free car.

Werner often wears jeans and a leather jacket.

The Time Machine was gone!

Where can I charge my electric car?

They've sold their house and car in preparation for leaving the country.

It is a good plan but hard to carry out.

Could we have a table in the corner?

I used to come here with my friends.

Custer refused to listen.

The only difference between an awful cook and a poisoner is the intention.


There are no Walmarts in Germany.

Next week I want to visit my friend.

Where did you weave them?

There is cat hair all over the place.

You may impress me, but you'll never impress Morris.

He requested that I come here again this afternoon.

Animals can sense fear.

This has been a good day, right?

If you hear from No, give me a call.


Don't you trust them?

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It is certain that Emmet contrived his 'dyad' style to facilitate the process of architectural design.

No, Dwayne, you can't touch the paintings!

I saw you give it to Pitawas.

They didn't want me to examine it.

And I give my heart to know wisdom, and to know madness and folly: I have known that even this is vexation of spirit; for, in abundance of wisdom is abundance of sadness, and he who addeth knowledge addeth pain.

Ragnar introduced Sho to John.

The evil leader of the country was interested only in money.

Sit down, the place isn't taken.

I felt very sad.


I don't blame Eduardo for that.

Tell her I'm hungry.

Rodney is usually up at three or four in the morning.

I think he gets a passing mark as Foreign Minister.

Ask Alex.