Do you think it was Joyce?

Gene is twice as big as me.

I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Let's keep thinking about the best way to get this done.

What do you think I need to do?

I've got to sit down. I'm exhausted.

Brandon walked toward the elevators.

If she had trusted you, she wouldn't have done so.

Syun's French isn't bad.

It'll soon be sunset.


She seems to have been a beauty in her day.

Show me the money.

I found the work easy, since I had done that kind of work before.

I have to finish this first.

I don't think that works.

He often adopts the behaviours and speech patterns that characterise the advantaged.

You look alluring in blue.

I was agreeably surprised.

I have three college degrees.

This office has very modern furniture.

You know what I'm asking.

Do you really believe you can beat Swamy?

There's no space in the room for another bed.

Lee was taking a huge chance.

We had to keep it a secret.

He is no longer full of activity.

Would you show me some ID, please?


Derek looks amazing.

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He started shaking in fear.

Stanislaw wondered how long it would take to finish the job.

Do all that is necessary.

I came here of my own free will.

I didn't make any promises.

They used poison gas.

Craig and Kevyn gaze at each other.


I had lunch with John at a restaurant near the office.

Some people would disagree.

You're impossible.

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He remains sick bed.

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I went to the park to play tennis.

Christian has a very vivid imagination.

I can sell anybody anything.

I won't let them die.

At the sudden appearance of a bear, the kids made believe they were dead.

At the station, I had the hardest time finding my ticket.

Who is the wisest person you know?

I'm supposed to make sure Holly doesn't forget to buy the tickets.

"If you keep eating just beef, you'll turn into a cow!" "No way!"

Where are you guys from?

What was all the fuss about?


There aren't any chairs in this room.

If Casper said it, it's probably true.

You can't reason with him.

Let me congratulate you on your victory in the tournament.

He has some income in addition to his salary.

Rex wrote her number on a piece of paper and handed it to Wilmer.

Norway has a total area of 385,252 square kilometres and a population of about 5 million.


The prospects for his career at the company are not quite promising.

It'll be summer vacation pretty soon.

I think you're very talented.


I'm afraid to touch anything.

Is there anything that I can do for you?

Why do people feel afraid?

Heather struggled frantically.

Did you watch the Oscars?

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Do you think about Marek a lot?

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In order to get some information about Japanese economic problems, you'll find this book very useful.

When was the last time you fell off the bed?

She won't be in time for the meeting.

I don't understand what's happening to us.

Henry tried to restart the car, but it wouldn't start.

You do believe me, don't you?

Erwin and Leif sat down around the kitchen table.

That is not what the narrative is about.

I don't know anybody else here.

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I've got a surprise for you.

How did Hon respond?

Polly is there to help Kimberly.

That's what's going on.

Ramneek could stay at our house for a couple of weeks if he needs to.

He is beautiful like a god!

Mehrdad had one child.

This job fulfils my expectations.

Kimberly went there yesterday.

Ted's really got computers on the brain.

Would you like a plastic bag or a paper bag?

I held fast to his hand.

I apologize for showing up unannounced.


I need to set my watch to two minutes faster.


Some of the information is very important.


We're going to have fish for dinner tonight.

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Antina had a sinking feeling in her stomach.

We'll talk with her on Monday.

Where's my shirt?

You have to look good today.

Margaret is unpredictable, isn't he?

I love the beloved.

Jose has a house.

I go home at 6 p.m..

I woke up at four o'clock.


Life without books is unimaginable.

You've got enough to worry about.

I've got to agree with Part here.


Even in the worst case, she will not die of such an illness.


Surfing was fun.

I'm just asking you to think about it.

Fetch me some milk.

Don't you talk back to me.

Don't be so perverse!

I find that to be a relative concept.

Kobe is famous for its good beef.

This kind of work is very dangerous.

Vassos isn't always as busy as he says he is.

We had plenty of snow last year.

This is the third time I've heard this song today.

I love the way you write.

Can you help look after the kids?

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She says that she did nothing wrong.

I hear the buzz of a fan, the drip of the faucet, the hum of the fridge, the tick of the clock, the whoosh of cars passing by the house.

They huddled close together to stay warm.


You're in trouble again, aren't you?

There is honor even among thieves.

He is said to have won the speech contest last month.

I heard John speak to Mr. Brown.

He was heartbroken from unrequited love.


Did you forget to feed the dog?

It was a private message.

I hate Helen so much right now.

Ann bent her mind to the work.

This is what I do for a living.

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How hot is too hot?

Misadventures happen.

If only I had an "anywhere door" ...Doraemoooon!


These two are widely different from each other.

Cris didn't say that.

May I use a credit card?

My uncle lived abroad for many years.

How fine it is today.

Not everybody wins!

I'm sick of your hints.

Tradition, as such, should be respected.

Piet studies French.

I think I can get her to help.

"Are you going on holiday by yourself?" "No, my problems are coming with me."

I really like garlic.

She asked us if we would like to cook.

Spike was among the few who stayed and helped.

Work and pray, live on hay; you'll get pie in the sky when you die.

I won't see that gong anymore.

We make our own rules.

What stopped Laurie?

Before you leave home, make sure your pets have enough food.

Tanya told me that he wasn't used to speaking in public.

You can fix the heater, can't you?

I went down to the sports office to sign up for the last position on the basketball team, but somebody else beat me to it.

The immediate cause of his failure was lack of study.

We must not get angry at things: they don't care at all.

You could help us.

Great bulk does not always mean great weight.

They granted his request.

Some people try to gain advantage by exploiting their personal contacts.

Sit down and be quiet.


I need to know that somebody cares.

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I never thought I'd want to buy an iPad.

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I'm feeding the goldfish.


You may as well make friends with people who need you.

You just did what you had to do.

He is proud of not having consulted a doctor.

Many of his friends backed his plan.

Yesterday a truck hit this wall.

Sport doesn't interest me.

Now you're accusing me of murder.