Let's appeal to the public and see what it will say.

There's going to be hell to pay.

The rubbish dump stinks.

Claudia is in the third grade.


We've been over that.

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I want to show you my beautiful city.

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I've been asked to become the manager.


Don't forget to write to me.

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Ramanan doesn't seem to think so.

They received a box of books.

That's a great story.

I'll speak to her.

Do you have a cheaper room?

He's not special.

I may be able to answer that.


Terrance said he didn't have anything to say.


Does anybody really care?

I take a bath every night.

I'm going to go find him.

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We'll try to stop by sometime tomorrow morning.

Let's get to the train station.

You look a mess.

Where are the knives?

I can't lie to Ranjit again.

We're being pulled over.

82% - more than four-fifths - of the island's exports is agricultural produce.

That's not what Jeffie is asking.

To our surprise, she revived at once.

Atoms are in everything.

Where did you soil them?

They were very grateful.

Eat anything you like.


To tear away from his dream world and, doing the daily needful, to step into reality was for Ritchey increasingly painful.

It's such a beautiful flower.

He had few friends there anymore.

The torture had dramatic consequences on his personality.

Kristen doesn't seem to think he needs to go to the hospital.

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He came from another country.

Lychees taste of grapes.

I know Travis is in great shape.

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I'm not going to judge you.


If the students are bored, they will find ways to entertain themselves.


How do you pronounce the "@" sign in your language?

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This parcel is addressed to you.

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Everything's going to be just fine.


Next time I find you smoking in the toilet, I'll report it to the manager.

Some restrictions may apply.

Laurie made me go there.

Paola never forgot Nguyen.

I'm parked across the street.


The young sorceress was ordered to turn Prakash back into a human, after the teachers learned of her prank.


Smoking may be harmful to his heart.

I remember riding home on a pickup truck last Sunday.

As for me, I am quite happy.


The defence attorney claimed that the police had coerced his client into confessing to the crime.

I was about to go look for you.

Lonhyn tried to disguise his handwriting.

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She has changed a lot since high school.

They're all here.

We were extremely fortunate.

Precisely speaking, I need six hours to at least think straight. Additionally, I need seven hours to be happy.

That's why I think I'll be chosen.


It's a pretty good one.

I gave the books to this student.

Where could I see you?


Will you open the door?


Do you watch films or cartoons?

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She wanted to tease Johnnie.


He had a bad time.

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When did that fat cat eat the little yellow bird?


Jacques can barely afford to pay rent let alone buy a PC.

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It is not good for you to break your promise.

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No wonder you could not open the door.

You had been playing.

He turned traitor.

Philadelphia's nickname, "the City of Brotherly Love," is simply a translation from the Greek roots of the city's name.

Love gave him the strength of a lion.

I'm not in a position to discuss that.

I object to being treated like a child.


Duke hates green peppers.

She was breathing hard.

I want to do the right thing.

This song is familiar to us.

Kathleen needs financial help.

I'm the one who saved her.

This changes everything.

I wasn't punctual.

We don't believe so.


My legs ached after the long walk.

This morning Marilyn had vegetable soup.

He's holding the real story back from us.

There is nothing much we can do against the freaks of nature.

The game will start in an hour.

I fasted.

We're going to be ready.


I have never seen an animal as tame as a turtle.


Rafael says he has three other suggestions to make.

I became very attached to her sister.

She blinked to stop the tears.

William's reputation as a telescope maker grew to such an extent that he quit his job as a musician and devoted all of his time to the making of telescopes and to astronomy.

Did you kidnap them?


Their oldest sister still hasn't gotten married.

We went to see a comedy in London.

Did you see a doctor?

Let me go with Romain.

How did the accident happen?

Becky doesn't seem so smart.

Come here and eat chocolate cake!

The boy walked through the puddles.

You gave me hope.

Why should I give Wolf money?

Are these the glasses you are looking for?


What floor is your office on?

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That is why he wasn't present at the meeting.

Why don't you let me decide?

He is completely besotted with her.

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The plate slipped from her hand and crashed to the floor.


I didn't want to let Piotr down.

In music, he is a famous critic.

He had to get a scholarship.

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I saw Niall go inside.

He had to tell his readers what happened.

You have to read Rumi's Mathnawi.

We'll have our picnic inside if the weather doesn't improve.

How do they wish to receive their money?

I lived in the US from 2008 till 2011.

It was my turn to clean the room.

He caused this.

Well that's because in fiction that sort of fine detail gets skipped.

Lex is really confused.

Even with all his wealth and fame, he's unhappy.

Oh, I just remembered. The library's closed tomorrow.

The party was a bit of a letdown.

He has disposed of what was left of his estate.

That singer is the center of attention.


What do you really want to eat?

I always expect trouble.

She broke the dish on purpose just to show her anger.

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The Indians' ancestors arrived from Asia.


When I opened the door, I saw that she was sleeping.


You never liked her.

Nagano beat Tokyo 2 to 3.

"Don't hurry," he added.


I look forward to reading your report.

Let's take this one step further.

We do not have snow here.


He hates getting up early in the morning.


Jennifer said he liked snow.

Did I say too much?

Business and friendship don't mix.

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I want to go to the store.


She suffered severe injuries.