I've seen a flying saucer.

The story has come down through many years.

Whose turn is it to drive?

I am forbidden to use this telephone.

He is not afraid to die.

I caught up with him soon.

Why do you hang out with those losers?

The little boy said hello to me.

Dorothy died in the explosion.

I went to the cinema, but I didn't enjoy the film much.

I told Rayan to go ahead.

There's a big storm on way.

Ro was fast.

Get off the train immediately.

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I'm sorry. Would you mind turning around?


Did you know that Kevyn can't speak French?

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Tell us a joke.


I can't believe Anthony really did that.


Clay divorced his second wife last year.

Will I be allowed to do that?

Billy and I both got in the car.


Amos and Phill used to be married.

This song is degrading to women.

Piotr is dead.


Do you think Douglas will die?


You do your best to put such thoughts out of his head.

I don't want to take my medicines.

Is daddy going to be arrested?


They won't be shot.

I tried to talk to them.

The oven is hot.


I skied almost every day last January.

You're going to help me, aren't you?

We are good friends.

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What school did you go to?

We've told you everything we know.

The determining factor in question is whether this social welfare plan can facilitate the influx of immigrants.

What do you do when you're not studying?

That looks like him.

We only have a few minutes before Reid gets here.

Do you want to live in Boston?

The teacher asked me which book I liked.

We'll probably go to Boston next week.

Why are you so upset with her?

You may go anywhere.

I laughed at his joke.

The year you spent in Germany was very productive for you.


I said I think I might be ready.

Sanand has been disobedient.

I can give you a lift.


No starts high school this fall.

Ray is careful, isn't he?

AIDS means "Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome".


Kiki has lots of acquaintances but very few friends.

Love is the light of our lives. The marriage brings us the note.

I need his power.


I'm beginning to get hungry.

The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want.

What does Harmon suggest?

Hohn seems to be asking himself that same question.

Freegans employ a range of strategies for practical living based on our principles; these include waste reclamation, waste minimization, eco-friendly transportation, rent-free housing, going green and working less.


I can't tolerate his rudeness.

I took sides with them in the argument.

Vance wants to feed the birds in the park.

I just got a letter from Brazil.

"May I awaken within the dream and grasp the fact that I am dreaming so that all dream-like beings may likewise awaken from the nightmare of illusory suffering and confusion." --Tibetan prayer

Brenda says he doesn't want to live like this anymore.

I was a good student.


Are you sure you don't remember anything?

Irfan would lend you money if he had any.

He took care of her child.

I saw a cat chasing a dog.

The trucks had failed inspection, but the drivers took them out anyway.

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He could smell her perfume.

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You must study hard lest you fail.

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I could see that.


I know you can't forgive me.

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It isn't good.

The plane landed without a problem.

I ate a dhokla.

The company I work for isn't doing so well this year.

The staff exchanged frank opinions in the meeting.

Mr Brown was sick at the time.

They moved farther away from the fire.


When does the screening start?


I want to know what the cause of the accident was.

I want to become a good listener.

What kind of flute is that?

Why do you go about being cross at people?

I don't understand what you're trying to say.

Oxygen reacts with hydrogen to make water.

Her dress was caught in the elevator door.

His handwriting is very poor, I cannot make head or tail of it.

This book profoundly impressed me.

Srivatsan got in with the wrong crowd during his teenage years and was arrested for car theft several times.

Freedom is the freedom to say that two plus two make four. If that is granted, all else follows.


Carol visited Boston last month.

Do you want tea or coffee?

Suddenly, something unexpected happened.


It would be great if you could join us.


I know Tad will read it.


I think it would be so much fun.

Their boss made them work against their will.

Sri is wheezing.


Who's coming for supper?

It certainly feels smooth when you run the shaver over your skin.

You must be hungry.

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Jin wants to take it.

Put the groceries down here on the counter.

Every night when you say a prayer, say a prayer for daddy.

He looked refreshed after a good night's sleep.

We bought a round table.

I admit, my wording is a bit direct.

That might be nice.

Edmond sometimes sleeps on the floor.

Stagger was delighted.

600 problems will be tough going.

What Stanislaw says makes sense.


I received the same advice as you.

Casper is abusing his authority.

We have to be prepared for anything.

He could do nothing but watch.

Don't be too alarmed.


I had a splitting headache.


When I have a cold, I sneeze and cough.

I suffer from obesity.

Jacobson always comes home for dinner.

We didn't mean to hurt her.

I'm going to go find them.


Blake died in a boating accident.


The only website Neville visits at least once a day is this one.

Gregor knew that Judith was studying French.

Why didn't you just tell me what it was?

I'm texting her.

She suddenly angry.

David appears to be looking for someone.

Please look after my luggage.


The pheasant would not be shot but for its cries.

Lorraine isn't very courageous, is he?

How do I get to the station from here?

The letter was signed by Dan.

Spy walked towards his house.

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Yes, I really like him.

Try to be polite.

He's not as old as my brother.

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Give me one dollar for the book.


Although the unemployment problem can't be ignored, the environment problem is also very important.


In the morning, Sandra eats a slice of bread and drinks a cup of coffee.

It'll cost at least five dollars.

We need more Norwegian sentences.

I am thankful for my friends.

Pantelis poured a cup of tea for Jonathan.

Glen is much heavier than he used to be.

I won't go to tonight's party if Tovah is going to be there.

We close at 2:30.

Who's buying?

Where do you think we came from?

Don't dismiss any possibility.

Don't nose about my room.

4. Heat the sesame oil in the wok and melt the butter.