He keeps a parrot as a pet.

Love is a madness that only the priest heals, and when the priest heals it, he commits a great folly.

By that time, astral projection became a prerequisite course in his university.

Give it to us.

She was pleased with the gift.

There were not many present.

I'm not sure I understand what you're trying to say.

I guess it's only fair.

I live in a province.

Hy said that he was unhappy.

If it had not been for his help, we would have failed in business.

So, Fay, do you want to get out of here?

Samuel seemed like a nice guy.

I know there are others.

I just want to make sure Naren is all right.

Now that the weather is warmer, I can go outdoors.

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In case of an emergency, what number should I call?

My goal is to make people know art.

Maybe Ric was hiding something.


Vandalism is a significant problem in this part of the city.

Where do you want to go and spend your vacation?

Terrence left Clark alone in the car.


It's exactly 10:00.

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I see him once in a while.


My friend wants sugar.

What's your explanation?

Are we going right?

Tahsin stayed in the hotel.

He succumbed to authority.

You're stronger than him.

If these tendencies continue, those aged 65 or more will account for a quarter of the population within 30 years.


How difficult is that going to be?


Even if I wanted to, I could never explain what happened in there.

Fruitarians eat only fruit.

I can't put up with him any longer.

Dad, can I take the car out for a drive?

Darryl often skips classes.

If you do it at all, try to do it well.

You can find a taxi at the railroad station.

I can't get promoted.

Talk slower.


Ginny won't fail us.


It happened quite recently.

Shawn examined it closely.

I take sides with him.

How did you know where to find me?

I would like to have cleaner teeth!

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This should do the trick.

I am learning Swedish and German.

I thought you'd like to see this.

They're concerned about him.

Many people believe that, but it's not true.

Your name is Dominic, isn't it?

I have to charge the battery of my car.

The woman wants to know the truth.

She went to Paris to see her aunt.

"Awesome" is an overused word.

Friendship is a ship big enough to carry two in fair weather, but none in foul.

Everyone talks about her.

Please read my reply carefully.


Give Giovanni a kiss.

Vince and Kanthan have been here for three hours.

Chris got a remarkable grade for the complex homework.


Take what you need.

Mosur left school at thirteen.

The smell is characteristic of garlic.


Just when you thought there couldn't be anything crazier than Wikipedia, along came Tatoeba.

Will he come home soon?

Thanks for making me remember.


I'm sure Janice will be disappointed.

Every man is potentially a corpse.

Clark told us he'd be waiting in front of the post office.

I am reading your book.

This may not be coincidental.


Seth is going to be executed.


I'm not an idiot.


Take your clothes off, please.

"You slept with her!" "I did not."

He seemed quite puzzled how to answer the question.

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Wash your face.


I don't want to play tennis with Damon.

His store is always crowded with customers.

Could you get me a soda?

If you take my advice, you'll see a doctor.

Thanks to you, I arrived on time.

Leave me out of it.

On a case-by-case basis, in accordance with legislation, the environmental assessment branch will consider requests from members of the general public to undertake an environmental review.

I hear only you.

This is delicious.


Can I take this with me?


Lowell and Arnold want you there, too.

I'm asking you not to fulfill for me any of my requests.

I'm meeting Andy downstairs in a few minutes.

You said it was important that I see you.

I don't remember you at all.


We turned to look at them.


Only the surface of things reveals the essence of things.


That should be kept between us.

I'm sorry to see Eugene go.

Dan left the bar with two men.

Emily read a book.

I've just gotten home and had dinner.


Esperanto gives little festive hats to some of its cees, gees, aitches, jays, esses, and ues.

She practised as a barrister for many years.

He traveled west by train.

I like you a lot, Ted.

That had not occurred to him before.

Keep your voice down.

The doctor is a great authority on children's diseases.


I thought you said you weren't attracted to Elisabeth.

His death was owing to his reckless driving.

Have you found a job?

"Where do you want to eat?" "I don't know. You choose."

Don't tell your dad.

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Spelling bees are stupid.

None of us plan to go swimming today.

Pontus knows that it's not worth doing.


I doubt if he will come.

He cannot sing well.

Lori is extremely upset.


I've given you everything you wanted.


I hope it rains.

It's too short.

She edited an article.

May I have this bread and butter?

Man is unhappy because he doesn't know he's happy. It's only that.

He has western books the like of which you can't get in Japan.

You let him down.

Constantinople fell to the hands of the Ottoman Turks in 1453.

Everything's gone.

I have to take the entrance examination today.

Is there a large flower shop there?

Cyrus dropped out of school and started working when he was thirteen.

The term "hutong", originally meaning "water well", came from the Mongolian language about 700 years ago.

He hurried to the house only to find that it was empty.

Corey is good-looking, isn't he?

Dogs can't distinguish between colors.

I've heard French is a tricky language.


On the other hand, he had a different opinion.

There will always be some kind of problem.

Too many trees deprive a house of light.

I was supposed to do the dishes. My mother will skin me alive.

This soup smells horrible. Do you think it's gone off?

I really want this telephone.

I was overtaken by greed.

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Thuan has got quite a mouth.

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This English composition is far from perfect.

The police are treating his death as a case of murder.

He goes to work by car.

I don't think this is a good approach to biology.

It's dirt-cheap.


I sometimes have abnormal vaginal bleeding.

On which bed would you like to sleep?

That's exactly what it's about.

Duane was fatally wounded in the battle.

Donne got on the elevator.

I was studying.

The floorboards creak a bit when you walk across them.

I'm not going to see anybody else.

We have been here since three days.


Robin whistled as he trudged along, thinking of Maid Marian and her bright eyes, for at such times a youth's thoughts are wont to turn pleasantly upon the lass that he loves the best.

I met a keen-eyed guy.

I can't tell if you're being honest or not.

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Follow the street for about 50 meters, and you will see a post office.