Jorge likes running.

Get to the point!


Our team is gaining ground.

I am on medication.

You saw them, didn't you?

I heard the gay voices of children.

How irresponsible!

Everybody praised her to the skies.

Listen, I have good news.


Why is Miltos here anyway?

I have an apple.

Nobody could decide as to what to do.

Let me introduce Rafik to you.

Party leaders are grappling with flaws in the party system.

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Any time will do so long as it is after six.


They just ended.


I mentioned it to her.


Luck and hard work are necessary if you want to advance in life.

I am kneading the dough.

The two little old men, each with his own wig back on his own head, shook hands and swore to be good friends for the rest of their lives.

They crashed.

One of the main products of this country is coffee.


Your red cheeks give away your perversion.


Excuse us for a moment.

Holly worked as a carpenter in Boston, Massachusetts.

I entered a restaurant and had lunch.

Good morning. Isn't this rain amazing?

Johnnie wants to be a nun.

That's not what I'm afraid of.

We'll pass.

Do you have a significant other?

I thought you'd want Kees to stay with you for a while.

It's hard to tell whether it's going to rain or not.

She doesn't love her husband.

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You've got to give me another chance.

I have a three-year contract.

What do you say we call it a day?

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You don't need to know about that.


The whole world understands my language.


I already took two coffees.

To begin with, you have no right to be here.

Who's going to do it?

I'm a bit shy.

He annoys us with this noise.

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Cameroon is called "Cameroun" in French.

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What's our plan?

What are her true intentions?

Come on! Talk to me, Trang.

We look forward to it.

Of all things, why did he give me a hat for my birthday? I don't wear a hat.

I love listening to you guys.

Get in the truck.

Laurie didn't give me a choice.

Isn't it natural for a young man with a hard to shake reservedness about himself to think that he is secretly the chosen one?

If I had the money, I would immediately buy this computer.

Kill the goose that lays the golden eggs.


It's a deep feeling, yes really.

He said it for the sake of a witty remark.

Where did you wrap them?


We did it.

Who is my father?

The air is stifling.


She is busy. Wait a minute.

Under the table is a cat.

What's that got to do with them?

I don't often get invited to parties.

Why couldn't I be the one to help you?

Sundar is starved.

Puran Polis are made using jaggery.


Are you thinking the same I am?


Boyd is reading a novel now.

With videogames, children no longer play board games.

My father is a good man.

It's not right for you to do something bad just because someone else has done something bad.

In the long run, prices will rise.

You're not surprised to see me, are you?

Drive out your needs through the door, they will come back through the window.

We're taking off.

I couldn't catch what he said.

Can you trust him?

Just give him the wallet.

My heart began to race.

Do you know your forefather?

I love him.

Can I see you for a few minutes?

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Dan lost his fortune in gambling.

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Ozan didn't know who Kit's father was.


The park was full of people.


Charlie and Raif are growing further and further apart.

Maybe it's not going to last.

Aimee would like to talk with you.


Her name was Inge; she was a poor child, but proud and presuming, and with a bad and cruel disposition.

This game is sick! I've been a fan of the company for...ever.

Roger Miller learned to play the guitar and the violin. Much later, he learned to play the drums.

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I won't let anything bad happen.

Didn't Jimmy tell you I was in town?

I think that guy is Sonny.


The course will be continued at nine.

You can always change it.

Turn down the TV.

There is no door on this side of the building.

I tried to be calm, but finally I lost my temper.

This source is dependable and predictable, but more research is still needed in this area.

I know all about them.

Welsh is an official language in Wales and Chubut.

He wasn't exactly a stranger.

I think I broke my leg.

I hope Mann isn't looking at us.

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You were always a little odd.

I had trouble convincing Keith to come.

Why do that now?

Martyn was mindful of my warning.

He failed many times, but he had no feeling that it was a waste of time.


I wish I knew where Po was.

I would like to know how these substances are absorbed by the body.

We have a lot to learn from each other.

I swear to God.

I must admit that I was mistaken.


Someone left the door open.

Cleanliness is proper to the Japanese.

I wanted to get it over with.

I will help you in selecting the best from these clothes.

Miss White is liked by everyone.

Get up at seven tomorrow morning.

I'll take a look.

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His parents believed in his approval.

She is my daughter.

It is a fish.


Cindy said something to Mysore.

Liza told me to give you this.

Anderson is doing well.

I told them to wait in the car.

My sister married a doctor.

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She has an ancient family name.

He is by all odds the most diligent in his class.

This wall is painted green.


She advised him to come back at once.

There is a restaurant on the top floor.

I want to know how Sanche thinks.

Hookworm is a worm, a parasite of man, that sticks to the small intestine.

I think Jeff doesn't have any brothers.


I was given a couple of tickets for tonight's concert. Would you like to go with me?

Irfan still doesn't look so good.

That's a pretty tune.

Recently I have been feeling a little tired, so I have not gone swimming this week.

He earned money by delivering newspapers.

That's not something I can do.

For the residents of Edo, the first bonito of the year was something that had to be bought, even if it meant borrowing money.

Allow me to demonstrate.

You're just having a bloody midlife crisis.


He went out of this door, never to return.

What's your favorite Harry Potter book?

The mountain is not as high as Mt. Fuji.

Noemi had no inkling as to why his boss wanted to see him.

Where's the dining room?


During the Second World War, German Nazis killed many people at the Auschwitz concentration camp.

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I didn't call on him because I wanted to.

I cooked chick pea soup

The new title takes on a good connotation.


Kees wants to study in Boston.


Dana cannot drive a car.