I'll have to get my parent's permission to go to the dance with you.

I feel a little insecure.

I bought it.

I know it might sound silly, but it's true.

I wish that you had brought a heating pack. It's a necessary article in winter.

Let me hold your hand.

I should have known that.

Ima won't believe us.

Knowledge is power without doubt.

You're not alone, Merat.

Who is this guy?

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There is no such thing as a good stereotype.

I think he's not over his ex.

Are you hiding?

That actor is both attractive and good at acting.

This was my fault.

He shot a tiger through the head.

She sat up late last night.

Teach judo to me.

Press the green button to play the video and the red one to stop it.


He usually doesn't brag.


Your innocent act doesn't fool me.


That's hard to imagine.

Yeah, a little.

I really need to talk with you.

I like the black blouse more than the blue.

It seems so familiar.


The doctor felt my pulse.

He received a good education.

This world is an illusion, brother.


Alvin also has family in Boston.

The foreign woman does not have an Italian name.

Don't let her get to you.

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What the fuck do you think you're doing?

Sex: the pleasure is momentary, the position ridiculous, and the expense damnable.

Are you trying to tell me something here?

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Aurelie is a young shepherdess.


I have every confidence in you, Shadow.

The cat came near being run over by a truck.

We hope you will join us in our quest.

I may seem confident, but I get extremely nervous speaking in front of people. My hands tremble, I get all tongue-tied, and sometimes I don't even know what I'm saying myself.

I've never trusted her and I never will.

It seems a long way from here to the town.

The lights suddenly went out and it become dark.

Is your passport ready?

It was obvious that she wanted to kiss him.

Cheese, butter, cream, yogurt and kefir are dairy products.

I'm glad you like Lynne.

Do you have any idea what'll happen if Hal does that?

What do you think of Japanese?

That's not too bad.

Larry came back at 2:30.

The classroom has finally warmed up.

I'd rather not say.

If you are having problems, I will help you study English.

The first printing machine was invented by Gutenberg.

Stand up and read the book, Donna.

The press confirmed the rumors.

What's your favorite national park?

The work was finished before I arrived.

Everyone kept talking.

I'd never forget the moments we've spent together.

I just assumed that it wasn't ready yet.

All the museums of my city are in the city centre.

All you have to do is ask.

I feel real good about that.

Two of the coffee cups were found to be damaged on arrival.

You just don't understand me!

She is going to have an international marriage.

This is a condition caused by aging.

You're so nice.

He wasn't perhaps playing a practical joke on us.

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I was annoyed with him for being so late.

She has great hate for dogs.

Only artists and children see life as it is.


They called British supporters Tories.

I just wish we could leave this horrible place.

He wanted to see a bullfight, but his father wouldn't let him go.

How many more hours do we need?

Who knows what'll happen?

Short and sweet.

Shankar always keeps Major's picture in his wallet.

How would I know that?

She stole my candy.

"My friends will learn Nyamwezi. How about yours?" "No, they will not learn it."

Then he felt quite ashamed, and hid his head under his wing; for he did not know what to do.

I can't give this dictionary to anyone.

Police revealed that the heist was the work of professionals.

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I can't carry a tune.

Have you filled out the forms yet?

It's Varda you should be yelling at.

Gabriel pocketed the coin.

Airplanes fly by moving through almost still air, yet we design and test them using wind tunnels, where the airplane model is fixed and the air is made to move past the model.


I see fear in your eyes.

Rudolf keeps complaining that he doesn't have enough time.

I am as old as he.

I'm not interested in finding out who my birth parents are.

It's pointless to argue with a disturbed individual like that.


Why'd you do that?

You should bring your passport to the bank.

I don't see any reason to complain.

The teacher showed us how to use a computer.

Politeness is less observed today than it used to be.

Putting off till the day after, what can be done tomorrow, results in two free days.

I'm sure Wolfgang will like this wine.


How would that be possible?


Svante didn't need to paint the fence. They tore it down a week after he painted it.

We had an early lunch and set out at 12:30.

I joined a Spanish course. It starts next week.


Vegans are people who avoid products from animal sources or products tested on animals in an effort to avoid harming animals. Freegans take this a step further by recognizing that in a complex, industrial, mass-production economy driven by profit, abuses of humans, animals, and the earth abound at all levels of production (from acquisition to raw materials to production to transportation) and in just about every product we buy.

I need to talk to Emil now.

Sehyo went into the adjoining room.

The cold weather slowed the growth of the rice plants.

Claude disappeared a year ago.

The Italian flag is green, white and red.

Everyone here is afraid of him.

"Takao will translate French into English for free." "That's good to know."

Leigh got some chewing gum stuck on the bottom of his shoe.

Kristi used to sing that song with his band.

I'll get on that right away.

My cake fell while it was baking.

These children threw the bread crumbs to the ducks, I saw them.


Bret always wanted to join the air force.


French is Saumya's primary language.

Just saying you don't like fish because of the bones is not really a good reason for not liking fish.

The fish has shiny scales.

You can't depend on your eyes when your imagination is out of focus.

Why do you hang out with those losers?

You are really crafty.

I'm not an idiot.

As soon as I've grilled the fish, you can taste it.

I avoid crossing the street here if I am in a hurry.

Where is the nearest restaurant?

You should tell Laurel how you feel.


We just wanted you to know.

The doctor said Casey needed an operation.

Gary will have been in Japan for six years next month.

Do you have that bottle?

It snows.

Please complete this sentence.

No one objected.

Remind me again what we've been discussing up to now?

Kusum arrived after Scott had already left.

Don't open that door for anybody.

Why are you so arrogant?

Taurus is a person I really admire.

You and I'll never meet again.


I just got here, and I don't know anyone.

Elvis doesn't want to spend the rest of his life in prison.

She treated his broken leg.


I polished their shoes for them.

Harry kissed me on the head.

Those are questions I can't answer.

He implored her to come back.

Tell me if you're going to give it to him or not.


Did you put my name on the list?

Milner's French was surprisingly good.

You aren't qualified to be the leader.


I met him at his house.

Does he speak Hungarian too?

We were disappointed because we could not carry out our plan.

He settled his account with the bank.

What shall I experience?


We are looking to you for help.


I need every staffer on duty.

So what happens then?

Ow, the coffee is very hot!

I want to talk about them.

I'm saving myself for marriage.


The increase in amateur stealing on the part of middle-class youth indicates a break-down in the morality of the affluent.

She reached out to take his hat.

You'll give yourself away.