I especially like cloudy skies, why? I don't know.

I think that she's an honest woman.


This is a superb idea.

More and more women have their own careers and are economically independent of their husbands.

It just seems wrong.

I have some questions for them.

It's too late to help them.

Is that a cat or a dog?

Duke cooked me dinner.

Cosmetic surgery is not covered by most insurance plans.

Edwin had to go there yesterday.

Did you and Chuck have a fight?

I can't find them either.

She trusts him with her life.

"But I don't want a divorce" cried Ramesh, but to Part it fell on deaf ears.


At my house, I have nowhere to study - it's too noisy there.

It would be nice to own one of those, wouldn't it?

The bed was too hard.

Chip said he's trying to hide Greg.

Molly may not want to go camping with us next weekend.

No, I'm not suffering from asthma. I'm moaning in lust!

Clara and Ole had a baby three weeks ago.

I'm going to delete this before anyone attempts to translate it.

Excuse me, but would you please tell me the way to the post office?


I'm worth more than this.

Venkata took a trip to Boston.

This song is known to everyone.

Ramon never pays much attention to what his teacher says.

He was going to school.

Could you make sure Isabelle is OK?

You're not seriously considering going, are you?

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I can't help crying.


Novo asked me if he could close the windows.


The prince loitered about all day.

Thank you again, Cristopher.

I advise you not to do that.

That's something I like.

I heard that you two had a fight.

Sometimes I read so much that I forget about food and sleep.

Can we go home?

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Being with you, I will always be happy.


After a short break the show was to be resumed...


You are my friend.


Something bit Amanda.


I would rather not talk about it.

I hate it when I dream things that contradict what I feel when awake.

Please don't say "I told you so."


I hope they form an alliance that will endure.

Her stern look told the boys that they were in trouble.

Her very long, black eyelashes set off the aristocratic pallor of her cheeks.


I am unable to do more!

Marc slowly walked backwards.

Claude told me to wash my hands.


Imagine being that baby!

No doctor is perfect.

Clarence and Win became friends when they were in high school.


It was dreadful.

Are you doing OK?

The tenor of the report is fairly negative.


Martyn seemed to be very surprised.

One of the girls started cheering.

It's going to happen sooner or later.


Certainly. I'd be glad to.

A north wind blows, obviously off the icebergs.

What's Heather's profession?


But for the support of the public, the President could not have survived the revolt.

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You may as well not do it at all than do it imperfectly.

It's like shooting fish in a barrel.

I would've sent them money.

This sofa can seat three people easily.

Andreas snapped a picture.

This chair is one of a kind.

That was a bad choice.

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Famine caused great distress among the people.

In case I miss the train, don't wait to start.

Get upstairs.

Paul is so pleasant a person that everybody likes him at once.

I won't be a minute.

Why do you treat me like this?

Do you ever have a fever?

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You're too tall.

You should try to learn a little French.

Everything has a price.

I'll remember you as long as I live.

Do you see the man or the wolf?

The car is green.

Helen is still in the hospital.


Please answer my question.


That child learned to tell good from bad.

I've never underestimated Francisco.

"Negro" is an offensive word.


Sue is twice as tall as Vidhyanath is.

The eclipse lasted for seven minutes.

Actually, I know that.

He loses his temper so easily that everybody avoids him.

Dad went out to get postcards.

I'm really proud of you.

"I'm sorry, Amir." "Why are you apologizing?" "I was just thinking that I might be bothering you." "No, you aren't bothering me at all."

It's a huge secret.

Kieran was out yesterday.

You may not be able to find sentences thae have been added recently because they have hot been indexed yet

This is outrageous!


Johnny came to Boston after graduating from high school.


I need you to open the door for me.

There were some children playing tag on the playground.

I hear he is looking for work.


I ran out of fuel.

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We'll be fine no matter what happens.

Do you see that cute guy over there?

You won't believe what I just saw.

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She makes a point of going to church on Sundays.

My mother's mother is my only living grandparent.

He laughed off his own bad reputation.


My kid is shy around strangers and always hides behind me.

Are you going to tell Dawson what I did?

Vishal had no say in the matter.

Which of these items do you have on your desk?

It was only a partial success.


When did life come into being?


They went shopping.


Just let go of the rope.

Peter went to school to learn how to tune pianos.

I didn't show up for the appointment and I also did not call.

Hector can't believe Rees just suggested that.

The police pursued the murderer.

Dan didn't feel like waiting.

I'm not getting any younger.

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Moran is vicious.

Ramneek is lying.

I broke my leg skiing.

I told you to do that.

I don't like painting children.


Pablo was the last one to arrive.

They're really good at making clothes.

I am happy to help you.

There was much argument for and against the bill.

Let me stay with him just five more minutes.

Ellen is the defending champion.

I don't know why Hunter is fat.

Do not interfere with Donn while he is reading.

So, I dislike root beer.

The doctor didn't allow my father to carry heavy things.

We had to leave quickly.


This is the love that esteems others better than oneself.


Is your father a teacher?

We found a beam of light in the night sky.

I wasn't really interested.

Have you put winter tyres on your car, yet?

The baby fell asleep in the cradle.

I saw the boy in brown shoes.

Some people walk to work.

Mr. Jordan is the chairman.

The mother divided the money among her children.

I'm not interested in you.

My father can speak French as well as English.

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Not too long ago, I wasn't able to play the guitar at all.

You are young. I, on the other hand, am very old.

Gil wondered what he should say.

Be on your guard.

I don't really want to leave you.

You know English?

I'm so stupid.