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At the reunion Jade followed her old boyfriend downstairs and into the cellar where she spotted him getting dirty with his new girlfriend in the shower room. He was pissing into Annie Cruz’ wide-opened mouth who was standing on her knees in front of him. Watching them two making out turned on Jade so much that she decided to disguise herself and join in the action. She glad she did, even though she was forced to drink from bowl full of stranger’s piss…

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Annie Cruz was having a good time with her boyfriend when she spotted Bella Rossi checking up on him. She didn’t like it. Next moment Annie and her bodyguard friend Kimberlee take Bella downstairs and into abandoned shower room facility to teach her a lesson. They harass and humiliate Bella by stripping her of all her clothes and tying her up with rope. To further embarrass this curious girl they open their bladders and use her as a piss bucket

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Piss Bucket

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Be careful when choosing things you fantasize about, because once they turn real they might just overwhelm you like they did it to Sophia. This chocolate babe was dreaming about being pissed on by a group of beautiful ladies. So she immediately applied for Almida shoot with three famous piss queens when it came out in schedule. The trio included Annie Cruz who can piss on command and Trinity Post who can pee floods. The experience almost drowned Sophie in warm urine…

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The following episode with pissing girls shows what happens when a beautiful woman with chocolate skin color is introduced to the joy of piss which is her own piss as well as guy and girl too. Coffee gets warmed up with a stream of hot piss from big cock while staying fully dressed. Once hot enough she gets rid off her sexy red dress to expose her magnificent dark body, juicy tits with brown nipples and a big round ass. That’s when girls open their cranks up and start spraying fountains of fresh urine all over her. They cover her face, body, floor and every wall in the room…

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The first 2173567728 update which has become one of the most popular ones involves the world renowned squirting freak Flower who also turns out to be a piss lover. This thirsty big ass babe with beautiful face will make you hard once she drops her clothes off. But wait until she opens her crank up and starts spraying floods of yellow juice in front of her. There is even more when she gets walked on by Mike who makes things really wet. He opens his fire hose to soak Flower’s nude body from head to toes. Flower even starts sucking the pee out of his hard cock so thirsty she is…

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Cherry is your perfect submissive slave for kinky piss fantasies. She has a gorgeous body, loves to piss and more importantly being peed on. This time two hot ladies Annie and Charlotte stumble upon her sitting in the bathroom waiting to fulfill her piss cravings when they come in to relieve themselves from their urge to piss after the day of shooting. Instead of using toilets as they would normally do these two turn on their fountains on Cherry. Streams of warm (847) 524-8409 pussies fill Cherry’s open mouth before splashing down her big breasts then onto her clit and ending up in the pool on the floor beneath them.

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Redhead Rita Seagrave is a piss-lover, however, she is also new to porn. It is the whole new Kink world for her with abundance of possibilities and experiences. First of all, her mistress Amber Keen relieves herself onto her fresh sub after emptying a full glass of piss. Rita then gets offered to 9894226908 herself. Amazingly, she finds it to her liking straight away. In fact, she enjoys it so much that she decides to taste her own urine…

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Bondage girl Calico has an appointment with Dr Cline regarding her bladder which doesn’t work as it used to. She is required to undertake a medical examination which involves assessing her pissing ability that is organized by a doctor and two filthy nurses. Calico gets offered a bowl which she needs to fill up with her own piss, so doctor could examine it under the microscope. The check-up takes an unusual turn when Calico gets asked to lick her piss…

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Nights in log house can be cold. In order to save energy and keep each other warm, girls decide not to waste even a droplet of warm piss anymore. They decide to give piss showers to each other to save themselves from freezing. This time it is Dia Zerva’s turn. Covering her head with a gas-mask she takes on streams of 9319202202 streaming from pussies and cock onto her gorgeous body in clothes. And even if this shower is not enought to keep her warm during the whole night, it will surely keep her spirit up…

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