I'm not so sure it was Margaret.

Somebody set him up.

Both his wife and he like it.

Brodie is going to be even better next time.

Cathy had her hat blown away.

Jacob dropped by for a visit.

I don't know what I'm going to do tomorrow.

One day, when the girl was at the spring, a poor lady approached her and asked her for a drink.


You won't believe how popular Raman has become.

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Martha is definitely not in Boston anymore.

I wish I had a cute little brother or a cool older brother.

Bobbie is dressed in black today.


A rose is a beautiful flower.


The bomb has been placed and armed.


I'm not sure I really know what to do.

Take her upstairs.

Alberto was a fussy baby.

I promised that I would not say anything.

Isn't that right?

A person named Miller wants to see you.

You can't convince a believer of anything; for their belief is not based on evidence, it's based on a deep-seated need to believe.

The stolen money has been found.

I know more or less about the rules of this game.


How many people do you think will come to the class reunion?

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"Let me see .... Do you have tomato juice?" says Hiroshi.


Is the dog in the yard?


In my garden many trees are bearing fruit.


Without the sun, life is impossible.

Just tell us what to do.

I went to the baker's.

You don't need to call me.

How much longer are you going to be here?

I'm starting to dislike her.

Though she is poor, she is happy.

I've wasted my money.

It was so boring that I fell asleep.

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Ramadoss looks ridiculous.

I didn't get the message.

I'd like to have an answer.


I'll work with him.

I don't want her to see this.

It was in this room that we had the meeting last Friday.

May I use the bathroom?

Everyone is going to call me a liar.

Is your father stern?

Everything you saw was an illusion.

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This problem is not avoidable.

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Sometimes I can run as fast as the wind.

The drivers are at the starting line and raring to go!

Ariel can't win.

I finally beat her.

We were made to practice three hours a day by the manager.

"Let me see .... Do you have tomato juice?" says Hiroshi.

Yesterday's board meeting was a ten-strike!

He is chargeable with murder.

I think you should help her.

Recognition of the inherent dignity and of the equal and inalienable rights of all members of the human family is the foundation of freedom, justice and peace in the world.

We've discussed this already.

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She could not but worry about her daughter.


He doesn't have any friends to play with.


I'm getting undressed.

Turn down the television.

Do you need help moving?

You're an amazing woman.

Listen, we need your help.

I entered Scott's office after knocking on the door.

You shouldn't rely on others. It's important to want to help yourself.

I have faith in you, Roman.

That will not change.

My birthday is a month from today. That is to say, April 5th.

Let's not ever do this again.

Unfortunately there are few examples in history of nations who have learned anything from their own history.

They named their son John.


What if we should fail?


Do your homework at once.

I'm not going to let Barry go home early.

He turned his coat around.


How often do you feel this pain or complaint each day?

The day will soon come when we will conquer space and travel to the moon.

It'd be a shame for this food to go to waste.

In the end we decided to ask our teacher for advice.

We're both college students.

You're a jolly good feller.

He comes from the middle class.

Ssi is clearly unhappy to be here.

The apples are delicious.

Am I forgetting anything?

That's very good news.

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You don't love her, do you?


Sergei had to remind Novo to feed the dog.

I heard you just got married.

Did you shut the door?

Feeling a little dizzy, I sat down for a while.

In her opinion, he is the best musician she has ever seen.

Orville was allowed to sleep.

Ahmed took the pan off the stove.


Someone should tell him.

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Tait disagreed with Karl on that point.


Farouk really sounds angry.


She died when she was 54 years old.

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He was blazing with anger.


Tomorrow, if we can go out, we'll see how they are.

Skeeter is still on the phone with Archie.

It's not safe to drink this water.

I need you to stop talking.

We don't know what it is yet.


Kanthan is an unrepentant sinner.

You should give a lot of care to your work.

It looks like it's going to rain.

Do you have any extra tickets?

I have lost my pencil.


Translating helps us to know our mother tongue better.

Why does one say "Good day" when the day is not good?

The girls just want to have fun.


It's hard not to like Hector.

Naomi has three younger siblings.

I was going to see him.

Your examples are cherry-picked, nothing more than anecdotal evidence.

Mayuko was very tired.

It's just ten degrees, and he is walking around outside in a T-shirt. I get cold from just looking at him.

Who is your wife?


If you want to go, go. If you don't want to, that's OK, too.

We've known each other for so many years.

I've heard it said that it's harder to please a woman than to please a man. I wonder if that's true.

No scam is too outrageous.

Your wife is here.

I am yawning because I feel sleepy.

Only six people came to the party.

A single ray of sunlight shone through a chink in the shuttered window.

The world belongs to the courageous.

It's important to take good care of your teeth so you'll be able to eat properly when you get older.

Are you going back to the beach this afternoon?

Uh-oh. He knew I was lying - saw right through me. I didn't know what to say.

Jerry explained how the accident happened.

My time has come.

Elijah has lunch at home.

There are a lot of dandelions in the lawn.

Only the person who becomes an adult while staying a child is a human being.

The setting of the story is Japan in the late Meiji period.

It'll just be a second.

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Easter is just around the corner.

Siegurd tried to attract Ahmed's attention.

Arriving at the station, she called up her brother.

We're not supposed to indulge pets.

Mathematics is her weak point.


I need to check things out.

This isn't really what I had in mind.

I intend to do more than that.

Adam didn't tell me all the details.

Linder got better very quickly.


Where did you defeat them?

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I never thought I'd be doing this alone.

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Connie said Spass didn't want to tell John.

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Bruno thought Mickey had made a mistake.

The Governor did not like the news reports relating to the transaction and viewed them as a personal attack.

Hillel omitted a couple of items from the list.

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Who else might've done it?

I will go with you if necessary.

Personal liberty is diminishing nowadays.


It goes like this.