I think we can do this.

This hotel faces the sea.

Where are my officers?

What did you think of her?

My robot's name is Multi.

He has been living here these ten years.


Communications are down.


Van doesn't particularly like Orville.

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Pitch a fast ball.

Where, on a bright autumn morning, there were sounds of music and laughter, and where two girls danced merrily together on the grass, while some half-dozen peasant women standing on ladders, gathering the apples from the trees, stopped in their work to look down, and share their enjoyment.

Water spouted from the broken faucet.


Don't laugh at his expense.


You're actually asking two questions there.

She's just being snobbish.

We're not expecting you to help.

I think that's fake.

She admitted that she was wrong.

Is this pencil yours?

Tait lives near here.

Life isn't a problem to be solved, but a reality to be experienced.

He is quite at home with computers.


Something's not right.

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She cannot be saved.

It will get dark earlier this evening, as it is raining.

Do you want to do something together sometime?

I don't speak English well even though I took it for six years at school.

She has walked to the store.


I've decided to buy that farm we were looking at last week.

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Phiroze put on his rubber gloves.


Where might the strangers be?

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Man cannot live by bread alone.


My dog has got a Danish passport.

Everybody needs food, don't they?

Why don't you look for him?

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When we lose a language we lose information about culture, society and history.

I'll try to be a better dad to you from here on.

Speaking English is not easy.

Don't overdo it and wear yourself out, now.

The longer the sentence, the more likely it is to be unique.


I'll be upstairs if you need me.

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Dan lived in a nice apartment.

Do you think you'll see Lucifer again?

Tran must be waiting for Izumi.


Maybe we should take a step back so we don't fall?

Write only your family name in capitals.

A light lunch will be served.

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Is this cage shark-proof?

Sit down and close your eyes.

To a mathematician, "almost all" means "all but finitely many."

Sanjib doesn't realize how smart Jason is.

Lance gave Liyuan a kiss on the cheek and sent him off to school.

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Elric rummaged through her bag.


It is still undecided when we will begin.


You all did good work.

Kate is optimistic, isn't he?

I think this is what you're looking for.

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Margot is overweight.

I think they're liars.

Alex asked me a couple of questions.

The sayings of Confucius are famous.

Ricardo was attacked by a bear.

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We are living in fear, we are suffering, we are not enjoying the sun and flowers, we are not enjoying our childhood.

Jelske led the small opposition caucus in parliament.

I live ten miles from the city.

It has nothing to do with that.

How do you explain what Hurf did?

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I worked on the farm all day.

That's expensive.

Whose turn is it next?


She is as guilty as he is.

They broke the glasses.

We're very flexible.

I hope you'll get fired for this!

You are not consistent in your actions.

It was careless of her to leave the door unlocked when she went out.

I'm not invited to parties.

Come again tomorrow afternoon, when I will have more time to talk with you.

She gave me a tie that's totally my style.

Kee has been arrested three times.

Properly used, certain poisons will prove beneficial.

I just don't feel safe here anymore.

I told Pablo you already knew.

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What time do you have supper?

The little girl grew into a beautiful woman.

These foods are associated with ethnic groups.

I am going to go play ball with Mohan.

Woody is a professor of Chinese literature.

He will make amends for the damage.

He is famous as a pianist.

I'm not sure how to proceed.

Each one is responsible for his own actions.


Are you sure that's safe?

Detective Dan Anderson scoured the scene for evidence.

Everyone knows what happened next.

I'm sixteen years old.

Randy changed the color of her hair.


Many parents think it's important for their children to learn how to swim.

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Sean is having a party this Friday.


I'm a conscientious objector.


I can hardly see.

Yes, well, that depends.

The train is about a half-hour overdue.

I'm going to Japan with my girlfriend in August.

That's good enough for me.


Who did it?


We barely spoke.

Great people are not always wise.

Old in body but young at heart.

Even a worm will turn.

Even though he was poor, he was happy.

That's just cruel.

Do you really care that much?

How vain it is to sit down to write when you have not stood up to live.

I'm pleased to hear that.

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They have made a little paper plane.

He was brave enough to say it.

I knew that it wasn't true.

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We'll be back there.

This is more important.

He thought of a great idea.

Jarmo wasn't sure what to do next.

Jane didn't have enough money to take a taxi.

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I've lost my briefcase.

Where can we meet you?

I checked with Colin.

The progress of science has brought about great change in our lives.

Even Jakob failed today's exam.

This is the letter from my friend.

Timothy and I still love each other.

You make your own life.

I'm not nervous at all.

Who's your favorite newscaster?

How about stopping the car and taking a rest?

Go get Margaret a blanket.

Are you all packed and ready?

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I did it as part of a tour with ten other people.

Is this tooth sensitive to cold food?

I want to be you.


Our plan has many additional advantages.


There was a big fire in my neighborhood.


I was in Australia with them.


He washes my lettuce.


Perhaps we'll meet again.

Patricia wasn't busy.

He has two cars; one is a Benz and the other is a Porsche.

I just need five minutes.

I see a star.

Tell me what I should do.

I'll be back in a month or so.

You ought not to have said a thing like that to him.

Tell them I said goodbye.

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I'm going to go with Kathryn.

Did you read this journalist's scandalous article?

The driver who caused the accident saw the man.


Lucia doesn't have a brother.

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This is the house I grew up in.